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Benefits Jicama for Health Care Body and beauty  - Jicama is a fruit that contains a lot of water, so that the flavors on offer is fresh and sweet. Jicama itself grows in the ground, which included fruit in the tubers. Unique side here is, the fruit that live in the soil, and tubers but has a fresh taste, unlike other bulbs.

Jicama also contains vitamin C, iron, calcium, fat, carbohydrates and B vitamins, which are good and needed by the body. In fact, many now Jicama made in terms of the main ingredients in beauty treatments for both men and women. Which can be obtained in a natural way and buy the products that instant.

Ingredients and Benefits Jicama

The content contained in Jicama not only on beauty, but also as a nutrient for health care. Benefits of Jicama between are:

The content of vitamin C
Jicama containing vitamin C, can be used as an antioxidant that is good for the body. As well as vitamin C drug because of its sprue. Besides abundant water content are also hidden and blend in vitamin C. Vitamin C at Jicama also be used to lower cholesterol buildup in the body. Bad cholesterol should be immediately disposed of, if you keep settles in the body, can cause various diseases.

The content of alkaline compounds
Jicama is a natural substance that is often used as the main ingredient manufacture of beauty products.
Inside Jicama, contained alkaline compound that can cure an ulcer. Very good for people with ulcers, if not soon be overcome, the mag will become chronic. Alkali compounds here, serves to stabilize the levels of stomach acid, so that stomach acid can be normal.

The content of insulin
The content of insulin inside Jicama can provide a sweet taste, which is not harmful to the sweet taste of diabetics. When taking her blood sugar levels will not rise and remain stable. Because the sweetness of insulin can not be digested by our bodies, so that Jicama safe for consumption by diabetics.

The content of phosphorus
Jicama also contains high calcium in the form of substances fosfornan. Serves to maintain the growth of teeth and bones. Jicama consumption may be offset so that the element calcium is needed by the bones and teeth to grow and strong. The body needs to meet calcium and phosphorus was fulfilled. Where can you find the sweet Jicama fresh nan's. So it is not easy porous bones, and teeth were
still strong.

It is very rich in benefits for health care Bengkuang body. Which provides benefits to the body, both for women and men. Jam it, Jicama also can be consumed anytime, while still in season. Because Jicama does not always grow in different seasons.

The treatment is done with Jicama is easy and convenient, besides taking her directly or by any other means. Which is certainly beneficial to the body and is also needed by the body to grow. In addition, there are many more benefits Jicama on skin and facial beauty.

Which is usually in use by women, in order to maintain and protect the beautiful side. Either by natural means or by other non-natural treatments. But now will discuss the benefits of Jicama on face and skin care, beauty such as:

brighten skin
The content of starch Jicama can be made the masks used to brighten the face. Removes stains dull or dark spots on the face. How to get the essence of the Jicama is peeled, washed them clean, grated, squeeze the juice, juice and wait for it to settle. And the result of sediment that is called quintessence Jicama. You can use it directly as a face mask, you can also crept right and in the sun to dry, so it can be used at a later time.

Use this Jicama mask at night, before bedtime. And the next day can rinse with water. This is because allowing quintessence Bengkuang absorbed by the skin, so that the nutrients in Bengkuang in use for a face mask to work optimally. And could you use regularly in the evenings, so that the results obtained, the skin can be natural bright.

Prevents premature aging of the face
The content of vitamin C on Jicama, very powerful properties to prevent premature aging of the face. Where Jicama can be eaten or used as a face mask. But for a bit more, you can use it as a mask at night. The content of vitamin C in Jicama is also able to protect the skin from free radicals sunlight.

Caring for the skin to look healthy
Vitamin B and vitamin C combined with high levels of minerals in the Jicama, able to make the skin look healthy and fresh. Jicama can be consumed directly, or made juice, but not added to other menus. Where only Jicama, without extra milk and sugar. In addition it can also be as a mask on the face, as well as in other
skin such as in the arm.

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Moisturizing the skin
Jicama contains a lot of water, besides performing with a sweet taste and fresh. High water levels in the Jicama has an element of anti-inflammatory, which cools the skin from dryness that affects the skin from the sun is very hot. Jicama by using a face mask. So that the skin can appear avoid dryness, and appear fresh.