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How to Take Care of hair in order not to easily loss - Healthy t1ps Hair loss or baldness can also say, is a plural problem often faced by some people. Healthy hair should be maintained properly in order to cope with annoying things like baldness. No need to bother, you can use to take care of your hair naturally easy to be applied regularly and diligently.

Generally, hair loss begins by scalp conditions that are less healthy. It then invites the coming of dandruff, which ultimately will make the hair easy to fall out. If it is excessive, there will be a phenomenon of baldness. Of course no one wants to experience it. Therefore, the earliest possible need good hair care effort to keep them healthy. and this is tips to solving hair loss problem

tips to solving hair loss problem
hair loss problem solution

How to take care for good hair?

how to cope with hair loss at a young age with natural ingredients - Healthy t1ps
There are several ways to treat hair naturally you can use. One way is to take advantage of the aloe vera plant. Efficacy of herbal plants is already quite popular in terms of hair care and scalp health. With various levels of vitamins and minerals contained in it, aloe vera is able to make the hair become more fertile and stronger. How to use it is not too difficult. You stay mucous squeeze the leaves, and then use it to wash it. This can be done on a regular basis to replace the shampoo.

In addition to aloe vera, celery also has benefits that are quite similar. You also can use it to wash. Excess celery is fairly complete nutritional content to support healthy hair. Besides being rich in vitamins A and B, this leaves also contain sodium, calcium, and iron that can trigger hair growth to be more fertile.

But if you already have a special shampoo anti loss and are reluctant to replace it with aloe vera or celery leaves to wash, there are still other ways ie by applying a natural ingredient in the hair. This herb can be made with a combination of three main ingredients are ginger, onion, and garlic. The three materials can be smoothed by means of a blender, then applied at night when going to sleep. You need to hold him overnight, and rinse the next day when you wake up in the morning.

How to cope with hair loss hair loss after childbirth:
solution hair loss after pregnancy

  1. Avoid tying the hair vigorously, hair braiding hair rollers or put too tight so that the scalp is not stress that can trigger hair loss.
  2. The consumption of nutritious foods, especially those containing anti-oxidants and flavinoid. Antioxidants and flavinois serves to stimulate hair growth and minimize loss.
  3. Look for foods that contain vilamin B complex, vitamin C and vitamin E to be consumed on a regular basis.
  4. Use shampoo products containing silica and biotin. The content of silica and biotin make the hair stronger and healthier, thus reducing the occurrence of loss.
  5. Select a comb that has a loose tooth spacing to reduce hair loss.
  6. Minimize use the tools such as catokan and hair dyer
  7. Do not be too stressful and Always think positively so that your hair does not fall out. Enjoy your periods become new mothers with a relaxed and happy attitude.

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Tips to stop hair loss while breastfeeding

How to cope with hair loss while breastfeeding is not much different from hair loss after childbirth. Try doing the following:

  • Cut your hair with the piece that makes you feel comfortable, fresh and more confident.
  • Should try experimenting with your hair so that life becomes more vibrant and attractive.
  • The consumption of nutritious foods. Very nice addition to your baby and your body well, good nutrition is also good for the health of your hair.
  • Use products that thicken hair.
  • Select toothed comb tenuous.

Tips Solving Hair Loss Naturally

There are ways to cope with hair loss naturally you can try it yourself at home, namely:

  • Using aloe vera
  • massaging the head
  • Using the celery leaves
  • Using the green
  • Using natural juice

Such hair loss tips that you can apply. Good luck, Mother.

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This Are some ways to treat hair naturally for those who want to get the hair lush, healthy, and strong. Hopefully the tips above can be an alternative solution that can address the health problems of hair for the needy. Hopefully there are benefits.