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Effective Skin Care Face Mask With Egg Whites - Utilizing the egg whites to beauty face in order to remain healthy and well groomed. Egg whites have tremendous benefits for facial toning, prevent aging of the skin and clean the greasy dirt, to remove blackheads and pimples.
All matters relating to the treatment of facial skin above, can be done by utilizing the content of substances that quality in the egg white.

The Content Of White Eggs for healthy Face 
benefits of egg white mask for acne - The egg white has a lot of special nutrient content for healthy skin and face. Start of protein, vitamin E, amino acids, vitamin B group until some were nice and helpful. But the egg whites should be taken of the chicken, not domestic chicken

benefits of egg white for facial mask and beauty
benefits of an egg white face mask

egg white mask benefits for skin - The highest content in the egg white is a protein. In one point, the protein content can reach 6 grams, and relatively easily absorbed by the body. Proteins are very useful in terms of skin regeneration. Thus, he is able to shorten the recovery of dead cells and prevent the aging process. This can happen because the protein can be made smaller pores thus becomes tighter.

To solve the manure produced by the excess oil on the face, vitamin E contained in the egg whites are very reliable benefits. Vitamin E has a special ability in terms of clean and remove oil. As a result, the problem of blackheads and acne as well by itself participated resolved.

Inside the egg whites are also amino acids. These substances have a preventive function against acne. He can eliminate blemishes acne scars ticks, as well as tackling acne that does not reappear.

Utilizing White Eggs for Face Masks
benefits of egg white for facial mask - To benefit the egg whites to face, you can wear it as a mask. The trick is quite simple and simple, requiring no materials or equipment that is bothersome.
The main ingredient is needed, of course, is a chicken egg. Just one point only, and take the egg white. Just a suggestion, you should not waste the yolks because they can be fried so not redundant.

After the egg white is separated into a container, can be mixed with additives. You can add honey mixture. But if your skin is quite dry, can use mashed avocado. Avocado has antioxidants and essential oils that could increase the moisture to dry skin.

Once ready, whisk ingredients in a bowl until fluffy. Up here, the dough mask is already finished.

Before applying the mask, you should wash your face first until completely clean. Make sure the skin is clean and rough, so that the mask is absorbed. After that just apply the mask evenly, then let stand for ten to twenty minutes.
When you had had enough and wanted to rinse the mask is attached to the face, you should use warm water. It is intended that the pores open slightly. Once rinsed and dried, apply ice to close the pores on your face.

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That's the way to use egg white privilege benefits to your face. Way above can be used routinely for the treatment of healthy skin. May be useful.