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11 Benefits of Yogurt for Health, Hair and Skin - healthy t1ps

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Greek yogurt health benefits - healthy t1ps Yoghurt much to make it a diet very very popular. Yoghurt has a distinctive sour taste, because yogurt is a fermented milk sugar (lactose) into lactic acid, which makes thickens and chewy. Today many variants of yoghurt with added fruit, so that not only the benefits but the benefits derived yoghurt fruit as a complement also obtained.

Some content of yoghurt as protein, riboflavin, calcium, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 makes it beneficial for health and beauty treatments.

Benefits of eating greek yogurt for Healthy Hair And Skin - Healthy t1ps

Yoghurt has the ability to increase protein and calcium in the bones. It can also help healthy digestion to prevent high blood pressure. These are the benefits of yogurt in your favorite yogurt like Greek yogurt, organic soy and so on. Here are the benefits of yogurt for health ((, 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Yogurt, accessed 21 November 2014)):

 Benefits of eating greek yogurt for Healthy Hair And Skin - Healthy t1ps
benefits of eating greek yogurt

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1. Vitamin Sarat

Yoghurt is a significant source of potassium, phosphorus, riboflavin, iodine, zinc, and vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid). Yogurt also contains B12, to maintain red blood cells and helps keep the nervous system functioning properly. "Vitamin B12 is found mostly in animal products, such as chicken and fish, so a vegetarian can be difficult to get it," said Jackie Newgent, RD, a member of the advisory board of fitness and author of Big Green Cookbook.

Eat more yogurt can help reduce the gap nutrients: A serving of yogurt (8 ounces) provides that 60% of adult women vitamin requirements.

2. Prevent High Blood Pressure

Every day, about 70 percent of us, consume more than twice the recommended amount of salt. Things to do from time to time this can lead to hypertension and kidney. The potassium in yogurt, can help remove excess sodium out of the body.

3. Healthy Teeth

Although yoghrt contain sugar but does not cause cavities. The lactic acid in yogurt are also there to protect the gums. People who eat at least two ounces of yogurt per day had a lower risk of severe periodontal disease than those who did not.

4. High protein foods

Yogurt can be a very good source of protein. Greek yogurt is made thicker and has 20 grams of protein per serving. While traditional yoghurt has at least 5 grams of protein. If possible you need protein, look for brands that provide about 8 to 10 grams of protein per serving.

5. Help Digestion

Prebiotics (beneficial bacteria) in yogurt to balance the microflora in your gut, which can aid digestion and keep you always, says Robin Plotkin, RD, a culinary expert and nutrition. But make sure your favorite yogurt, containing at least one billion colony-forming units (CFUs) of cultural life.

6. Prevention of Osteoporosis

"Adequate nutrition plays a major role in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, and the biggest micronutrients are calcium and vitamin D," said Jeri Nieves, PhD, MS, director of bone density testing at Helen Hayes Hospital New York.

Benefits of milk does contain a lot of calcium, which has been shown to have beneficial effects for bone density at any age. although the results are not always consistent, says Nieves, also an assistant professor of clinical epidemiology at Columbia University.

Lactic acid to absorb calcium and phosphorus are good for bone strength. Vitamin K is found in yogurt benefits also help bone metabolism to run properly.
Benefits of Yogurt For Hair and Skin Beautiful

Not only good for food, but yogurt is also known for its beneficial for healthy skin and strong hair. Using yogurt for skin and hair is the way the ancient Indian tribe. In fact, Cleopatra of ancient Egypt known to shower yogurt to maintain the beauty of the skin. Here are some of them ((, 10 Amazing Benefits Of Yogurt For Skin And Hair, accessed 21 November 2014)):

7. Lifting the dead skin cells

Moisturizing properties of yogurt can be a very good scrub to remove dead skin cells. It is very good for those who have dry and sensitive skin.

Create a natural scrub at home - 2 tbsp yogurt and 1 tablespoon of oat. Exfoliate skin by the way, gently massaging the skin with circular movements.
Blackheads - add a little yogurt premises rice flour, until it becomes a thick paste. Rub into skin with small circular movements, then rinse with cold water.

8. Fight Acne

Adding yogurt to the menu daily diet or as a facial treatment to cure acne. Because of the acidic nature, yogurt destroy the bacteria that cause acne, fungi and bacteria in the body.

Apply the cream yogurt cream on the face (face masks) and wash after 30 minutes with clean water to clean the skin.
Or make a paste of yogurt with the added benefits of turmeric powder, sugar and powdered sandalwood. Massage the paste on the skin and rinse with cold water after 15 minutes.

9. Heal Burned Skin

Yogurt contains zinc which helps lighten the skin and itching sensation of burning. Mix the yoghurt with added some essential oils like olive oil benefits. Use this on the surface of the burned skin and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing.

10 Get rid of Dandruff

Yogurt contains anti fungal and anti-bacterial which helps stimulate hair growth by acting as a natural cleaner and get rid of dandruff. Anti-bacterial benefits also help soothe the scalp and relieve itching.

Massage the scalp with yoghurt and wash the head with warm water after 15 minutes. The nature of lactic acid helps moisturize the scalp and remove dead skin cells, thus curing dandruff and restore hair health.

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11. Coping with Hair Loss

Hair loss hair shows malnourished and less hydrated.

Make a hair mask with a combination of the benefits of as much as 250 grams papaya fruit and half a cup of yogurt. Mash ingredients together until smooth. Apply on clean hair and leave for 60 minutes before rinsing with a mild shampoo.
Perform this treatment regularly at least once a week, to get glowing skin and beautiful hair without hassle to the salon.