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28 Blood Donation Benefits For Health (tested)

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benefits of donating blood -  donating blood activity is seen as a positive activity nan noble capable of helping others. Because blood donors to help those who need blood unconditionally. It could be said activity is voluntary blood donation or useless. But sometimes not so, there is also a blood donor who lived for a precarious situation. Where one family member in need of blood in considerable amounts, but the PMI or the hospital does not have the stock.

donor blood darahDonor fact not only beneficial to the recipient (recipient) alone. The donors also received extraordinary benefits of doing regular blood donor. At least it has been medically proven and approved by many experts. The research proves, blood donors will feel the quality of life is improved from before. Not only that, some of the benefits of blood donation was good for beauty.

blood donation benefits
donating blood benefits

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Blood Donation For Recipients (Recipients)

As said above, the blood donor helpful for many people, both the recipient and the donor. For recipients of course he can be helped his life as a result of certain conditions that forced a blood transfusion. This kind of blood transfusion could be performed in some cases, such as.

Patients with dengue fever
Accident victims who have lost large amounts of blood
Patients with thalassemia major
Patients with certain diseases that had to undergo major surgery
Major bleeding during delivery by the majority of women Indonesia
Thalassemia major is a disease which is quite rare actually. This disease causes the sufferer can not produce their own hemoglobin in the body. Generally, people experiencing it since birth or childhood. This is why thalassemia major also referred to as a lifelong disease, where sufferers experience requires periodic blood transfusions. Body certainly can not function normally like other children.

* Saving Lives of Others *

Blood donors will greatly help save the lives of others who need a donor, especially dying suddenly and requires surgery. It is important to Charity and worship to increase the reward of the world and the hereafter.

Besides beneficial for the recipient, in fact, blood donors also provide benefits for donors. At least there are some benefits that are often perceived by donors, ie.

Blood donor for health donors

1. Protect the heart

Those who actively donate blood will surely find a much healthier heart. American Journal of Epidemiology reveal the scientific results from it. Research shows that active blood donors tend to be at lower risk of developing heart disease. Blood donors have a 88% lower risk of attack or heart disease. Not only that, they also reduce the risk by up to 33% suffer from other cardiovascular diseases. Not proven, this noble act is not only beneficial to the recipient alone?

2. Reduce the risk of cancer

The consistency of the blood donor should be maintained, given the body will always feel the benefits. To a man, do blood donors every three months, while for women, you can do four months. The risk of cancer will decline as the level of consistent blood donor concerned. They may avoid lung cancer, stomach, throat, and colon.

3. Helps reduce levels of iron in the blood

Iron is the iron contained in the blood circulation everyone. Every time someone does a blood donation, this activity is shown to reduce levels of iron in the body. The decline in iron means reducing the risk of heart disease or other cardiovascular. Benefits of iron known to accelerate the process of oxidation of cholesterol in the human body. This is detrimental to the arteries and affects the occurrence of atherosclerosis.

4. Renewal of blood cells on a regular basis

Body will periodically renew blood cells in it. Only this process turned out to be the difference between someone who is doing a blood donor and not. For those who consistently donate blood, red blood cell regeneration will occur 48 hours after blood donation. In that time, the blood volume will be completely replaced with a new one. At least 4 to 8 weeks, new blood cells have formed and helps the function of each organ. In this way, the body will look much more fresh and healthy and productive to do various activities.

5. The free health checks

A person who intends to donate blood will be checked first to ensure that the conditions of his prime. It is certain that we get a free checkup from a doctor or experts. So we knew how our blood pressure, hemoglobin levels up to the weight at the time. So, you do not need to be afraid anymore to do with the reasons donor blood shortage.

6. Got blood analysis checks for free

When you perform a blood donor, the blood sample that you have to be examined in the laboratory. This is to determine whether you are experiencing a particular disease or not. This method can also be used to detect diseases such as syphilis, HIV, hepatitis or other diseases. This step is to determine whether you are eligible to become blood donors or not. Because of the contagious disease will spread menlalui blood transfusions are performed by the receiver.

Blood donors for ecantikan and psychological

7. Burn calories on a regular basis

Many women who want to have the ideal body, but it is hard on a diet. Given so many extreme diet that even fatal, try to do a blood donor. Whenever blood donation (500 ml), you'll burn 650 calories in the body. University of California says that someone who regularly donate blood to lose weight as desired. When the ideal body weight, surely your skin will look firmer instantly. However, do occasionally make blood donation as a weight loss program.

8. The psychological state is more stable

Each donor will certainly feel the impact that healthy for their minds. Because they would be more sensible and stable in dealing with various problems. In addition, many donors who feel their ability to suppress the stress level is getting better. It is certainly an impact on the ability to socialize with the environment and the problems encountered.

9. Prevent premature aging

Stress becomes one of the triggers premature aging in a woman. Not a single woman who wants to look old and wrinkles on the face. Blood donors on a regular basis will help your skin to regenerate perfectly. Wrinkles were not easily arise because the skin is constantly tightening. Do not need expensive beauty treatments in the beauty center, you can get it.

Effective in preventing premature aging

How, you already know instead of some of the benefits of blood donors? You not only help save lives, but also help the body stay healthy. Adalagi no reason to fear a shortage of blood, for medical personnel to make sure you are ready to do so. Every drop of blood you donate is very meaningful for those in need. So, never feel aggrieved if someone asks you to donate blood to help others, especially families. health benefits of donating blood