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8 Ways to Increase Appetite Kids - healthy t1ps

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Healthy t1ps Kids who shut up and refuse to eat, often make parents confused. Do not let children experience stunted growth as a result of the hunger strike, so it's important to find out how to add a child's appetite.

One's appetite is controlled by hormones ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin, will increase appetite, while leptin serves to lower the appetite. The hormone ghrelin is released in the stomach, which then give hunger signals in the brain.
8 Ways to Increase Appetite Kids

8 Ways to Increase Appetite Child - healthy t1ps

Parents can estimate the caloric intake of children to not less than needs. Child per day calorie needs differ according to age. Children aged 2-3 years need about 1,000-1,400 calories,

There are several reasons children or adults are less appetite, such as feeling stressed, tense, drug side effects, or taste, and appearance of the food was not appealing. If indeed the child looked on hunger strike, some of the following things to do as a way to add the child's appetite, among others:

Avoid forcing action
Actions of parents who force their children eat for fear, it can provoke tension at mealtimes. It can make a child less sensitive to hunger later in the day.

Make food look attractive
Colorful dish that will attract the eye, which is expected to make mealtime fun. Try to combine a variety of vegetables with different colors, when served with pasta or other carbohydrate sources. It also strongly supports variations of nutrients the body needs.

Teased with the aroma of food
To attract appetite can also go through the smell of food fun and enticing. Able to present hearty food cooked just finished, or warm up food before serving, so that the nose has time to trigger appetite.

For those in small portions
A plate full of food, may decrease appetite. Siasati by dividing nutrients from one plate it into small portions are served several times. In addition, a small portion will also be easier to set up.

Make a habit of eating slowly
Chewing food slowly will give time to children to measure hunger. Boy asked if he was satisfied, before giving him extra food.

Limit beverages at dinner
To keep your appetite and prevent satiety, should avoid drinking too much during meal times. Water, juice, coffee, tea, or other types of beverages, it is advisable enjoyed after the meal is finished.

Involve children when preparing food
Take the kids shopping and preparing food to be served. Parents will have the opportunity to know the type of food preferred by children, as well as explain good nutrition, and children can gain more experience, and more excited about eating.

Consult a physician
If the disturbance of appetite protracted, consult with your doctor condition. Deficiency of certain minerals, such as zinc, known to decrease appetite and initial research conducted on animals conclude, zinc is likely to increase appetite in the case of short-term zinc deficiency.

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Do not rush to supplement when children seem difficult to eat. Always consult supplementation with your doctor or nutritionist.