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Benefits Creambath for Hair Health - Healthy T1ps - Creambath benefits for a woman who wants to have beautiful hair seems is a value that is not replaceable. Hair like a crown for each of us want beautiful hair. Often to get healthy-looking hair, we buy an expensive hair products, for trying to make it sparkle, grow thicker hair or to counter damage. In fact, this product is only a temporary fix. Some products, it can even cause damage to the hair in the long run.

creambathPerawatan hair with creambath already very popular in Indonesia, especially among women. According to the survey results Markplus in Jakarta, Surabaya and Medan in 2007, creambath is a favorite service for most ladies salon. 91% of Indonesian women who come to the salon to creambath, 78% of those that do, get healthy hair.

Benefits Creambath for Hair Health - Healthy T1ps

Important benefits Creambath

Creambath is using a hair care cream. Cream used in creambath, derived from materials that contain important nutrients for the hair and scalp health. In addition to nutrition, hair cream bath can also soften the hair and gives a cooling effect on the hair and scalp. Creambath hair is most commonly done by women. In addition to maintaining the beauty of the hair, this treatment is one step to nourish dry and damaged hair, as well as providing fresh effect on the hair.

Benefits creambath is to care for and maintain the freshness of the hair by providing nutrients through a gel containing a variety of ingredients essential for healthy hair. A scalp massage cream bath time, will relax the scalp so as to facilitate the absorption of nutrients to the hair while providing a relaxing effect to the body.

So what are the benefits creambath you will get:

Make hair more smooth
Preventing damage to the hair
Eliminate split ends
Smooth the hair
For more details, we can review the benefits creambath by type.

Fruits are usually the main option used as materials for the cream to cream bath. Among the best known is the avocado that is believed to strengthen and make hair easier to manage. Some creams creambath are widely used, as follows:

Creambath Aloe Vera

Creambath type is suitable for normal hair. Benefits of aloe vera itself we know is very good for hair health, aloe vera contains saponins which have the ability to kill germs. Aloe vera is also believed to help moisturize the hair follicle and hair clean and thicken hair.

hair Thickening
black hair
moisturize hair
Eliminating germs in the air

Avocado creambath

Creambath type is suitable for dry and damaged hair. Avocados contain a lot of oil that will protect, moisturize and cover the damaged layer on the hair cuticle.

Repair damaged hair
black hair
Protect hair from damage and exposure to sunlight
Ginseng creambath

Creambath Ginseng is very suitable for hair loss and brittle. Ginseng is believed to provide benefits to the hair and stimulate blood circulation in the scalp to the hair.

nourish hair
black hair
Provide essential nutrients for hair
Strawberry Cream Bath

Perhaps you are quite surprised, it turns out the benefits of strawberries can also contribute to hair health problems. Creambath type is very suitable for stressed hair, like hair dyed. Strawberry antioxidant content is trusted highest among fruits and other vegetables that can cope with chemicals like paint on the hair.

Overcoming chemicals on the hair
Overcoming germs in hair
Remove dirt in hair
Pecan creambath

Maybe you rarely hear about this kind of hazelnut cream bath, but this cream bath is perfect for those of you who have problems of dry and dull hair. This creambath following benefits:

Eliminate dull hair
moisturize hair
Make hair more black
Chocolate cream bath

Chocolate for health benefits may already commonplace, but what role for hair health. Creambath with chocolate is believed to provide benefits such as:

  • black hair
  • Maintaining healthy hair
  • Caring for hair that looks shiny

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Creambath benefits for hair that is very important to protect it from damage and provide natural shade and avoiding chemical substances contained in hair. But of course various types of creambath can be done by yourself without the use of harmful chemicals. Avoid the use of chemicals when creambath