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Benefits of Drinking Milk At Night For health - healthy t1ps

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drinking milk at night benefits for health - healthy t1ps - Milk is a drink containing high calcium and good for health. Drinking milk is not only intended for children who are experiencing a period of growth, but also very good for consumption by adults and parents because it can prevent bone loss or commonly known as osteoporosis.

Milk is not only consumed in the morning but can also be consumed at night or right when approaching bedtime. Drinking milk at night has several benefits for the body, here are some of the benefits when consumed milk at night:

Facilitate the absorption of calcium
Drinking milk in the evening or at bedtime provides benefits to facilitate the body to absorb calcium, so that we would walk optimal growth and strengthen bones to prevent rapid bone loss or osteoporosis.

drinking milk at night
drinking milk at night

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Creating a more restful sleep
Content in the milk contained a substance called tryptophan, a substance that is able to turn out to be the hormone melatonin which can make sleeping be soundly at night. So for those of you who often have trouble sleeping at night, or insomnia then drinking milk is an alternative to overcome it.

Delay hunger
Have you ever noticed when we sleep and before going to bed feeling hungry stomach and makes the body limp when I was just waking up. On waking the body will become weak because when we sleep the body goes through the process of burning fat into energy, and if not we are consumed before going to sleep, the body will lose a source of energy due to the absence of fat burning process in the body and make the body becomes weak when wake up. But to solve it for those of you who are experiencing diet, drinking milk is an alternative that you can do before going to bed.

Streamlining the digestive tract
Do you ever feel that we drink milk so easy to defecate? yes, drink milk in the morning can help to expedite our digestive tract, so for Reviews those of you who experience constipation then in addition to consume papaya, drink milk before bed can also be an alternative to Facilitate defecation in the morning.

Calming the nervous system
Drink warm milk can make the nervous system of the body to be quiet. In addition, the muscles tense originally could go back to relax. With calmed nervous system and muscles relax, so it can make us sleep

could soundly at night.
That's some of the benefits of drinking milk at night, I hope the above information will help you in making your bed into a well at night.

Risk Drinking Milk Before Bed
Milk that has been residing in your stomach can flow back and block the path of your breathing, the same thing happens when you have dinner shortly before bed. If adults can experience this how the children are quicker to sleep? Imagine if the baby had just finished eating at 6 pm? Usually the kids to bed early, between 1 to 2 hours later.

He may experience when breathing irregularity, sometimes breath as if suspended, and when he tried to draw a deep breath, he even sipping the milk flowing out. Terrible is not it? If this happens, of course the baby may have allergies that cause asthma in children. How can this be proven? Based on examination of the patient, Dr. Hiromi Shinya conclude an association between breast milk before bed with asthma.

Then, how to keep the baby did not have asthma? Increased asthma in children can be prevented by avoiding feeding 'moment' at bedtime, give time for all food and drink given tecerna well. Or in other words emptying the stomach before going to bed at night. You may be worried about what if the child was hungry? If not allowed to eat dinner, what should I give? Relax, you do not need to panic, feeding can be given only if the menu is presented to meet certain requirements.

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The food menu is recommended that foods containing the enzyme with the portion that is not too much, such as fruit. Feeding also need to be considered, for this food menu of the baby also may not get to sleep, he must mebiarkan undigested foods that are swallowed up one hour later. Because of the food consumed contains enzymes digest food can certainly process more quickly, the entry of food from the stomach into the intestine occurs only within a period of 40 minutes. Amazing is not it? Just remember, do not get to sleep!