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Benefits Of Putsa (Apple Indians) For Health - healthy t1ps

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11 Benefits and efficacy of  Putsa apples India's Health - Healthy t1ps -
India is a country that is synonymous with cultural diversity as well as various types of traditions. Usually when we hear the name of the country of India, we will immediately thought of the dances typical of this country. But, aside from the typical to the unique dances, India turned out to be famous apple fruit. Who does not like apples, this fruit has many properties and benefits to our health. Not only in terms of the benefits that is fine, but it tastes good to be consumed every day. Indian society usually call these apples with "putsa" or also called Jujube or Ziziphus Mauritiana Lam.

Putsa look like tomatoes greenish light with a smooth skin texture. Basically putsa in fact the same as other types of apples, the only difference is the shape alone that is slightly smaller than other apples. Putsa has a diameter of approximately 5 cm, if diperkiraakan only a small child at a clenched fist. The taste of putsa itself is dominated by the sweet taste and the meat is white. Turns putsa classified as fruit which is rare in Indonesia. But in fact the apple is relatively easy to grow in the country of Indonesia, because of the soil conditions and the weather is perfect. Viewed in terms of habitat where putsa grow, apples from India will develop optimally if they are in a good environment.

Indian appel is not only in terms of the shape are different from other common apple. Putsa has advantages in frequency in fruit, the apple is no session to be fruitful. That is what distinguishes it from other fruits that have to wait for the season to come to fruition. India apple fruit is also known as the fruit of all time.

11 Benefits and efficacy of  Putsa apples India's Health - Healthy t1ps

Benefits of Putsa (apple india) For Human :

1. Provide protection to the bone

Flavonoids contained in apples called helpful phloridzin to post menoupause protect women from osteoporosis problems. It also can increase bone mass. Boron content of which is also often found on the apple has a function to strengthen bones.

2. Overcoming Asthma

If we consume apple juice every day on a regular basis, it will have a very low risk to be exposed to respiratory disorders such as asthma. There is a study that says a child born to a mother who likes to consume apple juice a day had a lower risk of developing asthma, compared with women who did not consume apple juice.

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3. Preventing lung cancer

A person who consumes the apples in large numbers to have 50% lower risk of developing lung cancer. Flavonoid, quercetin and naringin contained in apples is what role is to prevent lung cancer.

4. Preventing breast cancer

There is a study in cornell university, they do research on mice. The mice were fed an apple one day, it turns out that rats had 17% less risk of developing breast cancer. However, although the study was conducted on mice, it will also have an impact on humans too.

5. Preventing colon cancer

The content called pectin in apples that had been pressing gastrointestinal cancer risk and also helps the health of the human digestive tract.

6. Prevent liver cancer

In addition to the meat of this putsa, peel apples can reduce the risk of this type of liver cancer until it reaches 57%. This is due to the antioxidant content of putsa which has the function of detoxification.

7. Controlling diabetes

Pectin contained in apples supplies galacturonic acid that works to decrease the body's needs in releasing the hormone insulin (the hormone causes diabetes). High insulin production can lead to diabetes, that's why apples are useful for controlling diabetes someone.

8. Losing weight / assist in the diet

Women who consume apples least 3 pieces in one day during the diet, they lose weight faster than those who did not consume fruit in the diet.

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9. Feeling full longer

There are as many as 5 grams of fiber content that is able to meet 20% of the daily nutritional intake. The flesh is crisp forced us to try to chew, which can be useful as a facial gymnastics. Natural sweeteners contained in putsa can get into the bloodstream gradually, helping maintain blood sugar levels, and stabilize insulin that makes us feel full longer.

10. Being able to scrape cholesterol

Thanks to the content of pectin and polyphenols, apples can take cholesterol levels in the blood and can prevent oxidation (koleterol bad). Therefore, when eating apples do not throw away the skin, also the consumption of the apple skin to scrape cholesterol in the body and as an antioxidant as well.

11. Prevent diseases senile old time later

Apples can boost the production of acetylcholine, a chemical that works to transmit messages between nerve cells. So that consumption of apples can improve the sharpness of the brain despite increasing age. Not only is it the consumption of apples may also improve memory and potentially reduce the risk of Alzheimer's.

Well, that's some of the benefits of apple india (putsa). Basically all the same benefits of the apple and its contents, but certainly has advantages and disadvantages of each. After knowing so many benefits that we can get from just eating apples alone, are not we all start thinking diligently consume fruits that have a sweet taste of this every day? Hopefully this article useful and can add knowledge for all of us.