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benefits of ginger and honey - Healthy t1ps Ginger is very easy to come throughout the territory of Indonesia and used as the manufacture of traditional medicine that can cure the disease commonly experienced by people such as curing colds, sore aching and so forth. Benefits of ginger will be increasingly felt powerful in accelerating healing when combined with honey. Substances present in honey can instantly adapt to anything present in ginger and can be strong in forming an antioxidant.

Any content that is in Honey and Ginger?

Honey - Contains many minerals such as calcium, aluminum, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins B, K, C, pantothenic acid and enzymes to complete and improve the process of metabolism and maintain energy and stamina to stay stable
Ginger - Contains essential oils which is capable of being a high antioxidant in maintaining the immune system of a person. Ginger has anti-bacterial, anti pradangan, anti-virus and anti-inflammatory that can counteract all the bad effects of free radicals on the body's health, including preventing virus attacks that are in the air and can accelerate wound healing.

health benefits of honey and ginger
health benefits of ginger and honey

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This is the greatest benefit of ginger combined with honey, which is useful for health!

1. Overcoming incoming wind and dizziness

Herb ginger and honey is very good for people who are traveling or are traveling far. Suitable for those people who are involved in the event or mountain climbing at an altitude of a mountain or a valley very cold weather.

2. Can you lose weight and maintain weight loss for stable

The combination of ginger and honey can be efficacious to suppress appetite and make matters much longer stomach feel full but not cause pain in the ulcer.

3. Heal deworming often suffered by children

Worms that exist in the body will leave via a bowel movement if the herb ginger and honey diligently and regularly taken 2 times a day every day. Worm in question is caused by pinworms, tapeworms and hookworms.

4. Retain and maintain the immune

Drink a concoction of ginger and honey is very suitable as an aperitif mandatory for a person not easily fall sick or infected by people who are stricken with the flu, chicken pox, colds, cough cough and others.

5. To prevent and break up clumps of cholesterol in the blood

Ginger is hot where volatile substances have the ability to destroy clots cholesterol systematically. While honey can increase metabolism in order to keep providing energy in the body's cholesterol combustion process itself.

6. Cure prevent nausea and vomiting

herbal blend of ginger and honey drink can also be taken by pregnant women whose pregnancy is above the age of 6 months to avoid the nausea and vomiting. Benefits of ginger mixed with honey can also ditambahakan milk or lemon juice so that the effect of heat contained in ginger is not too pronounced, but the quality in the health still will not be reduced.

7. Clean and remove the bad effects of free radicals in the body

Substances in ginger can accelerate the burning of calories and trans fat contained in the body, so the body will sweat and remove foreign particles very fine resulting from free radicals. As long as a person is out of the office or home.

8. Warms the body and prevent flu

The arrival of the flu is usually preceded by sneezing sneezing, watery eyes, pale face, body weakness and nasal congestion. Drink ginger and honey before leaving the house at night or attend a family event held over night at 18:00.

9. Can maintain the quality of one's concentration

Can maintain stamina to the body in a state fit, the concentration of well preserved. Suitable for those people who every day have to do routine work outside the home.

10. As the body's natural detoxification and safe

Detoksifiaksi question are able to clean the intestines from a variety of toxins from food consumed in one day to immediately neutralized and excreted through urine. This condition is influenced by the presence of anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory anti contained in ginger.

11. Can cure sore throat and fever

because Ginger has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory that is in ginger. Can cure a sore throat quickly and the effects of antioxidants present in honey, can dissipate heat in a fast and relieve fever if it has a fever.

12. Suitable for employees and the people who travel far

For those who had returned home from work or traveling far there is no harm in drinking ginger homemade honey. In order for the tension, fatigue and muscle aches sore on the body to get lost. the body will return relaxed and fit.

13. It can cure stomach ache and lumbago

if the traditional drink ginger honey is consumed every day before going to work and before going to sleep at night can cure stomach aches and pains PADSA waist due to sitting too long or busy with routine behind the desk and others. Did you know that drink ginger and honey can prevent someone not easily fall ill when the condition is lack of sleep due to travel or other things (not from staying up all deliberate)

14. Can shrink a distended abdomen and sagging.

Benefits of ginger mixed with honey is able to burn fat around the stomach quickly if accompanied by regular exercise, pilihkah iolahraga which mudaah done at any time, such as running or brisk walking. Can also dengaan way grater grate the ginger and rub it on the skin dibaagiaan jaahe distended abdomen. do every day and routine, better use of red ginger kaarena have the effect of very high heat and is able to dissolve fat.

15. As the energy for regulating body temperature

Ginger and honey drinks for athletes or sportsmen or anyone who is doing sports activities can make the body easily tired because honey and ginger is always capable of providing energy reserves in the body and is able to regulate body temperature stable in the circumstances.

Really Ginger able to adapt to other traditional medicine?

Ginger is a plant species that fall into the class of herb that can adapt to the type of herbal medicines or other traditional ingredients and able to join with vitamin supplements without causing any ill effects as long as it is not combined with drugs that contain chemicals, substances alcohol and soda.

Is it true that ginger capsules is the best solution for those people who are busy?

Today many of ginger that has been made into a capsule that is claimed to have health benefits as great as ginger concoction made yourself at home. Ginger capsules are intended for people who do not have much time to make their own ginger drink.
In addition to more practical and efficient it can save you time, effort and cost because the price is still affordable for the size of the pockets of ordinary people. Bagaimananpun but also still have to be careful with that other possible materials embedded therein as a mixture or nature preserves.
Suggested should be more frequent drinking herbal ingredients that made its own because it proved not contain chemical camouran and if more frequent then it would be better but that does not mean herbal medicine capsule form is not good. please just take it as a daily nutrition but still have to be careful not dependency.