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a lot of sinners repeatedly deny the hadith of the Prophet as in his saying:
"If the sperm (semen) was aged 42 a night, Allah sent the angel to shape it and then give it a hearing, vision, skin, flesh and bones," (HR. Muslim).

And they say that this hadith has absolutely nothing to do with modern knowledge and the stages of embryonic development.

But science is constantly evolving to finally show us the facts Advanced. And if we reflect on the results of the latest research in embryology, as well as reviewing again the stages that have been delivered by the Prophet in his saying, on embryos when aged 42 days , may be the conclusion What do we get? And why Prophet Muhammad more specialized number 42 as the age of the embryo? Meaning whether contained on embryonic development in the womb?

The Almighty God with all His power. He it is who has created anything that is in the earth and in the sky so perfectly. We should believe and thank God for what God has given over the years. Allah has created everything flawlessly for human needs.

It is very short-sighted if we only sin to Him without doing repairs themselves and give thanks to Him. Hopefully we can be a man who realized all the things that God has  grateful for what God had given.

We will show a series of illustrations along with descriptions showing the stages of embryonic development process and more focused again on Sunday the fifth, sixth, and seventh, then re reviewing so we can see the complete conformity between the majesty of hadith texts and words of the scientists Modern.

After going through various process stages since they shaped sperm to evolve into the embryo in the sixth week (42 days), we conclude that the embryo is not formed (human form) after a 42 night, and the Holy Prophet has explained in gambalang through word of his great about it this!

Let's face it, how the process berkembangan sperm to become unformed human embryos, then turned into a blood clot, then shaped piece of meat that has not demonstrated human betuk clarity. And, at the age of 42 harilah stages of this evolution will produce the form of the human body structure which clearly and continuously continuous to enter the stage of delivery, then praise be to Allah!

Miracle of miracles of the Prophet: If the sperm has been aged 42 nights

original image from embryos aged five weeks and we did not see any form of human structure, and scientists say that the majority of species-species animal is shaped like (the picture above) of the same age too. And with the last statement may indicate that at this age have not reached kesempuraan betuk Embryonic Human, and we do not find the shape of the ear, eye, skin, and bones.

Figure embryo at the age of 47 days, and we have concluded that this form has simulate human form and became clear again when the eye, the ear has shown its form, and also we view the two ears and the eyes, and the skin layer, it has established a human form since the end sixth week. These indicators are very apparent in the seventh week, and the embryo's heart began to beat clear since the week to enam.
Miracle of miracles of the Prophet: If the sperm has been aged 42 nights

Embryo drawing comparisons between the age of five weeks and seven weeks old embryos. Look at the difference in looks, size, and shape into two embryos, and how could one embryo can produce such a structure of humans to so clearly.

Scientists described the embryo enters the sixth week or 42 days old, which at this time of embryo begin to respond to the sounds around them and react to it.

Scientists emphasize again that the age of 42 days and after that is the phase separation between the embryonic phase tangible tatkal not perfect and the phase when the embryo has human form. Thus we find one there is a special review web development problems Embriology talk about similar things, such as in the article:

During the sixth week after fertilization The Unborn child can respond to local tactile stimulation by reflex movements. At the end of the sixth week, The Unborn child is Clearly recognizable as a human being by gross morphological observation

Miracle of miracles of the Prophet: If the sperm has been aged 42 nights

(In the sixth week after fertilization, the embryo begins to be able to respond sensai touch through reflex movements. At the end of the sixth week-end, it can be argued embryo has human form, and demiikianlah which appeared since in the study)

Also we see their words in different sites:

The brainwaves have been Noted at 43 days. Dr. Stiff has Noted that electroencephalographic waves have been Obtained in forty-three to forty-five day old fetuses, and so conscious experience is possible after this date.

(The brain waves have been detected when the embryo is 43 days old, and Dr. stiff also has mengedeteksi wave arising from the brain when the embryo was about 43-45 days. So the description of prihal is very possible to be taken into account after this age.

Miracle of miracles of the Prophet: If the sperm has been aged 42 nights

Six Weeks-old embryo when it starts a human-shaped and emit waves of brain resembles the principle of work on a mechanism. And of the working principle of this many research studies on methods of work inspired cells in the brain and allows it (brain waves) is also associated with the blowing of the Human Spirit at this stage, Wallahu 'Alam.

Try to observe the formation process of both eyes for a moment, scientists assert that the sixth week is the age in which both eyes began to open the embryo, then tersingkaplah truth of the word of the Prophet: "..membentuknya then give hearing, sight .."

The embryo's eyes began to appear on Day 42 and we find the words of Keith Moore embriology famous scientist:

The eye is obvious, About day 42 after fertilization (Moore, p 99).

(Mata embryo begin apparent after about 42 days after fertilization)

after the passage of 42 days with His perfect smooth and then comes the phenomenon of eyes and ears with the speed of change that is fantastic, they (scientists Embriology) said:

Miracle of miracles of the Prophet: If the sperm has been aged 42 nights

The eyes are developing Rapidly, the ears are developing Rapidly, 7th week after conception (Rugh, p 52).

(Eyes and ears will be growing rapidly in the seventh week (after the sperm passes for 42 nights) which indicates the end of week seven, in which the embryo Human beings evolved form right at the time)

High-precision with review Hadith Rasulullah in great detail when He said: "If the sperm (Semen) was aged 42 a night, Allah sent the angel to shape it and then give it a hearing, vision, skin, flesh and bones" (H.R Muslim)

Try to reflect on the nature Image embryo (right) aged 41 days, in this picture we could hardly see an indicator that this is a human embryo, tetapai when entering day 44 embryos were directly will evolve to form the structure of the human body. Therefore on the image (left) we have seen the human form in the embryo is at once both eyes and ears clearly and legs, hands and fingers-fingers. Then Praise be to Allah!

After a number of balustrades Abrosi soar rapidly in Non-Muslim Affairs. Tempers turmoil rejection tehadap system Abrosi until today, saw it Scientists and researchers took the initiative to determine the age limit (Embryos) so that no abortion after the embryo is formed, then in the end they find that the end of the sixth week and the beginning of the seventh week (when the embryo old 42 days) is the time at which the onset of brain waves in embryo as well as a time of beginning of human life.

I and you all (who already know) will remember some of the words of the fuqaha of our (Islamic scholars) who berdalilkan of the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad said, that there is a strict prohibition Abrosi telebih at any time after 42 nights had passed, and there is the possibility of allowing for doing Abrosi before entering this age if terdatap demands must do Abrosi weeks to the benefit of treatment is preferred, and it showed the truth nubuwat that the blowing of the Spirit into the body Embryos at this age, and the more obvious when the brain waves arise at this age (42 days), as well as heartbeat, as if there is a link between the Spirit and the working principles of brain and heart, Wallahu 'Nature!

Original Image an embryo at the age of 42 days, at this age Embryos begin human form, let us consider ukurang this small, however the size it had been regarded as fully human, and following the conclusion of researchers on the prohibition Abrosi after age because embryo has been regarded as human beings.
Miracle of miracles of the Prophet: If the sperm has been aged 42 nights


The embryo (baby-shaped) train themselves by sucking his fingers in preparation for entering the World Natural so that it can directly suck to her mother, Maha holy God who teach this baby what he did not know as in Word:

(والله أخرجكم من بطون أمهاتكم لا تعلمون شيئا وجعل لكم السمع والأبصار والأفئدة لعلكم تشكرون) [النحل: 78].

And God brought you from your mother's belly in a state of not knowing nothing, and He gave you hearing and sight and hearts, that ye may be grateful. (An-Nahl: 78)

Then the question arises, what the purpose of this paragraph? The answer is: that this verse describes Actual changes in the base (Embryo) that occurred after the passage of 42 days in full and perfect, and on day 43 the brain begins releasing a wave that could respond to the movement around them through sensations and feelings,

Indeed, this word implies about the Spirit who is adjusting its movement in the embryo body, and also prove that the Prophet Muhammad had preceded Scientists West on a very detailed case at all, which is impossible ordinary people were able to predict these things long before the 14th century passed.

Indeed, Revelation is advised that no one can put forward all the relevant knowledge These stages unless that person is a specialist doctor who accompanied the apparatus-the apparatus that is adequate, and whether the Holy Prophet is alone Your doctor specialists who are equipped by the devices modern? There are new things that should we agree to convince deniers (of truth) as he asks: How could the Prophet Muhammad know for certain that after 42 days embryo will change shape to a human Being that have hearing, vision, skin, and bones ?!