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sago health benefits - Healthy t1ps Sago is famous as a food ingredient typical of the Moluccas and Papua. But do not take for granted because it is so large and sago useful for health. Sago can be included in the class of principal makanaan that contain elements of carbohydrate but has no sugar levels that are harmful to the body. carbohydrates are as safe as foods made from brown rice, corn, sweet potatoes, wheat and others

Nutritional content in Sago

The content of nutrients in corn can be an alternative staple food:

94 g carbohydrate has about 355 calories / 100 g
Protein 0.2 g
0.5 g fiber
Calcium 10 mg
Iron 1.2 mg
Benefits And Efficacy Of Sago For Health
Benefits And Efficacy Of Sago For Health
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Fat, carotene and kasbornatnya acids exist but in small amounts but do not worry because it does not affect the sago if consumed as a meal substitute for white rice. And then eaten with some types of fish are high in protein.

This is the sago for health benefits you do not know before.

1. Prevention of blood clotting - blood clots in blood vessels that usually lead to blockage of blood flow to the heart. This condition will affect the performance of other organs.

2. Good for blood sugar - to inhibit the rate of increase in blood glucose levels because of the fiber and the mineral phosphorus contained in sago. Capable of pressing and binding sugars in the body that do not directly spread to the tissues of the body and is able to inhibit the accumulation of sugar in the blood not to form crystals that can cause blood sugar levels to rise.

3. Preventing colds - can cure pain in the gut and prevent flatulence and colds attack. Sign wind is caused by fatigue, travel, change of climate or due to lack of sleep.

4. As a prebiotic - Fibers that of the sago is capable of acting as a prebiotic that is capable of protecting the condition of the intestinal micro-flora. Then the intestines will always avoid the attack of harmful bacteria and stabilize the digestive enzymes to keep it healthy. Sago fibers can increase the body's immunity and accelerate the healing of wounds, inflammation of the digestive tract and skin infections.

5. Cancer Prevention - Fiber to the sago can prevent the growth of cancer cells in the colon, and the lungs as prebiotic substances on sago can nourish the cells of the colon and lung, and blood circulation and blood vessels around the area of ​​the colon and lung. Sago prebiotic nature capable of inhibiting the growth of cancer cells destroy even tied it to avoid direct and spread to other tissues.

6. Sources of calcium - calcium benefits that exist in sago can maintain the strength and density of calcium in the bones, joints and teeth in adults and the elderly. In addition there are mineral calcium phosphorus contained about 13 mg of the sago able to prevent osteoporosis or bone loss. While the children were still in its infancy, sago can accelerate the formation, growth and tamp calcium in the bone so that the children quickly grew to be tall and healthy.

7. Rich in phosphorus - to repair and maintain bone structure aagar avoid aching pain, attacks of pain or fractures caused injury to the elderly. Mineral phosphorus contained sago padaa able to control and binding as well as the active constituent in healthy bone and tooth structure with increasing age.

8. Alternative diabetes - Can be used as an alternative as eating those people who have a family history of diabetes. for those who have parents or relatives who suffer from sugar then 6 times a person will have a legacy at risk in their blood for sugar if not cautious about the amount of sugar consumed. In addition to brown rice that is free from sugar, foods made from sago can maintain stable blood glucose levels.

9. Lose weight - Sago has the benefit of higher carbohydrate than white rice, wheat, corn and wheat. Though high in carbohydrates but have very little sugar content than white rice. In people who are obese may utilize sago as a daily meal for phosphorus minerals and fiber that Aada therein can suppress a person's race longer hungry.

Sagu benefits for Herbal Medicines

This is another benefit of sago for traditional medicine as well as a facial treatment of men and women that can be done alone at home

1. Sago to cure heartburn and abdominal pain

For those of you who experience heartburn or stomach pain attacks do not directly consume drugs painkillers, which has the chemical content in them. Do a more healthy way and was able to heal an ulcer and stomach pains you with sago media.

Raw material:

Sago flour
Salt to taste
Warm water
Palm sugar

Here's how:

Take at least 5 tablespoons sago then pour in a glass of medium size and deliver warm water and stir until evenly distributed and not others arriving too thick, make a non-aqueous and non-viscous (being mediocre). then add the palm sugar that earlier study mashed. then give a little salt and stir until evenly distributed. This herb can be taken 2 times a day for one month or until you have healed ulcer.

2. Cure prickly heat

High air temperatures and moisture often make a person exposed to prickly heat, which is where the pores of the skin is not able to bind and absorb the sweat produced from a hot air that strikes the body temperature for more than 8 hours. Prickly heat often cause itching and skin irritation.

The ingredients:
Cold water

Here's how:

Take sago taste and mixing them with cold water and stir mataang dengaan hand until evenly daan bit watery, then apply on the affected skin yaang prickly heat (usually the neck). Apply anyway every berngkat want to sleep at night in order to accelerate the healing itch itch.

3. Curing constipation in children

If you have a child who is still nursing the boto or formula, it can mix with 2 teaspoons milk into bottles sago and stir or shake until it is completely evenly. Sago does not affect the flavor quality of milk, your child will not even notice. This simple formula can diberika in children who suffer from constipation and flatulence. after defecation can dsenagn laancar back then discontinue sago in their milk.

4. Can bleach the skin of men and women safely and naturally

A clean face and glowing without flecks of brown spots caused by exposure maatahari rays or the use of cosmetics that do not match is a dream of many people. you can take advantage of the kindness of sago to improve the health of your face without any problems in a way making it a face mask every day.

Raw material:

lime juice

Here's how:

Take sago to taste and stir until evenly distributed along with small amounts of orange juice a lot agaar clotting does not occur. after being slightly thick creamy yogurt and sprinkle a stir back. Use this unique tips to mask your face to look more white, fresh and fade brown spots on the face due to sun exposure or due to incorrect use of cosmetics. use every day for 20 minutes and then can be cleaned using warm water.

5. Can Prevent premature wrinkles

Premature wrinkles on the face not only as a frightening specter for women but also does not chill the adam. The face has wrinkles and fine lines at a young age is very disturbing appearance and degrade the quality of a healthy and youthful face. The traditional recipe is safe and can be used as a mask everyday in this house can be your alternative than having to go to salon that waste a lot of time, effort and cost of course. saangat secure this unique recipe for those who have sensitive skin.

The ingredients:

Warm water

Here's how:

Take sago, pour warm water little by little and stir until evenly distributed and slightly thickened. then enter the oatmeal and honey as you wish. If the recipe that made already blended and looks thickens then use as a facial mask every day or twice a week to keep the lines of fine lines around each face already been there can disappear gradually and in someone who has had a smooth wrinkles on the face can still use recipe this in order to avoid premature wrinkling face.

Solutions for premature aging of the skin more:
6. Can prevent and cure acne

Benefits Sago contain fiber, calcium and phosphorus minerals that can make your face shine-free from the bacteria that causes acne and spots a small bintuil contain water which if solved will cause inflammation or cause stinging and itching. Sago can realize your face free of acne because the starch sari able to open and lift kotoraan that clog the pores and skin is cool so the blood vessels around your face become more relaxed.

Raw material:
Egg whites

Here's how:

Take sago to taste and stir together egg whites, make a creamy night. Then use as a facial mask that not only can cure acne, but is able to prevent and menganggkat feces containing the bacteria on the surface of the skin and is able to prevent entry into the pores of the skin more deeply. Apply to face and let sit for 20 minutes. This special recipe can also tighten the facial muscles begin to relax because it is able to maintain the natural water content contained in the collagen beneath the skin remains stable.

7. Can treat any irritation and minor injuries on the skin permuklaan

If the skin of the hand or other body part happens minor injuries akibaat scratches, being dropped or slipped and bumped then find the sago irritate your skin can relieve pain daan accelerate wound becomes dry. if there is a light at the wound pendaraahan then sago can stop bleeding quickly. sago apply yaang been mixed with warm water premises mature and let stand until the wound healed and do not bleed anymore if you are a bloody wound.

8.Dapat reduce excess oil on the hair

Greasy hair often makes a person look unattractive because her hair looks limp and soggy. oily hair tends to simplify dust and dirt carried through the wind attached to the hair and cause hair to become dirty and trigger itching and dandruff.

Raw material:

baking soda
Here's how:
Take sago and mix baking soda to taste and enough water and do not give others arriving recipes made into kentl. let a little dilute then smeared on every strand of your hair and let stand for 30 minutes and then Wash with warm water and then rinse with cold water. jiak diligent use this 2 times a week, the greasy hair will always look fluffy, not limp anymore and softer so easily arranged.

9. Can normalize the condition of damaged hair for Hair spray

In women there who use hair sparay untyk gaaya arrange their hair is not easy to change due to wind, air or due to the movement of the body. didaalam hair spray fluid therapy are hard substance that can damage the hair cuticle and dry hair, hair spray too long not cleaned can make the hair dry, brittle, branching and able to absorb the natural oils on each strand of hair. so the hair back to the healthy condition setealaah use hair spray to neutralize it sagulah quickly.

Here's how:

Sprinkle sago in all areas affected by hair spray hair little by sedkit and evenly. then flatten perlaahn by hand and then let stand for 20 minutes. This method can restore your hair moisture and scrape chemical substances that stick to the hair cuticle. after 20 minutes Wash as usual tertapi use warm water that has previously been mixed with lime juice. lime juice to dispel and lifting chemicals which result from the possibility of hair spray attached to your scalp. then rinse with cold water.

10. Can be cooling to the skin that is inflamed

Facial skin can be inflamed if continuously exposed to the sun sinaar that has been mixed with free radicals. the skin will be flushed and the sebian pembengkkan people experience because the blood vessels around waajha not smooth and less intake of water. This condition can worsen if ignored saaja inflammation, take sago which had been mixed with milk and apply on the face.

Face flushed daan will heal inflamed and blood flow around the face becomes normal again, Sago is cool, calming effect and and capable meredakaan yaang pain due to inflammation caused by sunburn afternoon.

Processed Foods with Sago

Did you know that corn starch can be processed into a wide variety of tempting food menu, including:

Can be used as sago, a compound for the manufacture of the sharing of traditional cakes daan pastries, various puddings dn agar agar, baking ongol ongol. green bean porridge sago as well as the manufacture of food typical of the famous Maluku favors usually eaten with fish Cakalang is named Papeda.
Sago can be processed into a mixture of cuisines of various darerah like mpek mpek of Palembang, meatball mixture of central Java and manufacturing various kinds of crackers (crackers fish, prawn crackers and others).
Sago benefits can be used as a mixture of biscuit though the main ingredient is wheat flour. didalmnya sago usage until the 30 percent level that ternyat gives a taste of the biscuits become more crispy and tasty.
Sago is often used as a mixture of baking pastries to celebrate the festive season and new year. The taste of the sago can adapt well when combined with honey, milk or cheese that can produce a cake that tastes delicious and durable.

Vital Records :

the use of corn as a substitute for rice can be used as a healthy alternative if sago juxtaposed with fish. Fish contain high protein whereas relatively little corn protein levels. if you eat foods made from corn and eaten together with the fish then you will feel fuller longer (due to very high carbohydrate content) without having to worry about protein deficiency. Sago can also be paired with the use of chicken, goat, cow or a variety of seafood that nutritional protein in the body is maintained.