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Best Positions for Getting Pregnant  - Healthy t1ps Actually, there are many factors that can determine whether or not a woman is pregnant. Reproductive health and fertility become one of the most important things, for the wife who wants to get pregnant, as well as to the husband. Therefore, a medical examination to the obstetrician need for any newly married couple.

In addition, if there are no serious problems in the reproductive organs and fertility, then another factor that must be considered by the husband and wife, is the position of lovemaking. For those who want to quickly get the child, there are several styles of lovemaking suggested as sex tips to get pregnant fast. Here are four good sex positions that:

This is a sex positions for getting a woman pregnant

1. Missionary or Man on Top

This position is believed by many experts as the best sex positions to get pregnant fast. Because, with this position, a husband can penetrate as deep as possible, thus enabling the sperm that comes out as close as possible to the female cervix. In addition, the position of the husband was on top of his wife's body, is also very convenient to do.

2. Doggy Style

In this position, husband to penetrate from the back of his wife. Doggy style position is recommended, because it can place the tip of the penis directly overlooking the mouth of the womb when performed penetration. Thus, make it easier for sperm to enter the uterus, and then be able to quickly fertilize the egg of pregnancy.

3. Spooning

Position in sex tips to get pregnant fast is dilakukaan by means of lying on his side. In addition to help for women who have a uterus tilted with deep penetration, this position can also make sperm into the closer to the cervix. But remember, keep this position about 10-15 minutes after ejaculation so that the sperm can go deeper.

4. Raise Hips

The latter is actually more accurately described as a suggestion in sexual relationships that can accelerate the pregnancy. Wife hips should be raised higher than the stomach by way of blocking it with a cushion, so that this position can facilitate the sperm to swim toward the egg. In addition, it could also lift both legs.

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Those are some tips to get pregnant fast sex that can be tried by married couples. All positions are indeed take into account the life span of the egg can only survive 24 hours, while sperm can live about 3-5 days. Hopefully this can produce results.