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sleep after eating is not good for the health and even cause death - healthy t1ps

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is it bad to sleep after eating for the health and even cause death - healthy t1ps 
Danger to bed after eating shall we avoid being stockpiled dangerous disease that can cause death.

Every day, the body needs nutrients - nutrients essential for activity. Nutrition - This nutrient is contained in many foods - foods that are consumed a day - day. With the fulfillment of nutrients per day, then someone else will be able to move smoothly and without a hitch. Nutrients that enter the body will support the activities - activities carried out, in addition, these nutrients can also maintain a healthy body.

Nutrition - nutrients can enter the body through various types of food consumed. Food consumed also varied, so are the nutrients contained. To meet the nutritional needs each day, usually a person will eat as much as 3-5 days, with the pattern - a specific pattern, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

However, many cases where you skip breakfast and evening meal - a heavy meal or just a snack before bed. Many factors cause behavioral eating before bedtime, such as lack of nutrition during the period of the morning until late afternoon, so you feel hungry very disturbing when you want to go to sleep at night.
is it bad to sleep after eating for the health and even cause death - healthy t1ps
sleep after eating is not good for the health and even cause death - healthy t1ps 

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Basically, eat before going to bed to have a considerable effect harmful to health. Here beberpa hazards arise because of their eating habits before bed:

is it bad to sleep after eating :

1. Obesity

Danger to bed after eating the first one is obese, this is not just a weight gain loh yah. obesitasObesitas here can make you stretch many times. One of the adverse effects that may occur when you eat a heavy meal or snack before bed is an increase in your weight drastically.

Why does this happen?

You need to remember that every meal and snack that goes into your body calories your body needs to perform the activity.

When caloric intake goes into your body, and there is no other activity that you do, then those calories will not burn, and will instead be fat accumulates in the body. Fat that accumulates in the body without any combustion process will help you gain weight drastically, and will eventually lead to obesity.

2. Diabetes

Diabetes is a domino effect of the accumulation of fat in your body and obesity caused by a habit of sleeping after eating. If you have a habit of eating a heavy meal or snack before bed, so be prepared with the emergence of this disease, which is caused by a buildup of fat that occurs in your body.

3. Heart Attack

A heart attack can occur as a result of fat accumulates, and risks clogging parts - the part of your blood vessels. this will increase your risk of having a heart attack in, in addition to the factors - other factors. Fat buildup can occur because of bad habits in eating before bed, which makes the fat and calories will not burn. Heart attack is one of the most deadly diseases in the world.

4. Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is a medical condition in which stomach acid to rise to the throat or your throat. this is because when you lie down and try to sleep after eating a heavy meal or snack at night.

When you eat a meal, the stomach acid you will go out and work, but when you lie down, the stomach acid will rise to the top, especially to your throat and esophagus. This will create the sore and pain in the throat or your throat is your third wake up in the morning the next day.

5. Heart Burn

Causes of heart burn is the same as the cause of the acid reflux .. The condition occurs when the heart burn you feel a burning sensation and discomfort in the chest after you eat a heavy meal or snack before bed.

This is the same - the same is caused by stomach acid that rises to the chest cavity, giving the effect of heat and discomfort in your chest cavity. however, heart burn condition is rare, in normal conditions.

6. GERD (reflux Gasteophageal)

Gasteophageal GERD or Reflux is a domino effect of heart burn. If you feel the symptoms of heart burn that often arise when you eat a heavy meal or snack before you go to bed, then you should be checked by a doctor, because you are likely to suffer from GERD or Reflux Gasteophageal it.

7. Can Cause Stroke Disease

Based on research conducted at the University of Loannina Medical School in Greece country, to bed after eating can increase a person's risk of experiencing stroke even in the long term. A study has been conducted to approximately 500 healthy people, which suggest that people are waiting longer and not go straight to bed to have a decreased risk of stroke. This is because the more that acid reflux can cause breath halted momentarily when sleeping. That's what makes the risk of stroke.
Adjusting Eating Before Bed

8. Weight Up

In losing weight, you need to burn calories in your body by reducing snack foods, eating healthy foods, reduce fast food, to do sports. However trivia sleep after full unwittingly be causing problems with weight, such as weight can add up, especially if it runs fast food consumption, body fat will increase more and more, or so-called obesity.

Eating before bed is quite advisable. But for those of you who actually turned out to feel hungry before bedtime, it helps you consume foods that contain high fiber and protein. Foods that contain high fiber and protein will help you endure hunger and not give the nutrients that will not accumulate as fat. Examples of good food consumed:

Vegetables. Vegetables - vegetables memeiliki content of nutrients and fiber that help the digestive process while you sleep, so as to minimize the buildup of calories as fat on your body.

Fruits. Just like vegetables, fruit - fruit also has a high fiber content, and can help the digestive process in your body while sleeping.

Oatmeal. Oatmeal has a high fiber content, low in calories and help you feel fuller. Eat oatmeal that hunger you can go away without the accumulation of excess calories.
Skim milk low in fat. Low-fat skim milk have high protein content, and are able to make you become more satisfied, so no need to stack too many calories.

Food That Must Be Avoided Before Bed

Then there beberaa foods that you must avoid to be consumed before bed. Food - include:

Fried. Dangers of the countless fried foods, can even cause cancer. Fried has a high fat content, which is difficult to remedy burn, especially when you do not perform the activity. This will certainly add to flab when you are asleep.

Pasta. Pasta one carbohydrate-containing foods are high. High carbohydrate will produce high calorie, sehingg consume different types of pasta at night before you go to bed will only add pile of fat in your body.

Soft drink. Carbonated drinks have very high gas content, the dangers of soda drinks very much at all. You should not consume these beverages before you go to bed, because it will minumbulkan effects of acid reflux in your throat. besides, soda also have a high sugar content, which can lead to obesity or overweight

Ice cream. Ice cream has a very high fat content. Tent only consume ice cream at night before you go to bed will 'help' fat accumulation that occurs in your body.

Mie. Danger of instant noodles has become common knowledge, the food was even 2 hours is not digested in the stomach. Mie has a high carbohydrate content, and tend to be difficult to digest. It will make your stomach acid more extra work, which will affect your sleep, and it will be fat, because it has not digested completely.

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How many hours Eat Before Bed

During the day, at least 2 hours after a meal
Night, minimum 4 hours after eating freshly allowed to sleep. Danger dinner day is much greater because his portion more.
Important To Look!

Although it has been discussed types of foods are best eaten before bed, does not mean you can consume the food and then go straight to bed. You should give some time about - about 30 menitan to provide opportunities so that the food can be digested in your body.

Alternatively, you can also do light exercise after 20 minutes of eating, to help burn calories and make you become more tired so they can sleep more soundly.

That some of the dangers that can arise if you eat before bed. Maybe it was not felt at first, but when it becomes a habit, then the habit will greatly disrupt your health. Danger to bed after eating a bad habit that is detrimental to health, especially for your diet.