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The type of food that is not good for the health of your vagina - Miss V is one of the most important parts of the body for women. Maintaining the health of the area of ​​the vagina is certainly a very important thing. You can do this by keeping maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including through food consumption.

Associated with the consumption of food, there are some foods that can affect the health of your sensitiv area. Launch of page, here are 3 foods that could actually be bad for the health of your vagina.

The type of food that is not good for the health of your vagina
The type of food that is not good for the health of your vagina

1. Asparagus and Garlic

One of the problems in the intimate areas are often experienced by women is the scent of miss v. In addition because of the bacteria, the food also has an important role to this. Although maih not been extensively studied, but the scent is not pleasant on the body is associated with sweat. There are several types of foods that can make sweat becomes more odor, and the same thing also happened to miss area V. foods that have a strong aroma such as asparagus and garlic, contribute to causing odor in your feminine area.

2. Sugar

Fungal infection is a disease that is often experienced by women, especially in the intimate area. So many causes that are potential to cause fungal infections such as the consumption of antibiotics, pregnancy, and eating too many foods that contain sugar. Yeast or fungi that cause infection in the vagina to get their food from the sugar consumed and causing fungus thrives in the area. These conditions are especially vulnerable to occur in those who suffer from diabetes or pre-diabetes.

3. Caffeine

Caffeine is a diuretic foods are very popular. Food or beverages that contain caffeine such as chocolate, coffee, and alcohol can cause irritation of the bladder, especially for those of you who had inflammation of the bladder. Inflammation of the bladder is a chronic condition in which a person experiences pressure on the bladder, causing pain in the pelvic area and bladder pain. So, for those of you who suffer from inflammation of the bladder should be to avoid foods that contain caffeine.

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Actually there are many other factors that are causing problems in the female sex strip. Even so, the role of food also should not be overlooked. So, from now on be wise in choosing the right foods in order to maintain the health of your vagina area.