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10 Fruit Chocolate For Health Benefits

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10 Benefits And Efficacy Of Cocoa Fruit For Health - Healthy t1ps -
Cocoa fruit - Who does not know chocolate? Brown is one type of food that is very well known for the delicacy and benefits. Currently, there are a lot of products processed chocolate is famous and a favorite of people around the world.

coklatMeskipun fruit benefits chocolate has a name, but the original pieces of chocolate itself is not brown, but yellow for fruit ready for harvest. The original name of the fruit sendri is cacao (cocoa) which basically tasted very bitter when directly consumed away.

Cocoa and cocoa into chocolate dioalh usually harvested when the fruit is yellow, and does not need to bother memanenya, because besides just staying picking, the cacao tree is also not a seasonal tree species, which means it can bear fruit anytime.

10 Benefits And Efficacy Of Cocoa Fruit For Health - Healthy t1ps
10 Benefits And Efficacy Of Cocoa Fruit For Health - Healthy t1ps

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What are the benefits of chocolate (cocoa / cacao)?

Brown fruit itself has benefits that are very diverse, especially for human health. Here are the benefits of cacao itself.

Being the manufacture of chocolate
Cacao (cocoa) that is harvested will be taken and processed used as basic materials for incorporation into the manufacture of chocolate. The resulting brown usually very varied, but the common ones are 2 types: dark chocolate (dark chocolate) and chocolate powder.

Both produced from cocoa beans is then dioalh again so as to produce a wide variety of processed - processed which we find in the market today. Here is a kind of - kind of processed chocolate are common in the market:

chocolate bars
Chocolate candy
chocolate drink
Chocolate cake

But to consume processed chocolate so gsudah yan, such as candy, cookies and chocolate bars, you have to be careful - hait because these processed products have a very high sugar content to mask the bitterness in the chocolate. It can be dangerous to your health, especially for those who suffer from diabetes and obesity.

improve mood
Fruit chocolate contains caffeine, theobromine, methyl - xanthine and phenylethylalanine natural. All of this content have excellent benefits for our body, especially in terms of improving the state of mind - the mind and the body relaxes, so it can improve one's mood. Bad mood condition that can be resolved by consuming chocolate processed fruit products, chiefly that contain high pure chocolate. In addition to re-do one's mood, chocolate also has the following benefits:

Anti-depressant alias deterrent emergence of stress
reduce stress
Reduce fatigue that appears on the body
Soothing state of mind

One thing that most bothered mainly by women alias aging is the aging process. Many women who hassle to find what the right therapy to reduce aging appear. However, the answer is simple, namely consume chocolate. The essential oils contained in chocolate are able to provide anti-aging effects are outstanding and can reduce the signs - the signs of aging on the body. In addition, other benefits of chocolate essential oil are:

strengthen bones
Maintain healthy nails
Maintain the strength and health of hair
Maintain healthy skin.

Free-radical scavengers
One of the essential ingredients contained in chocolate are antioxidants and flavonoids. The content of these two substances have the main functions that are essential to counteract free radicals that will enter the body. As we know, free radicals which can not be resisted and into the body can cause various diseases and can weaken the immune system or your immune system. therefore, the consumption of chocolate is very good for those of you who want to be free from diseases caused by free radicals.

Lower levels of cholesterol the body
You have the makings of high cholesterol? Kalu so brown DAPT becomes one of your menu alternatives. flavonoid content is in cokalt able to assist your body in lowering levels of LDL, aka bad cholesterol in the body. Degngan drop in LDL, aka bad cholesterol, then you can avoid high cholesterol, and also avoid:

Constriction of blood vessels
Heart attack
Blockage of the arteries
Good for lowering cholesterol
Lowering blood pressure

For those of you who have the talent, aka hypertension high blood pressure, you can consume chocolate to help lower your blood pressure. This condition is caused by the content of flavonols contained in chocolate. In addition, chocolate also able to calm the nerves and the mind, so that with a relaxed and casual body, the blood pressure can also be controlled.

cure cough
Chocolate contains theobromine compound, wherein the content of the compound has excellent benefits to cure and relieve symptoms of cough that interferes with the activity of your day - day.

Good to cure cough
Prevent liver disorder
With the presence of antioxidants in chocolate, then the job of the liver becomes lighter, because the free radicals that enter the body would be reduced, with more lightness of the work of the heart, then the disorder - a disorder disease that usually attacks the liver, such as liver, cancer and hepatitis and prevented.

preventing cancer
Yanglain brown function is to assist the body in preventing the emergence of cancer. It is not to cure the cancer that attacks the patient, but chocolate can help prevent damage - damage to cells that can be a trigger cancers and tumors on certain body parts.

Increase energy and relieve fatigue
Brown has the ability to deliver and restore your energy habisa because it has been the move all day. Therefore, when you're feeling tired and exhausted to move, rest for a moment and drink or consume cokalt to help restore energy and prevent strees because of your work.

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That's some of the benefits of cacao. Keep in mind, these benefits will be effective if you eat chocolate that is processed with a low sugar content, chocolate is still pure alias, contains at least 60% content of dark chocolate, so the effect is more pronounced. Avoid excessive consumption of processed chocolate, because chocolate contains refined sugar is very high and can lead to diabetes and obesity. May be useful.
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