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12 Amazing benefits of banana peels For Beauty - Healthy t1ps

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health benefits of banana peel For Skin And Beauty - Healthy T1ps
Banana Skin Benefits For Beauty - Banana is a tropical fruit from Southeast Asia, Brazil, and India. Bananas became an important fruit for the people of Indonesia because the banana is easy to find and very often consumed by people than other fruit species. Bananas can be enjoyed by all people irrespective of social strata. This fruit contains vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber, and minerals that are important for the body. It makes bananas very safe for consumption by infants and the elderly. In addition, almost all parts of the banana plant can be used by humans. The fruit is edible, the leaves serve as food wrappers, the stem is used to stick puppet on a puppet show, even a banana peel can also be utilized. Banana skin is agricultural waste which is pretty much found that banana peel has the potential to be exploited and processed into products of economic value.

Banana skin appeared to have high nutrient content. In some areas banana peels thrown away, because it is considered as waste and waste that is not useful. In fact, if examined, discarded banana skin very large number. Thus, it is very unfortunate if the number of banana skin that many have simply discarded and not used again. Currently it is the utilization of real banana skin is still slightly. Only organic waste or used as animal feed. Number of banana skin that many of these will actually beneficial if used correctly. Nutrient content on a banana skin does not lose much of bananas. Nutrient content of which is attached to the skin of bananas per 100 grams, among others:

12 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Banana Peels For Beauty - Healthy t1ps
12 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Banana Peels For Beauty - Healthy t1ps

Carbohydrates: 50 g
Fat = 2,11 g
Protein = 0.32 g
Calcium = 715 mg
Phosphorus = 117 mg
Iron = 1.60 mg
Vitamin B = 0.12 mg
Vitamin C = 17.50 mg
The water = 68.90 g

Based on the description of the nutritional content of the above, it is unfortunate if the content as much as it is only enjoyed by livestock and bacterial decomposition. With the nutrient content as much as it should have been a human can take advantage of a banana skin for the product used as nutrition for the body. Can take advantage of a banana skin to become nutrition to the body? Yes, it's been a lot of products utilizing banana peel as raw material manufacture, ranging from cosmetics to health.

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You Must Know Of banana peel health benefits - Healthy t1ps

Banana skin contains nutrients proven equally important with the fruit. It makes a lot of people who are trying to take advantage of a banana skin. Because other than beneficial to the body, banana peels also have economic value. Humans can create health or beauty products with raw materials and sell banana peel. The following will be elaborated on the benefits of banana peel according to their needs:

1. Can clear acne

Banana skin is very beneficial for skin beauty because bananas contain vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and potassium which serves to eliminate acne. The content of the antioxidant and antifungal contained on banana skins can also remove excess oil and can overcome feelings of irritation and itching of the skin with acne that can speed healing and can eliminate acne scars. How that can be done to get these benefits is to take a banana skin was yellow and then rub on the face. If blackened banana peel, banana peel grab the new and repeat again rub the face as a first step. Make a scrub for 10 minutes and after the washing, let's face for 30-60 minutes and then rinse the face. This way can be done every day until the stain that looks reddish pimples and acne starts to fade and never comes back.

2. Whiten teeth

In addition to cleaning the face in order to avoid interference from acne, banana peel can also be used for dental beauty. Banana skin is proven to whiten teeth. The content of manganese, magnesium, and potassium in the banana skin that has a role in helping to make it look whiter teeth. The content whiten tooth enamel. So no need to bother to go to the dentist to perform dental care to look white. Just use a natural way to get white teeth naturally. Besides effectively, using banana skin will be protected from chemicals used to whiten teeth. How to take advantage of banana skin to become whitening teeth, namely by rubbing the inside of a banana skin with a circular motion like a toothbrush for two to five minutes. Then clean the teeth by brushing teeth as usual. Do this for 1-2 weeks to obtain optimal results.

3. Brighter Face Natural

Having a healthy glow face is everyone's dream. It is very easy, just use the banana skin as a mask. No need to bother with buying a beauty tool that is expensive, also do the treatment at a beauty doctor. Use this natural way to get a natural glow face. How to? Quite easy, rub the inside of a banana skin on the entire surface of the face before going to bed evenly. Use a mask as usual and leave overnight. Then when you wake up, wash your face using warm water. Remember, you must use fresh banana skin. Banana skin peeled from his new still in order to get the most and the best.

4. Treat cuts

In addition to the cleanliness and beauty, banana peels also have health benefits. Banana skin proven to treat wounds on the body. Luka especially the knee injury can be treated by using a banana skin. So do not use chemical-based antiseptic to treat wounds. Just use the banana skin as a natural wound healer. You do this by rubbing the skin peeled bananas are still new on the part of the injured. Let it sit for a few moments. After going to the visible effects of wound healing done by this banana skin.

5. The natural remedy against acne

One of the benefits obtained from banana skins is treating acne stubborn. Stubborn acne will certainly make uncomfortable feelings arise in the liver. Especially when looking glass, the desire to destroy acne will certainly appear. If already covered a lot of ways to get rid of acne, but acne is still missing then that needs to be done is to try the benefits of banana peel this one. Rub the inside of a banana skin on acne. Perform routine and rub it on at night before bed to get maximum results. Do it until the acne is not visible anymore.

6. Prevention of bruises and skin irritations

In the banana skin contains minerals and natural antioxidants that are helpful in skin rejuvenation and treating irritation or bruising at the outer skin. It would be very useful. How handlers bruising and irritation of the skin using a banana peel is very easy. Simply by attaching a banana skin on areas that have a bruise or irritation. Let stand for 1 night until daybreak, then rinse with clean water. You will certainly find bruising and irritation disappear because of the effects of a banana skin heals.

7. Protecting skin from the harmful UV rays

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, the banana skin still has other benefits for the eyes. Banana skin contains a substance that can be used as eye protection from the dangers of ultraviolet rays. The trick with drying banana skin for a while. Then rub a banana porters eyelid area. The use of this kind will help the eye to avoid the dangers of exposure to ultraviolet light. Besides the routine use also helps lower the risk of developing cataracts.

8. Treating psoriasis

People with psoriasis may utilize a banana skin as a natural remedy. Psoriasis is a skin disease that is characterized by the emergence of additional silvery scales and red and sore or itchy. If the scales have carded will cause bleeding quite sore spots. How to cope with this disease by using banana peels as a spread on the area affected by psoriasis. You simply greasing or rubbing a banana peel on the area evenly. The first effect that will occur is the appearance of redness in the skin, but over time the color will subside or disappear by itself. It turned out that banana peel is able to cope with an infectious skin disease such as psoriasis.

9. Treating migraine or headache

Headaches and migraines would interfere with daily activities. This disease usually strikes suddenly and makes a person lazy to move. But the banana peel can overcome the problems it all. Banana skin useful for treating headaches and migraines. How to? By mashing a banana peel and paste on the forehead. It is very easy and simple and work your way down the headaches disappeared. Yes, perhaps by buying painkillers head would be more practical, but what's the harm we use banana skin more natural than head pain medication.

10. As an antidepressant

Based on the study conducted by experts in the United States, stated that drinking warm banana skin in a way juiced will be able to defuse emotions. In the banana peel contains tryptophan which can improve mood by increasing serotonin levels. Serotonin is responsible for balancing the emotions with mood. Therefore, if you feel depressed overcome by eating a banana peel juice is proven to relieve emotions and mood.

11. Treating warts

Warts are growths that appear like acne and can be enlarged, but harmless. Warts only affects the appearance. With the warts will certainly make someone less confident. But no need to worry because the banana peel can be used as a cure warts. You do this by taking a banana peel and cut to the size of the warts in the skin. Then stick just before bed at night. Or you can also rubbed for about 10 minutes then rinsed. The results of this can be felt about 8-15 days later.

12. Inhibit wrinkles on the face

Undeniably increasing age, the more problems on the skin. The skin will lose elasticity and will become wrinkled. Wrinkles appeared on many sides of the body, especially the face. for this problem, the banana peel useful as inhibitors of the appearance of wrinkles on the face. The content contained on banana peel acts as an anti-aging that are natural and harmless. Steps needed is very easy and simple, that is by setting up a banana peel and scrape the inside of a banana skin and mix with 1 teaspoon of pure honey. After the mixture and apply it to the face started to twitch and let stand for about 15 minutes. Then wash your face with a warm towel. For maximum results do routine maintenance three times during one week.

Banana Skin Benefits In Various Fields

In addition to protecting human health, it turns banana peels also have other benefits. The following will be reviewed on the benefits of banana skin for various reasons, among others:

1. Polishing shoes

Besides being used for health, banana peels are also used for hygiene. Banana peels can be used for polishing shoes. Shoes that look dull can be shiny like new. The trick is very simple, just by rubbing a banana skin on a shoe like to use shoe polish. In addition it can be used as a substitute for shoe polish, banana peels can also be used as a gloss kitchen tools or objects made of metal. So there is no need to bother to buy cleaners to clean the equipment.

2. As an organic compost

With the content of potassium and phosphorus are very abundant, the banana peel can be used as organic compost versatile. This will certainly benefit. Because in addition to reducing pollution garbage, also fertilize the plants so that the environment healthier. The trick is to mix the compost with compost made from other fermentation. Banana skin serves to accelerate the development of roots and plant health.

3. As compost flush

Besides mixed into the compost, banana peel can also be used as a flush compost for plants. The trick is to mix the banana peel with water and place it in a bucket or drum. Leave it for a week and after that it can use the processing that has been aged one week to water the plants in your garden or potted plants. These preparations will be extra food for plants. Potassium and phosphorus will give the plants a boost of energy so that the plant can grow strong.

4. Nutrition plant seeds

There are many other benefits of banana peel to the plants. Besides being a fertilizer, the banana skin also become nutrients for seedlings. The steps are as follows:

Provide growing media such as a pot or plastic bag, or directly into the ground soil.
Cut a piece of banana skin into small pieces.
Then enter into the soil to a depth corresponding to the roots of seedlings.

This method is believed to provide a boost of nutrients that will aid in the development of roots and plant resistance to disease. Make sure also that the seeds or seedlings do not directly touch the banana peel because it can burn and damage the roots and seeds.

5. Banana skin dry into fertilizer

Dried banana peels can be used as fertilizer for plants. The way to dry the banana skin in the sun. Then milled until the texture is smooth passable or crushed or chopped into small pieces and then insert it into the growing media such as potting, polybag, or of land. This will give the same effect as compost, but do not have the risk of burning plants. This is because there has been a drying process with the effect of the sun's heat. This is a way to promote growth and overall health.

6. Get rid of bugs and insects

Bury a few small pieces of ripe banana peel on the ground would clean the aphids that is in the land. Why? Because pests such as ticks and insects do not like the gases emitted by the banana peel. But do not plant too many banana peels. This can lead to new problems such as the arrival of rats because rats will be looking for the source of the smell and take a banana peel.

7. Natural Cleanser

Banana skin is also useful for cleaning houseplants. What is meant is to clean the surface of the leaves of ornamental plants. You do this by rubbing the skin or the white part of the skin on the leaves and stems of ornamental plants. This allows the plants look more attractive and clean and remove dust and dirt.

8. Animal feed

Humans and plants are not the only audience of a banana skin. However, farm animals such as chickens, rabbits, cows, and other animals may also benefit the banana peel. Mix the banana skin with a staple diet of these animals in sufficient quantities. Make sure the banana skin clean and protected from pesticides or other toxins. Use it with caution because each animal has a different effect. It is necessary to test first whether the animal is safe to consume the banana peel or not. But the nutrients in the banana peel is very good for the growth of livestock. Thus, it saves money by not to bother buying vitamin fertilizing livestock. In addition, this method is more natural than the vitamin in cattle.

That's some of the benefits of banana peel. After knowing it all, may all be wiser not to throw banana peels and use it for their daily needs. In addition to saving space due to the absence of a pile of garbage bananas can also save even more. In addition to humans, the banana peel is also very useful for plants and animals. It is very effective once all part of the banana plant. We can use all the parts even the skin.