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12 Benefits of Banana Tree For Human Life - healthy t1ps

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You Must Know Of Best Benefits and Uses of Banana Tree For Health - Healthy t1ps

Banana tree is one tree species that live in the tropics. This tree usually has a height of up to 2 meters, with a very wide leaves and fruits are sweet. The fruit is very popular with yellow and green. Banana trees have soft stems and woody. Bananas are grown in a way grown tuber. Banana trees once found in many areas of Indonesia, ranging dai west end to the east end of the Indonesian state. In addition, in some tropical rainforest in various countries, the banana tree is also one type of tree that thrives, such as in South America and South and Southeast Asia, as well as the African region.

Banana tree has many benefits. Not only from the fruit, even banana leaves and stems also have important benefits for human life. Here are some benefits of a banana tree, every parts thereof:

Banana Tree Uses- Nature's Gift For Your Health
Banana Tree and Its Uses

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A. Bananas

Part of the banana trees first and most often perceived benefits are bananas. Yes, fruit with a curved shape and color as well as green Uning This has many important benefits for us. Here are some benefits of bananas:

1. As the processed materials in food

The first benefit of banana is one of the main ingredients of the food. Usually banana used to be made as a dessert menu, like cake, ice cream, drinks, and much more. In addition, bananas are also often used as a snack to accompany your leisure time, such as banana fritters and grilled banana. Currently, the processing of bananas have also begun to develop, into banana chips, which can be easily we encountered in traditional markets and modern.

2. Rich in nutrients and minerals

Other important benefits of bananas is the concentration of minerals and vitamins are also high. Kandngan bananas are known to have the benefits of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A benefits, the benefits of vitamin C, vitamin D and potassium and many other vitamins and minerals contained in a banana whole. Vitamins and minerals in bananas is able to help meet the needs of the body's minerals and vit min every day.

3. Can mebantu holding hunger

You feel hungry, but not yet the time for a heavy meal? try to eat bananas, either eaten alone or processed into juice bananas. Bananas contain potassium which is able to provide a sense of fullness in your body. of course, satiety produced by bananas can help reduce hunger and prevent you from consuming unhealthy snacks.

4. Food toddlers, for people who are sick and pregnant women

Banana fruit has a soft texture and is very easy to digest. That's why bananas are often used as one of the main food sources of those who are experiencing difficulties in digesting food, such as infants, people who are sick and convalescing and also pregnant women. Texture and nature that can make the body feel fuller makes bananas be one option for them.

5. Good for maintaining a healthy body

With the content of vitamins and minerals is so high, it is no wonder that bananas be one type of fruit is very good to help maintain the health of your body. Benefits of this banana tree produces fruit that can keep the immune system properly, so it will reduce the risk of various diseases.

B. Banana Heart

Banana refers to a large seed that grows on bgian bunches of bananas. Benefits of this banana tree produces banana, with a round shape is oval shaped with maroon and dark colors. Benefits of banana is often also used as one of the main ingredients in processed foods. One of them is the heart piasng sauteed, with a delicious flavor and also scrumptious.

C. The Banana Leaf

Benefits of banana leaves seem to have one type of leaf that is most often used by humans. Leaves produced from banana tree is indeed very useful, what are the benefits? Here are some of them:

1. As a food packer

Everyone would already know the benefits of banana leaves this one. yes, since time immemorial, banana leaf wrap is excellent in terms of food. With a strong structure and fibrous leaves, and have a distinctive fragrance, made of banana leaves into one type of wrapper leaf Paing widely used by the people of Indonesia.

2. The additional material in the manufacture of food

Not only as a tool wrappers, banana leaf itself is also often a mixture of a food. Usually, banana leaves chopped and mixed into some kind of food. To add to the aroma and taste of the dishes, so that it becomes more delicious to eat.

3. Substitute umbrellas to protect themselves from the rain and sun

Banana leaves can be used as an emergency umbrella. Yes, with the structure of the leaves tend to be wide and sturdy, causing banana leaf is often the option of emergency to protect our bodies from exposure to the heat of the sun and rain. In addition, the leaves are not easily destroyed when exposed to water is one of the advantages of banana leaves.

4. For children's play facilities

Maybe this time is rarely there are children who play menggnakan banana leaves. Yes, in antiquity, the banana leaf is one game that is loved by children. Some children sitting on banana leaves and other children pull the banana leaves, while racing with his friends.

D. Trunk bananas

Not only the fruit and the leaves of banana trees benefit even on the stem or often also known by the name gedebong bananas too, has many uses. Here are some of them:

1. As the raft

Gedebong banana is a type of tree trunks that can float on water. Therefore, gedebong bananas are often used to serve as a raft, which can be a means of transportation between villages separated by water, such as rivers and lakes.

2. As a food ingredient

Some of the Indonesian people also often use rods or gedebong banana as one of the main ingredients of a dish. Perhaps it is rather rare, however, turned out to be a vegetable of bananas gedebong have a sense that it might be interesting to try.