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15 Benefits of Aerobic Gymnastics for Health - healthy t1ps

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15 Benefits of Aerobic Gymnastics for Health - healthy t1ps

Health Benefits of Exercise - aerobicSenam Aerobic exercise is very beneficial to nourish the human body, especially very good for heart health. Besides being heavy, this exercise also includes casual and does not require more power so that it can be done by various groups, such as pregnant women, the elderly, and children benefit aerobics anak.Lalu what is this?

Here are the details of the benefits you get from doing aerobic exercises regularly.

Aerobics can increase stamina and endurance. Surely every man has experienced fatigue and lethargy in carrying out various activities even tend to get sick. Aerobics is one type of exercise that can improve stamina for activity and increase endurance.
15 Benefits of Aerobic Gymnastics for Health - healthy t1ps
Health benefits of aerobic exercise

Improve heart function. Well in this case is one type of aerobic exercise is quite powerful. Aerobics can increase the rate and stabilize the heart rhythm so that it will be healthier.

Reducing weight. Certainly every sport has a role in human weight loss, one of which is an aerobic proven to lose weight gradually.

Reduce various diseases / disease prevention. Well this one is important for you to know, aerobics can help prevent many dangerous diseases call it a stroke, heart disease, cholesterol, and a variety of other possibilities and even cancer.

Want to longevity? Aerobics solution. Research conducted at Harvard University, published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1986, revealed that for the first time there is a scientific relationship between exercise and longevity. Aerobics is one sport that can make your body healthy and have a long life

Increases Muscle Health. Human muscles need oxygen to help to avoid lactic acid or other waste. Aerobics will encourage blood vessels to supply enough oxygen in the muscles and away from various wastes. In addition, with aerobics can reduce the discomfort felt by patients with chronic pain and backache.

Improve mood and reduce stress. Aerobics is one sport that can activate the endorphins that can provide a sense of calm and peace. In addition to the aerobics you can also reduce the stress caused by a variety of activities as well as your busy schedule.

Cleans arteries. Aerobic exercise can increase HDL (good cholesterol) as well as to reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL), the bad cholesterol in the blood. LDL can lead to plaque buildup in the arteries which can lead to chronic diseases such as heart disease.

Strengthening of breath / stamina, if you often feel tired when new move for a moment, that means you are not strong breath can be caused by fat and impaired the flow of oxygen in the blood. Aerobics routine can help restore function so that your breath is more powerful and stronger activity.
Reducing high blood pressure. Aerobics is also believed to help reduce high blood pressure significantly by helping the blood circulation and oxygen in the body.

Prevent diabetes, already common knowledge aerobic exercise such a powerful way to prevent diabetes.

Overcoming insomnia, insomnia is insomnia that can be caused by many things. Regardless of the cause, it turns out aerobics can also help you overcome sleeplessness and make you a good night's sleep.

Aerobics strengthens bones and joints. This is a very important benefit for women because of strong bones and joints reduces a woman's chances of developing osteoporosis.
Stay young. Diligent aerobics is one of the secrets to make you stay young, burning calories, fat and sweat disposal will help increase muscle elasticity and the skin so that it looks more bright and shining.

For pregnant women, aerobics can help normal deliveries by increasing muscle elasticity.

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Starting Tips Aerobics Gymnastics

If you already understand the various benefits of aerobics for health and body as well as for pregnant women, there are a few tips to consider before you start aerobics.

Consulting a Doctor

For you diabetics, pregnant women, chronic diseases such as heart disease and stroke, should consult with a doctor to determine the pattern and schedule of aerobics are good for health and restore your health. Do not do aerobics if you are experiencing a variety of problems and complaints above.

The good Aerobics Gymnastics

Do it 3-5 times a week
Duration 20-40 minutes according to your body's ability level.
Take 5-10 minutes to warm up before exercise, 5-10 minutes to stretch after exercise.
Do not consume energy drinks and sweet before and after aerobic.
To get maximum aerobic benefit you should do on a regular basis, if possible, be done with an instructor who is experienced.