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15 Benefits of Cholesterol For Body - Healthy T1ps

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15 Benefits of Cholesterol For Health - Healthy t1ps

cholesterol benefits - Cholesterol is a fat or lipid is yellow in color, intangibles such as wax produced by the body parts of the liver. In health, the body is an absolute must meet his cholesterol. Naturally the presence of cholesterol are everywhere. As in the cell wall, membrane, in the brain, nerves, muscles, skin, heart, intestine, even in the heart. Many people are speculating that the body of excess cholesterol is not good. When about to eat a meal, they refused on the grounds of cholesterol. B are given food, they also refused, citing fears of rising cholesterol. They are very careful with cholesterol. Is that dangerous as the presence of cholesterol?

benefits of cholesterol
benefits of cholesterol

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The existence of Cholesterol in the Body

Cholesterol in the body is produced by the liver or human liver. Because it can be satisfied only from the body, it is not until necessary if only to get cholesterol from the outside of our bodies. For example the food and beverages we consume daily, you should not need that contains kolesetrol.

Well, because sometimes we even meet the cholesterol that comes from outside the body is harmful. Cholesterol comes from outside have properties to ruin, could even raise cholesterol levels that directly affect other organs. Like the circulatory system, brain, and heart. Excess cholesterol is usually bigger about the person who has entered into an advanced age. Because already consume a variety of foods either good or bad for the body. Cholesterol in the body that nature can not be immediately issued, but hoarded which gradually getting higher and rising.

Cholesterol in the Body Type

In the human body, each person had higher levels of cholesterol in the blood. Even the most part, the cholesterol in the human body as much as 80% created by the liver or liver. Then, 20% comes from where? Some will produce cholesterol comes from outside the body, for example from the food and drink they consume. Of the existing types, cholesterol differentiated into two namely HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) or commonly known as good cholesterol, and LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) or commonly known as bad cholesterol.

HDL (High Density Lipoprotein)
HDL is one type of cholesterol that is good for our bodies. One important role is helping to clean up the blood vessels of dirt or foreign objects that come from outside the body. In addition, the function of HDL also cleans dirty excess blood that produced by the bad cholesterol or LDL. The condition of the body with high cholesterol circumstances will greatly benefit you. This is proof that you have a healthy body.

LDL cholesterol (Low Density Lipoprotein)
As already explained at the outset, that the absolute human need cholesterol. Because there are two types of cholesterol division, which is the good cholesterol in the call with the bad cholesterol while HDL is called LDL. As long as the food we eat natural, does not contain many chemicals and is not excessive, does not need to worry about the presence of these cholesterol. Because, basically, cholesterol is also useful for the body:

1. Help making hormones

Hormone that is in the body is used as a catalyst. Hormone implicitly used to help the body function. As the existence of the sex hormones that help to mature organs and sexual development. Similarly to this hormone, women can menstruate, men have wet dreams. Women can give birth normally, exit ation (breast milk) and others. Who helps release the hormone in humans? Cholesterol!

2. Assist the formation of vitamin D

Vitamins are important components in the human body. One of the functions of vitamins is to build bones and teeth and confirms it. The body can get the benefits of vitamin D alone (made in the body). One way is to use cholesterol to help produce the existence of this vitamin.

3. Helps the absorption of fat

In the process of absorption of food that has entered the body, it is necessary in the auxiliary and in the stimulation by other substances. This good cholesterol has the benefit of helping the body produce bile salts. One of its functions is to assist intestine in absorbing the fat that has entered into the body through the food they consume.

4. Helps the absorption of calcium

The minerals in the body, but from the outside can not be absorbed directly. So there needs to be a substance or material body that helps in the absorption of calcium benefit the body. One of them assisted by cholesterol. The trick is cholesterol to produce vitamin D that is used in the body. Then of vitamin D was before, which helps the body to help the absorption of calcium. Then be used by the body.

5. Accelerate the body's metabolism

Cholesterol in the body is useful to help expedite metabolism. How to? Namely cholesterol able to produce adrenal cortical hormones. Of this hormone appears to have an important role to help the body's metabolism. With smooth metabolism, your body may produce substances in use the body properly. Usually impact on good body immunity, the absorption maximum, and so forth.

6. To help maintain the balance of salt

Salt in the body is useful as an agent neutralizing the acid and alkaline conditions. Usually lies in the acid conditions of the stomach, which is the mark with the body ph 4. While the state of the bases that are in the human body which have a gut pH 8. Then the salt? Salt is neutral on acids and bases. If the body should be in a state of bases, but has a degree of acidity or pH is high, it is necessary to use salt to neutralize it.

7. Strengthen the cell membrane

Cell membranes in the human body tends to have poor quality. To be able to make our cell membranes become more powerful, it is necessary to increase consumption or other useful substances to strengthen the cell membranes. One of the functions of good cholesterol is able to strengthen the cell membranes in the body. Tend to have a strong cell walls are rigid. They are also more resistant when exposed, or passed by a foreign object.

8. Help build immunity

Although only a little role, who would have thought useful cholesterol is also able to build up immunity. Immunity is also based on the quality of hormones, vitamins establishment and strengthening cell membranes that sustain the health of the human body.

9. Assist in the formation of brain cells

Who would have thought that a person's level of intelligence is also an underlying cholesterol content in the body? Although only a little role, the good cholesterol or HDL largely determines the activity of a specific receptor in the brain cells. The activities of the oxidation of cholesterol, called the oxysterol is what helped to the formation of brain cells in children.

10. Help biochemical processes in the body

One form of biochemical processes in the body is the process of formation of steroid hormone synthesis. Also called cholesterol that forms the basis of the formation of these hormones. Examples of hormones that go into steroid hormones is the formation of vitamin D major and reproductive hormones

11. Helps digestion in the small intestine

The existence of cholesterol is also very used in the synthesis or the formation of bile acid compound. This substance is used as an emulsifier of fats in food, as well as vitamin emulfisier already dissolve into fat. Its function is to what? Secondly it is useful to assist the absorption of foods containing fats and vitamins that have been entered into the intestine to be absorbed more perfect.

12. Keeping the arteries

The presence of good cholesterol, or commonly called HDLs are also very beneficial for the body. For example, by keeping the state and cleanliness of the arteries. If the arteries are still in a clean state, it will avoid the possible risk of coronary heart disease and stroke is one of the degenerative disease. Both the disease is a disease that is considered dangerous, attack anyone, anytime.

13. Helps reduce the symptoms of atherosclerosis

Disease caused due to blockage of this meruapakan very dangerous disease. But who would have thought, it turns out this disease can be prevented by increasing the consumption of HDL or good koleatrol into our bodies. because according to recent research that has been done, that koelstrol good or HDL has antioxidant properties that can keep us from atherosclerotic disease.

14. Reduce the formation of blood clots

Securities that caused the body's antioxidant but can keep symptoms of atherosclerosis is also can help reduce blood clots. This situation is at a good value for the body, because it can reduce the symptoms of heart attack that lately dilemma tersebesar murder in the world. Recent research shows that antioxidants come from good cholesterol is very needed by the body

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15. Protect your skin from UV rays

It turned out that the benefits of cholesterol itself can be useful to protect skin from the sun. Exposure of UV A and UV B continuously can cause a person exposed to radiation. One of the effects of such radiation is skin cancer
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