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16 Benefits of Corn Oil for Health, Cholesterol, Cooking and Leather - Healthy t1ps

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corn oil health benefits - Healthy t1ps

Corn Oil Benefits For Health - Probably most people in Indonesia knew only palm oil as an ingredient for frying or sauteing food. However, actually there are many other alternatives for frying or sauteing food for our bodies healthier. For example, corn oil. All oil for frying is basically a combination of oil-saturated and unsaturated oils with different levels. In corn oil, lower in saturated fats than palm oil so that it can be used as an alternative to palm oil for the sake of a healthier body. Palm oil contains saturated fat up to 41%.

16 Benefits of Corn Oil for Health, Cholesterol, Cooking and Leather - Healthy t1ps
16 Benefits of Corn Oil for Health, Cholesterol, Cooking and Leather - Healthy t1ps

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The process of making corn oil

Corn oil is the oil obtained from the extraction or squeezed out of corn, with a yellowish color and is used for making soap, lubricants, cosmetics, cooking oil and even animal feed.

In the process of making corn oil, oil obtained from the extraction of maize seed, either using the pressing tool or using organic solvents. Manufacture of corn oil by using a pressing tool can only be done after the corn kernels soaked in hot water to be some long, usually 1 to 2 days for the next coarsely ground in order to remove his will. Pressing tool used is usually in the form of high-pressure hydraulic pressing machine to condense the material. With high pressure, grain - grain corn grain into thin and remove the oil called corn oil. However, the weakness of the manufacturing process such as this, is that a lot of time-consuming and the resulting oil is certainly less than the use of organic solvents.

You Must Know Of The Amazing Benefits Of Corn Oil For Health -
Manufacture of corn oil with an organic solvent, at least take a few ingredients to the mix, such as:

n - Hexane (C6H14), serves to dissolve the grain - grain corn that has been milled
NaCl and NaOH, serves to reduce the content of free fatty acids in the oil and dirt compound
bleaching earth and activated carbon, serves as a purifying agent color
bleaching earth and activated carbon sorbents function as odor with a deodorizer process
Once done with all the impurities, oil is purified by distillation process.

1. Treating cancer as phenolic acid content

Corn oil for health benefits primarily to treat cancer. Phenolic acids proven scientifically to combat cancer, including the fight against breast cancer and liver cancer. Even in some studies, the growth of cells - cells that cause breast cancer and liver cancer can be suppressed by consuming corn oil regularly. Moreover, the antioxidant content of corn oil is very effective to boost immunity, so it can prevent a variety of acute illnesses such as cancer and tumors.

2. Treating gastrointestinal diseases due to the fiber content

Apparently, the fiber is not only found in foods such as vegetables - major and fruit - fruit. The oil also contains fiber, including corn oil. As we all know, the fiber of any food is great for a healthy digestive system. Similarly, the fiber in corn oil is very good for a healthy digestive system. One cup of corn oil contains 18.4% fiber that your body needs for a day. In other words, diligent - you rajinlah consuming corn oil, and you will be protected from digestive ailments such as constipation, hemorrhoids, colon cancer. Moreover, for those of you who are in the diet because the fiber in corn oil gives a sense of fullness that is more durable than the fibers on rice. As a result, a slender body will be yours.

3. Overcoming the problems surrounding pregnancy because of the content of folic acid

For women who are in the course of pregnancy, but the baby did not come do not feel pessimistic beforehand. There is the secret behind the folic acid that will give you good news. Generally, the doctor will give pregnant women folic acid supplements to support the pregnancy so that your baby will be born bladder flawless. However, it turns folic acid will also give you a greater opportunity to be pregnant by one of its functions is to help strengthen the egg. So, segerakan to consume corn oil if pregnancy programs into one plan your future.

For the prospective father, corn oil consumption has also become one of the key success of the course of pregnancy. Folic acid content in corn oil is also useful to improve the quantity and quality of sperm in order to perfect the process of fertilization.

4. Strengthens bones as linoleic acid content

Or omega-6 linoleic acid is an unsaturated fatty acid that can not be manufactured entirely from our bodies, apart from food intake. Fats, including linoleic acid plays an important role in the distribution of fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin D. Thus, the intake of corn oil in the same body to help the absorption of vitamin D in the body needs which is good for bone strength.

5. Lowering cholesterol as linoleic acid content

Benefits of corn oil for cholesterol has been proven. Unsaturated double bonds / double in linoleic acid or omega 6 which contained corn oil plays an important role in lowering blood cholesterol levels drastically. Meanwhile, bond monounsaturated can be found in canola oil, olive oil, sunflower seed oil, peanut oil and sesame oil plays a minor role in lowering cholesterol levels in the blood.

Based on research, proven corn oil can reduce blood cholesterol with a total of more than 8%. Meanwhile, oil - oil with ties monounsaturated like olive oil and others - others simply can lower blood cholesterol levels with a total of 2% only. In other words, the corn oil is more effective in lowering cholesterol levels that will automatically distanced from diseases - diseases such as coronary heart disease due to high cholesterol and stroke.

6. Lowering blood sugar levels because it contains linoleic acid

Linoleic acid also plays an important role in normalizing the function of the pancreas. Disruption of the function of the pancreas will lead to the production of insulin is inhibited, thereby inhibiting the function of insulin in kadara stabilize blood sugar. Thus, there was a disease called diabetes or diabetes. No wonder the linoleic acid content in corn oil can reduce or normalize blood sugar levels because of its critical role in normalizing the function of the pancreas.

7. Treating arthritis because linoleic acid content

Corn oil with a linoleic acid content in it capable of suppressing compounds that trigger inflammation and damage to the joint. In other words, the disease - a disease caused by inflammation of the joints such as rheumatism or disease - a disease caused by a decrease in the function of the joints can be overcome with the intake of linoleic acid in foods, such as corn oil.

8. Giving beauty to the skin because it contains linoleic acid

There are many factors that affect skin care, two of which were accelerated regeneration of cells and the smooth transfer of oxygen in the blood. These two factors, namely the acceleration of cell regeneration and smooth transfer of oxygen in the blood can be assisted by the intake of linoleic acid in the body. Acceleration means the process of cell regeneration of skin tissue repair by replacing the dead skin cells with new ones, so that the skin more radiant and does not dull. With the seamless transfer of oxygen then all the oxygen supply can meet all cells - skin cells. Thus, the lack of linoleic acid, which include oils derived from corn, will cause rough skin, dull, scaly, dirty and even the nails brittle and easy hair fall.

9. Provide Brain health because omega 3

Deficiency of omega-3 in cells - brain cells will make the brain is deprived of energy to the process of growth and brain development in childhood - childhood. Remembering childhood - childhood is the period - a golden period in the development and growth of the brain until the age of five, the omega 3 will be much needed. However, no means adults do not need it, keep adults need. However, in adults omega 3 is no longer used for the development and growth of the brain as a child - a child, it was used as a fortress that brain function was decreased drastically.

10. Help visions for the content of omega 3

Not only for the brain, it turns Omega 3 is also a stronghold important for eyesight in order to maintain good visual function is maintained. This is because approximately 60% of the eye's retina is formed of Omega 3, so the lack of Omega 3 can lead to decreased function of the eye becomes myopic.

11. Helps bone formation because it contains omega 3

Bone is made up of several important elements, including calcium. Calcium deficiency will lead to brittle bones easily. Similarly, if we lack Omega 3 will affect the resilience of the bones to be easily vulnerable because in Omega 3 also contained calcium.

12. Healthy heart and blood for omega 3

Omega 3 big role in the fetus is to form cells of blood vessels and heart. As adults, Omega 3 still has a major role for the heart and blood vessels with a slight shift. This is because as adults omega 3 no longer play a role in the process of formation, but in the defense process so that the blood remains healthy and working mechanism of blood vessels and heart remain tersistematis well.

13. Getting rid of bad fats in the blood for omega 3

LDL is known for bad fats term for role in accumulating fat in the blood which then thickens and hardens to trigger high blood pressure who are at risk of dangerous diseases such as stroke and heart disease. Now, with sufficient intake of omega 3 can be reduced LDL as omega 3 can increase HDL or good cholesterol befungsi lower LDL levels in the blood.

14. Feeding the baby's brain because of the content of omega 3

There are several factors that affect children's intelligence, namely nutrition, environment and creativity. More details let's focus on nutrients that can educate the brain of children, namely omega 3. This is the result of several leading research that mothers who consume omega-3 during pregnancy and lactation, give birth to children with higher intelligence when the age of 4 years. Other studies also similar to that of children - children who were given omega-3 supplements experienced improved reading skills. This is because omega-3 containing LNA, DHA and EPA, which protects cells - brain cells while enhancing the ability of the brain.

16. Prevents eczema because of the content of omega 3

According to a study conducted in Sweden, Omega-3 effectively reduce inflammation throughout the body, including the skin. Also, omega-3 is good for the immune system strong so as to prevent us from disease caused by the immune system such as allergies / eczema. That is why the content of omega 3 in salmon or tuna can help prevent children from the risk of allergies.

Well it was the corn oil for health benefits to the beauty that can be utilized. But you must understand that it also depends on the manufacturer as well. Because we also have to worry with dyes or preservatives they use.