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18 shouting benefits for health - Healthy t1ps -

Benefits tertawaTeriak have tremendous benefits for mental condition and also one's health. Unfortunately, not everyone who shouted, they much prefer to keep silent. If many people know the benefits shouted to health, they will do it. Not only psychologically healthy body healthy but will also be held. Difficult conditions like today, led to a lot of problems and pressures. If we are not good in the deal, a lot of the negative impact that we will experience. For example, depression, distress, mental stress and many others.

The Amazing benefits Of shout for health
The Amazing benefits Of shout for health
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About shouted

Shouted one way vent emotions and feelings through loud noise issued from the mouth and throat. Shouts can be done anywhere, as long as the place was quiet. Shouts can also be done in a place that resonates and reverberates, so shouts could be reflected. Psychological satisfaction after shouting also be obtained.

Shouts has many benefits. Either already widely known or unknown. Cried the benefits are as follows:

Relieves emotion. For those who are emotional, yelling could be one of the best ways to be able to relieve his emotions. Do not shout for someone else, but yell for yourself. Yelling was in an isolated place or at high altitudes. Emotions will be muted once shouted.

Creating a Better Feeling. Yelling is one of the things you can do to make a better feeling. Shouted confide could make feeling better and also more relieved.
Overcoming Fear. The study found that scream before anything can overcome the fear in him. For example, shout before their matches, exams and many others could create fear resolved.

Treating Stress. Psychological benefits that can be obtained by calling is to treat and cope with stress race. For example, we're dealing with something stressful. Then we cried, cries that we do can make sense of stress disappear and untreated.

Eliminating Sadness. When we are sad, yell. Because shouted to eliminate the sadness in my heart. Sad not only eliminated to cry alone, but it could also cried. Feeling heartbroken, betrayed friends and friends can be expressed by screaming. Choose a place and the right time. Do not shout to the concerned person directly, but can shout themselves to the right place and at the right time.

Expressive. Shouts could be used as an expression when we're doing something. For example, singing. When singing, sometimes we are in demand shout. Especially if the music is rock music sung with a hard stream. Shouts can be used to express themselves and the soul of the song.

Getting Attention. If your profession as a lecturer or teacher and the person in the class you own noisier. Shouts are one way tept to be able to get the attention of those you teach. But do not often shout, yell at just the right time. Suppose class noisier and many do not pay attention to you.

Eliminate Pain. Shouted benefits are not known by many people is to relieve pain. You do not believe ?, just try to do it when you do the checks. Yell when you are on a drip, in the syringe or blood sample. Miraculously, the pain will disappear for 5 detik.sponsored links

Circulatory launched. For the medical world, the cries have benefits in the form of blood circulation in the body. The reasons are as follows:

When someone shouted, hormone adrenaline will increase.
Adrenal hormones will stimulate the heart. So that the blood vessels in the heart becomes widened, not narrowed.
Accelerated heart work can make a smooth blood circulation.
Not only blood are flowing, but also oxygen flow smoothly.

Overcoming Nervousness. When there is a test of memorization. Memorizing the text out loud or yelling can overcome his nervousness before the exam.

Spared From Chronic Diseases. Diseases caused by blood circulation is not smooth can be overcome with a shout. The reason adrenaline will increase when the screaming and the blood vessels to widen. Dilated blood vessels to blood flow and oxygen. Diseases that can be prevented with a shout is:

  • Heart
  • stroke

High blood pressure or hypertension.
Preventing Stroke and heart attack. People who have high adrenaline, but he did not scream. He just likes silence, the result is the blood flow is not smooth. The blood vessels are narrowed. As a result of continuous palpitations. Its most serious effects are stroke and heart attack.

Spared From Consumption of Drugs. For those of you who like to consume drugs for immunosuppressive, you should begin to leave the habit. Start channeling your restlessness with shouted. You can sing songs that you love to scream. The result is that you will begin to get used to life without drugs or tranquilizers nerve. After singing the song, your feelings will calm.

Increased Immune System. In the medical world, the cries could be useful to identify the body in depth using the rhythm of the cry. The rhythm will make the immune system in the body increases, so the body will not be easily affected by the disease.

Positive thinking. Shouts could mensugesti yourself to think positive. Positive thinking can make a person more healthy body and soul.
More spirited. The man who was hit by sluggishness could rekindle the spirit through shouts. Not just for himself, but also for others. Shouts pengobar spirit can be done when there is turnemen ball, volleyball and various other tournaments. Moreover, if there are friends you are competing with you to provide support through shouts. The spirit that is in you will be channeled to him.
Overcoming Mental Disorder. One therapy conducted in patients with mental disorders is the use of therapeutic communication. The communication requires mental patients to rant in a special room for treatment.

Exercising the muscles around the mouth, ever see people who are boxing? there are movements like screaming before they started boxing. Yes that's the benefit to shout to make the muscles more flexible mouth.
Do Beteriak In this condition!

Despite the screaming could satisfy psychological. However, there are certain people and certain time that does not allow people to shout. Shouted the person if it will actually injure herself. Here are people who are not allowed to shout:

People who are coughing should not be screaming. It causes the cough has a scratchy throat more than the previous one.
Inflammation of the vocal cords. People who have inflammation in the vocal cords should not sound too loud. Yelling is a ban for him. Shouting can cause inflammation of the disease becomes more severe. The worst impact is the vocal cords can be broken.
Patients with polyps on the vocal cords should not be screaming. That's because a polyp on the vocal cords will be under pressure after shouting. Polyps can be further enlarged.

In the office and in crowded places is forbidden to shout because it will cause noise, distraction and many others. Yelling in a quiet place is an alternative that can be selected.