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5 Benefits of Deer Meat for Body and Cholesterol Patients - healthy t1ps

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5 Benefits and efficacy of meat dear for Cholesterol Patients -healthy t1ps

Benefits-meat-rusaRusa in Latin is Cervus. Deer entered in the class of mammals ruminant animals (ruminants). Deer is an animal that has horns, so the deer are easily recognizable. Deer known to prefer eating vegetables or fruits and plants are still young. Although many choices of meat that can be consumed, but venison has its own fans.

It is not wrong if it's being hunted venison. But behind the different taste sensations, the benefits of venison can also be felt, including the following:

Benefits Deer Meat to the Body

For those who are fond of meat, but can not eat meat because of age or illness, then the venison a viable alternative to eating meat. Here are some of the benefits of venison:

Benefits of Deer Meat for Body and Cholesterol Patients -healthy t1ps
Benefits and efficacy of meat deer for Cholesterol Patients

1. Vitamin B3 - Benefits of B vitamins, such as vitamin B3 on venison serves to enhance the body's immunity, energy and heart. Antibiotic material can also be made using deer hearts of choice in medical science today.

Vitamin B3 daily needs will depend on age

Infants 0-6 months: 2 mcg
baby 7-12 months: 4 mcg
Infants 1-3 years: 6 mcg (10 mcg tolerance limit)
Children ages 4-8 years: 8 mcg (maximum 15 mcg)
Children aged 9-13 years: 12 mcg (maximum 20 mcg)
Adolescents 14 years and older: 16 mcg (male), 14 mcg (women)

2. Vitamin B6 and B12 - In the body can produce homocysteine. If high levels of homocysteine ​​are left, then homocysteine ​​can damage blood vessels, liver, lung, kidney, and diabetes, and can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. To reduce the emergence and development of homocysteine, the required consumption of vitamin B6 and B12 contained. The content is widely available in venison, to facilitate the circulation of the blood in humans.

3. Protein - deer meat contains protein and the benefits of high iron, so it's great to be consumed by pregnant women, breast-feeding mothers, menstruating women and also children. Within a day, your body needs protein requirement of 68.5% and 28.2% iron and needs can be met with

4. Carcass - Percentage carcass on venison is greater than the percentage of the lamb or veal, which is about 58%, whereas 41% of cattle and sheep 43%.

Deer Meat Can Be Consumed Patients with Cholesterol

If you want to diet, but it can not reduce the consumption of meat, it can use the venison for consumption as a diet companion menu. The table below illustrates the content of fat and cholesterol in several animal:

Beef Pork Lamb Chicken deer
Fat (g) 3.30 9.76 10.64 7,629 3.42
Cholesterol (mg) 66 92 101 83 83
On that note can be seen, that the cholesterol venison is lower when compared with other types. In venison also contains the benefits of omega 3, which serves for circulation.

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Benefits Other Reindeer Section

Horned animals is known to have many benefits. Starting from the horn, skin to the flesh.

Deerskin widely used for souvenirs,
Young deer antlers can be used for drugs.
Venison has a unique taste and also tekstrur soft and has a sweet taste, widely consumed by the public.
Now the deer into an animal protected by the Act, their habitats have been converted, even hunting on a large scale has been done by many people, makes fewer and fewer deer. If you really want to consume deer, watch the ecosystems and habitats. If necessary, make the cultivation of the deer. If consumed more than pay attention to the life of a deer, it is not possible at other times there will be no deer that can be consumed, even dilihatpun will not be anymore.

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Do ambition is simply because the benefits of venison this, but also pay attention to life so that they remain a benefit.
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