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5 Benefits of Drinking Water Lemon before BEDTIME - Healthy t1ps

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benefits of drinking lemon water before BEDTIME  - Healthy t1ps

Many people do the kind of therapy or treatment using lemon water. Lemon water is believed to have several advantages for the body in health and beauty. One the right time to do therapy with the use of lemon water is at night time. More specifically, when we consume water before bed this lemon.

There are some benefits that will be given lemon water to our bodies at night, especially at bedtime. Some of the benefits of consuming lemon water before sleep are as follows:

Benefits of Drinking lemon Water before Bedtime - Healthy t1ps

Lose weight
The benefits of lemon water which was first perceived by our body is to reduce weight. It is very suitable for those who are in prodram diet. Yes. Lemon was already known as a fruit that really support the diet program. Because of the functioning of lemon to support prodram this diet, many people are willing to consume lemon (well made drinks or juice) every day as a form of therapy their diet. Lemon is also included in the list of daily menu should be there every day to the success of the diet. The right time to lose weight by using lemon water is when the evening or at bedtime. Before going to sleep try to eat slices of lemon, mixed with honey or cinnamon and then give a little water (warm aur if necessary) and drink. Do this regularly and feel the benefits.

benefits of drinking warm lemon water before bed
benefits of drinking warm lemon water before bed

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Maintain healthy skin
Lemon is also a fruit that is believed to maintain healthy skin. Lemon has a natural antiseptic. As a natural antiseptic, lemon can help overcome the various problems associated with the skin, such as skin or skin on other parts. If we are diligent menginsumsi lemon water, then our skin will look more radiant. This is because the lemon contains vitamin C in the fruit. Vitamin C is known as a very good vitamin for skin care, so that automatic lemon can also be used to treat the skin. Drink lemon juice at night (it would be better if done before bed) to get skin smooth and radiant. Perform routine for best results and maximum.

Boost the immune system
Lemon is also very useful for meningjatkan immune system. This is because the vitamin C in lemons are high. vitamin C in the lemon will help keep the immune system so it does not get sick. Besides lemon also contains a natural antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals that can threaten human health whenever and wherever. One of the diseases that can be treated with lemon is the flu. At the time of flu attacking your body, then immediately make a drink of lemon mixed with raw honey and warm water. Drink this concoction much as 3 to 4 times a day and feel the benefits. It would be better if this warm beverages drunk at night before bedtime, the morning after you wake up you will get a fresh body and flu began to wane.

Treating a sore throat
Recently we discussed the benefits of lemon to treat the flu. One sign of an impending flu is the skit throat. A sore throat can be addressed immediately by using warm drink made from lemon tang. Or you can also use lemon juice to gargle. But if you want to enter seseuatu warm in your throat, then make a hot drink of lemon would be the right choice. It would be better if you consume a warm drink this at night before bed, then the next morning sore throat problems have been reduced.

Digestive system
One of the many perceived benefits of consuming lemon water in the evening is for the digestive system. For those of you who have digestive problems is not smooth, you can therapy using this lemon water. How to eat lemons to launch the digestive system is to make it a lemon juice or warm lemon drink. Actually, for the digestive system is free lemon consumed anytime. But one of the most important time is when bedtime. When consuming lemon water or lemon juice at bedtime, then the next morning we would get back to normal digestion.

That some of the benefits of consuming lemon water before bed at night. But keep in mind also bahwasannya eat lemon should not be too much because the content of the acid in the lemon is quite high. It would be dangerous for those who have diseases of the stomach (gastric acid rises, Magh, etc.). Therefore consume lemon water is just enough and not too much. How? Are you excited to try it? Hopefully this article helpful.
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