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9 Dragon Fruit Benefits for Patients with Cholesterol - healthy t1ps

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9 Dragon Fruit Benefits for Patients with Cholesterol - Healthy t1ps

Or dragon fruit Dragon fruit is a fruit that is a lot of rage. Including species of tropical plants, the fruit of one's idol. Dragon fruit cultivation has now penetrated into many areas in Indonesia as one to be planted as a superior product. In addition, if you want a plant for its own needs or simply beautify the yard, these plants can also be planted myself.

Now, dragon fruit has been known almost all Indonesian people. The fruit is preferred because the taste of flesh distinctive and legit. In addition to taste, dragon fruit also contains nutrients that are good for health. Dragon fruit is also known to be able to cope with a variety of health problems such as overcoming cholesterol problems, heart health, even for beauty.

9 Dragon Fruit Benefits for Patients with Cholesterol - Healthy t1ps

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Nutritional content of dragon fruit

Overall, every dragon fruit contains a protein that helps maintain heart health. Dragon fruit also contains quite a lot of fiber which helps you to overcome digestive problems as well as help in the diet. Calcium also helps strengthen your bones so it is not easily affected by osteoporosis. The content vitaminya was quite a lot of vitamins B1, B2, B3. And vitamin C. Here is the complete list of dragon fruit nutritional content you need to know:

Nutrient content in 100 grams of dragon fruit servings:

  • Vitamin C = 4-25 mg
  • Water = 80-90
  • Abu = 0.4-0.7 g
  • Calcium = 6-10 mg
  • Calories = 35-50 kcal
  • Carbs = 9-14 g
  • Carotene (Vitamin A) = Traces
  • Unsaturated fats = 0.1-0.6 g
  • Fiber = 0.3-0.9 g
  • Iron = 0.3-0.7mg
  • Niacin (Vitamin B3) = 0.2-0.45 mg
  • Phosphorus = 16-36 mg

Benefits of Dragon Fruit in Troubleshooting Cholesterol

Uncontrolled cholesterol levels in the body can cause health related problems. Diseases caused by cholesterol between high blood pressure (hypertension), stroke, get heart disease. Even in Indonesia alone disease excess cholesterol is one of the many occur. Therefore, many people who should be especially cautious in consuming food and drinks to keep cholesterol levels are not excessive.

Cholesterol itself does not mean there is no point in the human body. As for cholesterol itself consists of two types namely the good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL). Which cause problems in the body is in bad cholesterol or LDL.

As for how to solve the problem of bad cholesterol in the body, the most important is to control the source of food and drinks into the body by itself because of cholesterol most widely rooted in what we consume. Healthy lifestyle by diligent eating clean food and regular exercise can help the body overcome the problem of bad fats.

In addition to a healthy diet and exercise, there are other natural ways that can help you cope with and control cholesterol in the body is by eating dragon fruit. As mentioned above, the nutrient content of the fruit is quite diverse, all of which are very good for health. Eating dragon fruit regularly may help you maintain a balance of cholesterol in the body.

A study showed that the dragon fruit can lower blood cholesterol levels by increasing fecal bile acids losses and chemodeoxycholic acid synthesis. Therefore, we can avoid the risk of Dyslipidemia. Other ingredients such as fiber, plant sterols, as well as phytochemicals believed to play an important role in the metabolism of cholesterol in the body. In addition to lowering bad cholesterol (LDL), turns dragon fruit itself can increase levels of good cholesterol in the body (HDL), which is part of small seeds in the flesh dragon fruit itself contains a lot of saturated fat is needed by the body.

Here are the benefits of dragon fruit to cholesterol in the body:

1. Binding cholesterol

The existence of bad cholesterol in the body is more harmful to health but this could not also to be prevented. Therefore, we can not always ensure the nutritional content of the food we eat. As a result, there is accumulation in the body and is not balanced between the bad fats and good fats that ultimately lead to health problems.

The dragon fruit has compounds that are capable of binding cholesterol. Thus, blood flow will be smoother because the main problem is often caused cholesterol clog arteries. By eating dragon fruit regularly, indirectly will happen cleansing of the bloodstream so that we avoid high blood pressure and other metabolic disorders.

2. Healthy heart

One of the biggest risk their bad cholesterol in the body is causing heart disease. However, by eating dragon fruit is able to overcome the problem of cholesterol, then you can terhinda from the deadly disease this one. In fact, regular consumption of dragon fruit can nourish blood vessels, indirectly will reduce the workload of the heart because blood flow more smoothly. Besides, dragon fruit itself has a little fat so it's not a problem to be consumed by people who have heart disease though.

3. Healthy blood vessels

With its ability to absorb the bad cholesterol, the dragon fruit can help maintain healthy blood vessels so that there will be no saturated fat that sticks and leaves plaque that can block blood flow.

4. Accelerate blood flow

The content of vitamin B3 in the dragon fruit is an important role in overcoming the problem of cholesterol in the body. With regular consumption, which is the bad cholesterol triggers blood circulation problems can be resolved. Blood flow becomes more smoothly.

5. Bile acids

Bile acid is the ultimate form of bad cholesterol in the body there. With the content of dragon fruit, bile acids will be tied and disposed of together with the stool so it will not cause problems in the body.

6. Balancing blood sugar kada

For those of you who have impaired blood sugar levels will usually lead to cholesterol disorders. To prevent this, it is better for you to regularly consume dragon fruit because it can help maintain the balance of blood sugar levels.

7. Helps you lose weight

Excess body weight is able to show how much fat is stored by the body. Sometimes, this fat can be stored a lot because of the inability of the body's metabolism. While obesity or the circumstances in which a person's body weight excessive to have a higher risk of cholesterol problems.

By consuming dragon fruit has a high fiber content, the body will be helped in the process of digestion. High fiber content helps you in overcoming a weight problem as well as reduce levels of bad fats in the body. That's why the dragon fruit is fairly good for a healthy diet.

8. Can neutralize toxins in the body

Poison is defined as foreign bodies entering the body, which can disrupt the balance of metabolism and lead to health problems. When the body has high levels of bad cholesterol, will be vulnerable to contracting various diseases including those that interfere with blood flow. As a result, toxins that enter the body will accumulate in the bloodstream, especially for those who have serious cholesterol problems.

So by eating the fruit regularly, the benefits of dragon fruit to cholesterol can also indirectly meneteralkan toxins in the body and accelerate the process of secretion.

9. Maintain body balance

Bad cholesterol that lodged in the body can cause interference with the body's balance, then that triggers various diseases. Dragon fruit in its role to overcome the problem of cholesterol, was also able to help maintain balance while enhancing immunity power. So you do not get ill.

How to Choose a Good Dragon Fruit

Equally important, choose fruit that is both first and main thing you have to do to be able to enjoy and benefit from the dragon fruit. Here will be given tips on choosing the dragon fruit is good for you:

Make sure you choose the color of dragon fruit with ripe fruit that has been patchy (eg for red dragon fruit, the whole fruit has red uniform) as well as bright colors and smooth.

Choose a gentle dragon fruit because if pressed hard rind and passed ripe fruit means so unfit for consumption.

Choosing the dragon fruit is ripe and has a sweet aroma that is typical.
Note the color of the scales (the leaves cover the fruit), which means a bright green berwatna ripe fruit is still fresh. Avoid fruit with scales tanned because it signifies that the fruit is over ripe.
Do not pick the dragon fruit that is bruised as part flesh is certainly not good anymore.

Fruit shape showing flesh color. If you want a dragon fruit with white flesh color then choose the fruit-shaped oval. If you want a dragon fruit with red flesh, then choose the fruit shape is more rounded.
Remember: before eating fruit, make sure you wash with running water and using cutting tools or knives were also clean.