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Avocado Benefits for Patients with High Cholesterol - Healthy t1ps

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Benefits And Efficacy Of Avocado for Patients with High Cholesterol - Healthy T1ps

Aada many ways that can be done by people with cholesterol to menurunan cholesterol levels in the body. One of them is to eat avocado. Well, it's no secret that this one fruit has benefits for cholesterol patients. Proved that if you take one avocado a day, can help remove bad cholesterol in the body. Cholesterol is a type of fat made by the body in order to work normally. But if excess cholesterol, have an impact on the emergence of heart disease and stroke.

The content of the Fruit Avocados

Avocado which is a source of monounsaturated fats, consumed in moderation (no exaggeration). The content of fruit that has a yellow flesh with seeds large enough, such as:
Avocado Benefits for Patients with High Cholesterol - Healthy T1ps
How Does Eating Avocados Affect Cholesterol?

vitamins and minerals (potassium source more than bananas, vitamin B6, B9, vitamin K, vitamin C, and vitamin E);
compounds that can inhibit the absorption of cholesterol / phytosterols;
fiber (medium avocado contains at least 11 grams of fiber);
an antioxidant that also plays a role in the prevention of heart disease or called polyphenols;
protein (average avocado contains 4 grams of protein);
sugar (the sugar content is low compared to other fruits. Half an avocado contains only 0.2 grams of sugar content);
Oleic acid (the good fats that reduce the levels of bad fats in the blood).

the benefits of avocados
Research Proves Benefits of Fruit Avocados

Research has been done to the 45 men and women who have problems with excess weight (obesity) as well as being in good health, aged between 21-70 years and are divided into three dietary groups:

Low-fat diet group without avocado
Fat diet group was consuming avocado
Fat diet group were no consumption of avocado.

The result?

Fat diet in people who are being accompanied by regular avocado consumption levels lower bad cholesterol (LDL or bad cholesterol levels drop to 13.5 points);

For fat diet group were without eating avocado, LDL levels decreased up to 8.3 points;

As for those who go on a diet low in fat without eating avocados regularly accompanied by a decrease in LDL cholesterol of 7.4 points.

In another study, said that the avocado is beneficial in lowering cholesterol levels in the blood.

Consume regularly and dose not excessive impact on triglyceride levels dropped up to 20%, bad cholesterol levels down to 22%, and the levels of good cholesterol (HDL) rose to 11%.

Most of the calories produced by the avocado as many as 77% of calories come from fat in the form of oleic acid (a type of monounsaturated fat). Oleic acid, it is also contained in olive oil, you know. Back to the avocado! No wonder, if this yellowish fleshy fruit which has been named as one of the fruits that have a fat content of at most. What needs to be known and taken into account in the consumption of avocado is that the average calories contained in avocado ranged from 200 to 300 calories. So if you eat an avocado in large quantities, have an impact on body fat. Some diseases that can be treated with avocado consumption in addition to high cholesterol include heart disease, stroke, cancer, and help control diabetes.

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Explanation of Benefits Other Fruit Avocados

Keep the heart healthy
The content contained in the avocado fruit is vitamin B6 and folic acid can keep homocysteine ​​levels remained stable. Keep in mind that high homocysteine ​​levels may increase the risk of heart disease. Other content in avocados is monounsaturated fat, Gluthatione, and also vitamin E can keep the heart healthy.

Is anti-inflammatory / anti-inflammatory
Phytonutrient compounds such as polyphenols and flavonoids are anti-inflammatory that can help overcome the inflammation and degenerative disorders.

Keep your blood pressure
This fruit contains a lot of potassium in fact is one of the fruit source of potassium that can keep blood pressure remained normal and stable.

Keep your eyes remain healthy
The fruit is also a source of the carotenoid lutein is beneficial to keep the eyes healthy, avoiding the eyes of cataract and other disturbances in the form of damage is related to age-related macular degeneration.

Control blood sugar levels
Both existing fat content in avocados can reverse insulin resistance so that blood sugar levels maintained. In addition there is also a soluble fiber in avocados will help stabilize blood sugar levels.

Prevent birth defects
Avocado is rich in folate form of vitamin B9 which is folic acid. In one cup of avocado contains 23% of the daily value of folic suggested. Due to the high content of folate that is beneficial to prevent birth defects such as neural tube defects.

preventing cancer
A further benefit is to prevent cancer. One owned this fruit is oleic acid effective to prevent breast cancer.

Reduce the risk of stroke
Its role in lowering the risk of stroke is the content of folate in avocados are high.

Tangkal free radicals
The content of glutathione in the fruit of this one is very strong and can fight free radicals that enter the body.

Is anti-aging
This is the purpose of an avocado which has a high antioxidant content. He can slow the onset of aging. Plus Gluthatione contained in avocados, can meningatkan immunity.

Maintain healthy skin
Avocado oil is commonly used in cosmetics and beauty products for a variety of properties in helping to maintain healthy skin and make skin glow. Avocados also can be used for the treatment of psoriasis (a skin disease that makes the skin irritation and red).

Eliminate bad breath
Avocados can help clean the intestines that cause mouth odor.

Weight increase
High amount of calories in an avocado, suitable for those who want to gain weight the healthy way.

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Increased absorption of nutrients
This is evidenced by a study of people who ate a salad with avocado mixture and without the avocado mixture. Those who ate a salad with avocado mixture in it, the amount of carotenoids absorbed 5 times more than those who do not eat salad with the addition of avocado.