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Benefits of Drinking Tamarind For Menstrual Healthy t1ps -
For women may very often have the name menstrual alias coming months is not smooth, as it should have been his time, but it did not come out at all. Another case is when menstruation so smoothly, however nyerilah to be felt, causing discomfort. Whatever your menstrual problems frequently encountered and natural, feel all the benefits of tamarind during menstruation both before and during the coming months.

1. Smooth Coming Months

Tamarind is known as one of the herbs that gives a sour taste, but apparently not the only fresh tamarind consumed, but also provides many benefits for the body. The women were always upset because it comes in noncurrent should consider the use of tamarind as a solution. Tamarind can be the main ingredient of the acidic water that can be taken to prevent the coming months is not smooth.
Benefits of Drinking Tamarind For Menstrual Healthy t1ps
Benefits of Drinking Tamarind For Menstrual

Drinks acidic water is basically known as a natural herb hereditary very effective in making the coming months more smoothly. There are many benefits provided by tamarind as the solution of health problems and one of them is ketidaklancaran coming months. Prior to coming months arrive, try to drink the acidic water that is fairly easy to make at home.

How: Prepare tamarind taste and soak in warm water. Add 1 tablespoon sugar and a little salt just before then you can mix it all. Soaking process must be done about 1 hour. Afterwards, the herb can be taken and make sure you drink 2 times a day on a regular basis. To smooth the period of menstruation, herb sour water is one of the best solutions to try.

2. Overcoming Pain during menstruation

Pain that occurs when a woman coming months is due to the contraction of smooth muscle that occurs in the lining of the uterus which generally did not feel in the regular (not in the coming months). When the future arrives months, the contraction will occur stronger than usual because it is part of the uterine wall decay. The blood vessels that surround the uterus will also automatically depressed by a contraction.

By doing so, the supply of oxygen and blood to the uterus will drop out. This is what makes the pain created, from chemicals released by uterine tissue caused by lack of oxygen. The more terrible pain occurs because of prostaglandins (chemicals released by the body) and cause sustained contraction of the uterine muscle. If the pain feels so incredible, then it means the prostaglandins produced by most women are far more numerous than women who are not so pain.

Typically, women who feel pain during the coming months due to alcohol consumption, smoking habits, experience more menstrual volume and overweight. Whatever the cause, with tamarind, pain during menstruation will be resolved naturally and there are two ways that you should try to make at home.

The first way: Prepare tamarind half fingers together with palm sugar and ginger needed 10 slices. All of these materials can then be boiled with 1 cup of water to remain half a glass. Furthermore, water can be filtered and drunk. Prior period comes, this herb drink every day for 1 week.
The second way: Use tamarind leaves that you can just grab a handful of the many and make sure the leaves are still young. Do not miss the 2 finger turmeric rhizome also then both materials can be ground into powder. Pour 1 cup of boiled water to the top of the collision turmeric and tamarind leaves, strain and water can be drunk.

3. Eliminate Odor Anyir when Coming Months

The women would agree that when it comes in, there is also the rancid odors that make you uncomfortable. However, this will not be a problem if you are relying tamarind. The natural ingredients of this one will be able to eliminate the stench as long as you eat during the coming months every day.

How: Prepare tamarind magnitude following a thumb adults 10 slices ginger and palm sugar that has been sliced ​​in moderation. All this material needs to be brewed using hot water 1 cup. Mix by stirring until smooth and also make sure that any palm sugar has dissolved. When finished, the water can be filtered and drunk immediately.

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4. Blood Clots dilute Haid

Some women must have experienced where menstrual blood clot visible and far from watered. And tamarind are very useful in making dilute. Sometimes the pain is felt during the coming months could be caused by a blood clot, then jawalah acid can dilute the answer to that pain did not arise. Berkandungan menstruation drug tamarind is very easy to find in supermarkets, either in the form of candy or drinks.