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cheapest domain registration - Domain Price List Offers One of the things that play in mind when trying to buy a domain name is getting "cheap domain names". Yes, for most bloggers, especially for Friends of Blogger is still in its early stages in the realm of blogging is the price factor into consideration separately in determining the choice of purchasing a domain name in a particular provider's domain.

Along with the development of the website in Indonesia, now there are many domain and hosting provider in Indonesia with a fairly tight price competition. The local domain providers compete with each other to rake advantage of local consumers to the fullest. One of the local domain web provider that is quite old and is

To choose a domain provider is the price factor can not be the sole reason, because in addition to the cheap price of course, we also want to serve the maximum. However, the high price does not always provide the best service so that it is necessary for you to sort out first before deciding to buy the domain name in one domain registrar.

List Of cheap domain registration hosting in indonesian - Health
cheap domain registration

Purchasing a domain name is one important part of the process of making a blog. The domain name will be the all-time address your weblog to be accessed by thousands or even hundreds of thousands of visitors per day. In choosing a domain name there are a number of things that need to be considered, are as follows:

Choose a domain name that is easy to remember
Avoid using the domain name is too long
If possible, insert the keywords in the domain name
Choose a domain extension that support your blogging targets, for example .com, .net, or .me
Choose a qualified provider domain
The domain name is determined once and for all, which means you can not change it later once your blog is already old and has been in the index well by search engines. By because it is, make sure you feel confident with your choice before selecting a particular domain name.

The overall margin between the price of a domain name provider to other providers is not much different. For those of you who his limited budget (for your new blogging), can still have a solution for customized domain at a cheap price is by targeting the info's latest domain promo.

As I said above, the competition between the provider's domain so that discourse is tight enough to create an atmosphere that is strong enough marketing and the domain provider will usually offer promo products (domain & hosting prices) to new customers. You can take advantage of the promo moment to hunt for the cheapest domain prices.

BEST PROVIDER DOMAIN OF FOREIGN Version (per December 2014)

Just Host
Go Daddy
AN Hosting
network Solutions

10 domain & hosting providers on a company domain name and hosting provider of the most popular with a number of user votes are spread out in various countries. Go Daddy itself is one domain provider that has the highest reputation. Go Daddy this is by far the largest provider of domain name that has been trusted by most managers of websites of various countries, including Indonesia web developer.

Here's a list of domain names for those who want to register a new domain name of the domain local providers

.com: Rp 90,000
.net: Rp 90,000

.com: Rp 94,000
.net: Rp 94,000

3. (Recommended)
.com: Rp 95.000
.net: Rp 95.000

.com: Rp 95.000
.net: Rp 95.000

.com: Rp 95.000
.net: Rp 95.000

.com: Rp 99.500
.net: Rp 94,500

.com: Rp 98.800
.net: USD 98.00


Cheap domain price list above applies as of December 2014. It is probable that each provider will make the price change.

As I alluded to above, in choosing a domain name cheap price factor can not be the sole reason to base a choice. It is important for you to choose a domain provider that is already old and have had a lot of users. From some of the domain name provider's list above,,, and are the three big names that have existed for a long time.