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Benefits of Citrus Fruits For Dental and Oral Health - Healthy t1ps

Consumption of citrus fruits has been popular in most societies. Besides having abundant water content, citrus fruits also have a variety of nutrients that are very beneficial for our health. In a 100 gram serving of orange juice, your body will get the intake of a wide variety of important nutrients such as:

Calories = 44 kcal
 fat = 0.2 grams
Sodium = 1 mg
Potassium = 200 mg
Carbohydrates = 10 grams (consisting of sugar and as much as 8 g fiber 0,2 g)
Protein = 0.7 grams
Calcium = 11 mg
Iron = 0.2 mg
Magnesium = 11 mg
Vitamin A = 200 IU
Vitamin C: 50 mg

In addition to a lot of health benefits offered by citrus fruits like may help lower the risk of stroke, educate the brain, boosts the immune system, helps maintain the health of the organs of digestion, can nourish the skin, and many other benefits, it turns citrus fruits also contribute to healthy teeth and gums we know.

Benefits of Citrus Fruits For Dental and Oral Health - Healthy t1ps
Benefits and Efficacy of Citrus Fruits For Dental and Oral Health - Healthy t1ps
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Perhaps you wondered whether the role or the benefits of citrus fruits in maintaining the health of our teeth? following his review.

Citrus fruits can help your teeth look whiter
Some of us may currently have a problem with his teeth, where the teeth look yellow despite various efforts such as brushing teeth regularly and perform tooth whitening has been done. Yes, teeth look yellowish course will interfere with a person's appearance is not it? And those who are experiencing these problems can become less confident and discomfort arising in the mix. But do not worry, because there is an easy solution to solve these problems, the use of citrus fruits that we encounter around us. Citrus fruits contain vitamin C which is quite large, which is about 50 mg in every 100 grams of grain. Vitamin C plays a role that is what we can to make the teeth look more clean, white, and looks healthier.

The easy way, namely:

Grab some fresh orange peel. The part used is the white part. Its application is by rubbing the skin of an orange-colored white our teeth (this should be done at night before bed). But can result in teeth that look clean and white, this therapy also will make your mouth feel fresher.
The next way is to use a mixture of lemon juice and salt extract. Owned natural cleaning properties of lemon eruk will be able to make your teeth look more clean and white. And sodium contained in salt will help reduce bad breath. It's easy, you just mix the juice of 1 lime juice with 1 tablespoon salt. Next, use the herb to regularly brush your teeth two times a day. By doing this therapy, the plaque on the teeth you will disappear, and the teeth will look whiter and cleaner.

Citrus fruits can help your teeth stronger
Vitamin C and collagen contained in citrus fruits are very helpful to help create a stronger teeth and help reduce the risk of bleeding gums. So, if you have a less powerful teeth and gums bleed, it means that the intake of vitamin C and collagen in your body is lacking. Vitamin C will help prevent damage to collagen needed gums. without the presence of collagen, the gum will be soft and will ultimately increase the risk of periodontal disease.

Oranges are the fruit species in the world, besides the fruit also include fruits are easy to get, both in traditional markets as well as in self-self-service. With sufficient nutrition-rich, making citrus fruits become one of the fruits are favored by many people. But to keep in mind is to avoid excessive and implementing appropriate measures to consume this fruit, because:

Oranges have a fairly high potassium content. Excessive potassium intake will cause a fatal condition for the kidneys, especially when you're taking the beta-blocker drugs (types of drugs that are often prescribed to heart disease).

Consuming foods that are too acidic such as citrus fruits will be able to cause an increase in symptoms such as heartburn, especially for those who suffered or are suffering from GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease).

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Processing of citrus fruits in the form of juice is less precise could make sugar levels in citrus can be broken, and if it happens it will be able to rapidly increase the risk of dental cavities.