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Sunblock benefits for face - Healthy t1ps

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You Must Khow Benefits Of Sunblock for face - Healthy t1ps

A. Know Sunblock

Or commonly known sunblock or sunscreen with an inorganic content that serves as a wall between the skin by exposure to direct sunlight. In other words sunblock or sunscreen is an effort to protect human skin from radiation hazards resulting from exposure to sunlight. The skin surface is coated with sunblock will be protected because of exposure to sunlight will bounce before striking the skin and UV rays will be blocked so it does not soak into the skin. UVA rays that cause premature aging and UVB rays that cause burning of the outer skin layer will not be on the skin.

B. Variations Sunblock By Skin Type

Sun block or sunscreen has a variety of forms or variants based on how it is used for every skin type. On the other hand the use of sun block needs to pay attention to the type or skin problem that exists. The following variations:

You Must Khow Benefits Of Sunblock for face - Healthy t1ps
Benefits And Efficacy Of Sun Block For Face And Health

    1. Sunblock Lotion in Shape

For normal skin oily even highly recommended to choose a sunblock with lotions. This is because the water content in the lotion is higher than the oil content to avoid excess oil on the skin. Excess oil on the skin will close pores -pori and stuff it so inviting arrival of acne.

    2. Sunblock Cream in Shape

Normal to dry skin and is highly recommended to choose a sunblock with krim.Hal kind is because the cream contains natural lanolin and oil higher as compared to other types of sunblock. Very dry skin types require oil content so that moisture and softness of the skin can be maintained.

    3. Sunblock in Gel Form

For oily skin and even acne is highly recommended to choose a sunblock with a type of gel. This is because the oil content on a sunblock with a type of gel is lighter than the sun block with a kind of lotion. This excess oil will not stick to the skin so that acne does not appear. The water content that dominates on sunblock gel type that causes oily skin is safe to use. Similarly artifacts alcohol content in the gel that can help the healing process of acne.

    4. Spray Sunblock in Shape

For oily skin can be made with a type of spray sunblock this as an alternative option. A high water content is suitable applied on oily skin types. How to use a very practical, namely the liquid spray sunblock to the areas of the body that will be exposed to sunlight to attract users. This spray can also minimize irritation to the skin.

C. The composition Sunblock Safe

The composition or the main ingredient sunblock manufacture very noteworthy because the purpose or function of sun block itself depends on the composition of the material. There are several ingredients that can trigger skin cancer if exposed to direct sunlight, one of which is oxybenzone that is a kind of poison contained in retaining exposure to sunlight. So what are the safe material used as the composition of the manufacture of sunblock? Choose a sunblock-based anti-oxidants and contain zinx Oxide or Titanium oxide.

D. Why Need Noticing SPF?

Sun Protector Factor or better known as SPF is a measure to determine the level of protection against exposure to matahari.Dimana will force protection to the skin can be measured through a high SPF number itself. How to determine the intensity of SPF protection is easy enough that no SPF multiplied by 10 and the results are in for the 60 (sizes 60 minutes or 1 hour). So if you use a sunblock with an SPF of 30, then the calculation is 30 multiplied by 10 and divided the result of the multiplication of 60. So it can be concluded that the only sunblock can protect the skin from sun exposure within 5 hours. Once past that time limit should be rubbed sunblock back then.

E. Is Sunblock Sunscreen with Different?

Not many people know the difference with sunblock sunscreen in general. The majority of people consider suncreen and sunblock are the same two products because of its function to protect the skin from sun exposure. Whereas sunblock with sunscreen protection has different intensity levels and different ways of working. Sunscreen usually have an SPF lower than sunblock to function just filter ultraviolet light. This Suncreen only reduces radiation or exposure to UVA rays that cause skin aging.

F. How to Distinguish Sunscreen with Sunblock?

Sunblock typically have an SPF higher than sunscreen. If the SPF is under 15 then it can be said that it is a sunscreen product. What then is allowed to use sunscreen with sunblock simultaneously? According to the function suncreen protect the skin by absorbing UVA and UVB rays before exposure to sunlight for a longer period lama.Jadi use sunsreen with sunblock simultaneously also will not make the absorption of ultraviolet rays increases dramatically.

G. Can Use Sunscreen on Infants?

In general, having Sunscreen SPF levels lower than that contained in the no SPF sunblock. Usually no SPF number on sunscreens will not be more than 15. Then allow it necessary even babies use sunscreen on their skin? During the content on sunscreen derived from substances that are safe then this is precisely the use of sunscreen is recommended to avoid the negative effects of sun exposure.

Use the following tips:
At the age of half a year or 6 months or older, babies need sunscreen if exposed to direct sunlight for baby's skin is very vulnerable.
While infants aged under six months are not recommended under exposure to sunlight.
Apply sunscreen containing zinc dioxide and titanium dioxide on the baby's skin to be exposed to sunlight
Avoid sunscreens that contain hazardous chemicals in order to prevent infection of the baby's skin
Use sunscreen with an SPF that is or is not more than SPF 15
Apply sunscreen on your baby's skin regularly for protection obtained is not to be had in a long time

H. When was required to wear Sunblock?

The use of sunblock not only be adjusted based on the variation and skin type but also to note the time consumption in order to support the effectiveness of the use of sunblock itself. Here's how to determine when the use sunblock:

Sunblock should diolehkan evenly before it dries or coagulates to smear sunblock liquid unevenly.
Use sunscreen 15-30 minutes before exposure to sunlight outdoors. It is intended that sunblock really - really seep into the skin.
No or SPF sunblock will determine how long the skin protected from sun exposure. For it should be after the effectiveness of the over, reapply sunblock on exposed body areas.

I. Tips for Choosing Safe Sunblock Products

Avoid sunblock containing oxybenzone because it triggers cancer
Choose a sunblock with a high SPF because of the protection afforded will be greater than sunblock with an SPF lower.
Adjust the size or no SPF based on the weather or scorching sun
Pilh sunblock variant according to skin type and needs required
Sunblock only survive within a period of 12 months or one year. If the deadline passes, sunblock should not be used because of their protective layer is not
The higher the SPF, the combustion radiation from the sun would be lower.
J. Steps - Step Correct Use Sunblock

Sunblock or sunscreen requires the correct usage procedures so that the intensity of protection can react optimally. Next step - a step the user:

When sunscreen is applied on the face area, then clean the skin prior to use cleanser according to skin type
Dry your face slowly after that, apply sunscreen evenly to taste
Let sunblock dries and absorbs into the skin in advance of about 15 -30 minutes before outdoor activities.
Apply makeup like foundation (foundation) and powder according to skin type
Apply sunblock in the area or other exposed body parts such as the neck, hands, and feet.
In a certain time lag, use sunblock in a matter of hours if exposed to the sun when it is on the shore or swim.
Consumption of vitamin C and mineral water are sufficient to support healthy skin from within
K. Really Use Makes Skin Sunblock Protected?

Later the use of sunblock or sunscreen be an effort to protect the skin from the negative effects of sun exposure. Nevertheless, improper use of sunblock actually trigger the destruction of skin tissue. This is because the chemicals are not allowed for use on the skin manusia.Untuk anticipate this then first check that the content contained on sunblock before applying it to the skin. Basically, the skin will be protected from sunlight exposure if the content in the appropriate sunblock. So the conclusion sunblock protects the skin from the harmful rays of ultaviolet (A and B) if the material or content therein appropriate and safe applied to the skin.

Tona L. Can Whiten Skin Sunblock?

Sunblock in the market certainly has many variations according to the needs and interests of consumers. One of them sunblock or sunscreens containing whitening. Where it serves to enlighten whitening tona kulit.pemakaian sunblock containing whitening will whiten the skin toned. Is that right?

Basically, functions and ways of working between sunblock and whitening can not be replaced by either of the two alone. So it can be concluded that the use sunblock containing whitening does not mean the use of whitening is not needed anymore. Because the content of whitening on sunblock can not replace whitening to whiten the skin toned. So use whitening after use sunblock to get whiter skin toned to the max.

M. Suggestion

Above have been presented on the benefits of sunblock in detail along with the types and how to use it. Uniquely infants or toddlers also need protection from sun exposure in order to avoid the negative effects of ultraviolet rays. But the use of sunblock or sunscreen should still pay attention to the sensitivity of the skin on the type of sunblock offered. Note the content or materials on sunblock products first before applying it to your skin. Do not let the effort to protect the skin would backfire because Harmful chemical substances contained in sunblock. Carefully before using highly required in order to prevent unwanted effects.