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18 Lemon Skin Benefits for Health - Beauty - Daily Life - Healthy t1ps

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18 Lemon Skin Benefits for Health - Beauty - Daily Life - Healthy t1ps

Lemon is one type of orange that has a bright yellow color and very striking. The taste of lemon is very sour and usually more widely used as an ingredient or as a garnish mixed drinks of various kinds of food and beverages in the world of cookery. Lemon tree that has the Latin name citrus and lemon as well as the citrus trees in general with a height that can reach 6 meters. Lemon trees are usually grown in areas where the climate is warm and quite cold. Benefits of lemon is quite a lot for health because it contains vitamin C is high.

But not only the fruit turns that can be exploited and good for health, lemon skin also has many benefits both for health and for everyday life. So if you eat lemon should not discard the skin ya. The lemon rind in it contains nutrients and nutrients are also beneficial for the body and can be processed into some kind of processed food and healthy drinks.

18 Lemon Skin Benefits for Health - Beauty - Daily Life - Healthy t1ps

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Lemon peel has been widely used as a herbal medicine and traditional in some types of health problems. Maybe you until now not already know this, therefore, the following are some of the benefits of lemon peel to health that you should know.

Benefits And Efficacy Of Lemon Skin For Health, Beauty and Daily Life - Healthy T1ps

Increase endurance
Lemon fruit is famous for its vitamin C content is high but it is also in the lemon rind know. Lemon rind containing vitamin C can serve as a natural antioxidant so it can be a protection for the body and make the immune system becomes healthier. you can make water infused drink made from lemon rind and can be a healthy beverage reserve to always make your body healthy and not get sick easily because of natural antioxidants would counteract all free radicals, bacteria, germs and viruses that cause illness.

preventing cancer
Cancer is one of the most disease claimed the lives of the world also in Indonesia. there are many types of cancer that exist today such as breast cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer and many others. lemon peel has the benefits to ward off all types of cancer because it has a natural ingredient that prevents the growth of cancer cells in the body that are not normal.

Preventing bone disorders
In the lemon peel also contains calcium excellent high enough for healthy bones and teeth. Every day, the calcium will be eroded slowly and wasted through urine so that the density of bones and teeth will be reduced with the passing age. So, it is important to take calcium every day. One source of calcium than milk that you can consume is from this lemon peel. make drinks using a mixture of lemon peel to get healthy bone density and make the bones strong.

Who would have thought that in the lemon peel also contains a lot of high fiber content which is very good for digestive health. Fiber will make food in the stomach and intestines into a gel-like so that you will be more resistant to hunger and satiety for longer. It would be very suitable for those of you who are on a weight loss program or diet. Fiber can also aid digestion and prevent you from constipation or constipation that can make digestion becomes unhealthy. with this accumulation of debris in the gut can be minimized and you menghindarikan of various types of malignancies such as colon cancer which is very harmful for the body.

Smooth the skin of the elbows
The skin is the body that became the main patron and the first body. because his job is sometimes to make your skin unprotected and turn violent, dark and dull. It will especially occur on the skin at an angle which is the average color is darker than the other skin color. to help soften and makes no black could use the help of lemon peel. The trick is to rub-rub lemon peel at an angle on a regular basis every day. After a few days you can see the difference from the elbow for whiter and smoother.

lowering cholesterol
Other benefits that can be obtained from the lemon peel is able to help lower cholesterol levels in the body. this is because in the lemon rind contains flavonoid polyphenols highly active in lowering cholesterol. As we know that cholesterol is not good because it can make a variety of blockages in blood vessels that can lead to various types of other more serious diseases such as heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. other than that of vitamin C in the lemon peel is also very good for cleansing the blood vessels so that blood circulation becomes more smoothly.

Maintain oral health
Vitamin C is very famous for oral health and can relieve various types of complaints in the mouth such as thrush, bad breath and more. other than that the content of citric acid in the lemon peel is also very good for oral health and still has to stay healthy. consume lemon zest to process them into foods or beverages that are healthy for your health and your family.

Fight free radicals
Vitamin C in the lemon peel can also be a natural free-radical scavengers for the body. as it is known that free radicals are now very rampant in the presence of various pollutants and sting ultraviolet rays harmful to the body. therefore by eating lemon peel can make the body become more healthy and does not get sick.

Caring for the skin
The content of citric acid and vitamin C in the lemon peel skin can also be a good nurse. the content is able to eliminate dead skin cells and regenerate skin cells become healthier and brighter. Natural antioxidants in the lemon peel can also create a natural detox for the skin to become healthier.

preventing obesity
In the lemon rind contains pectin where the main function of this substance is as controlling weight. So by taking this lemon peel your weight can be controlled and not become obese. Obesity should be avoided not only because of disturbing appearance but also not good for health to be at risk for various diseases for example diabetes, stroke, heart disease and high blood pressure.

That's the benefit of lemon peel is good for health that you may not know before. so, from now on you do not want to throw the lemon peel is not it?

for Beauty

Benefits of lemon peel was also very good for skin beauty and especially the beauty of the face. Here is a guide to use lemon peel to the beauty that you can use.

Lemon peel can be repellent media potent acne. The trick is to mix lemon peel with coconut water. Then apply the mixture on your face and leave it overnight. Do it regularly and you will find your face free of acne.

You can also use lemon peel to smooth your skin. The trick is to mix grated lemon peel that has been refined with orange juice and then apply to the skin or facial or other skin area to be made smooth. Apply for 30 minutes and then rinse with clean water.
Want to avoid wrinkles on the face? You can use grated lemon peel mixed with papaya juice. Apply a mixture of the two materials is on the face and neck for about 30 minutes. After that, rinse with clean water. Do not forget to moisten with olive oil so that the result becomes more clear.

Lemon peel can also be used to remove dead skin cells. The trick is to prepare the skin that have been finely grated lemon as much as a tablespoon and then mix it with rose water and one tablespoon of salt. Use herbs such as using the peels on the face and neck that dead skin cells can disappear quickly.

Lemon rind turns out very good for skin health. Feel free to use lemon peel to beautify your skin and your face yes.

For everyday life

In addition can be used for health and beauty, lemon peel is also very useful for everyday life more. therefore, if you eat a lemon do not remove the skin ya. benefits include:

1. Wash former tea and coffee

Used tea and coffee that is too long to settle in furnishings such as cups and teapots can make a mark on it and be stubborn. Whereas the former tea and coffee can damage the color of the furniture used. to help clean you could use the help of this lemon peel. way is to soak the furniture using the lemon zest and let stand for 1 hour. Then rub with hard and added salt to help remove the scars.

2. Clean the microwave

Lemon peel can also clean the oven or microwave were dirty. The trick is to soak the skin in half a lemon in a bowl of water. Then the bowl is heated in the oven or microwave. After boiling and then leave it in the oven until it condenses. Then clean the stains in the oven or microwave with a dry cloth.

3. Eliminate the smell of garbage

If there is a pungent smell of garbage then you can try the peel of this lemon. a very easy way is to put the lemon peel in the area which are then immediately smell the smell of garbage will be replaced with the smell of fresh lemon peel and fragrant. You can use it inside or outside the room to suit your needs respectively.

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4. Fragrances room

You've probably come across the air freshener on the market where there is a scent of lemon or other citrus. yes indeed scent of lemon or orange is very fresh so widely used as an air freshener. But if you want to trim your budget then you can use lemon skin is naturally to be freshener. The trick is to put the lemon zest in a bowl of hot water and then place it in the corner of the room. This method is simple but powerful enough to scent a room and humidify the room.

Similarly, a review of the benefits of lemon peel that you can get better for the health, beauty and other daily life. hopefully this could be an alternative for those of you who like a lemon but often throw away the skin. Thank you and may be helpful.