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6 Benefits of Avocados for Healthy Babies - Healthy T1ps

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6 Benefits of Avocados for Healthy Babies - Healthy T1ps

The benefits of avocado is very good for the body. the benefits of avocado can be obtained by both adults and children and even babies. Even the avocado is included in one type of fruit that is very good for the baby. This is because the texture of the avocado fruit is very soft and creamy taste is very suitable for the baby. In addition yak arena nutrition and nutrients in avocados is very good for the body.

Benefits of avocado for this baby is already the talk of many people in addition to the benefits for pregnant women. Many say that the avocado is a fruit produced by the best that we experienced this. it is not excessive because the avocado contains many nutrients and nutrient content of almost complete required by the body and has no side effects.

6 Benefits of Avocados for Healthy Babies - Healthy T1ps

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Benefits of avocado for babies

Why avocado is very good for babies? Here are some nutrient and excellent nutrition for infants in the avocado fruit.

The content of fat in an avocado is high and entered in unsaturated fats that are good for health. Unsaturated fat is very good to help the development of baby's brain cells are still absorbing information.

Sodium and cholesterol free
Babies are very safe to consume avocado because it is free of sodium and cholesterol that are harmful to the body. so you can give an avocado every day on your baby.

Folic acid
The content of other nutrients in the avocado is folic acid. Folic acid in avocado is high at 8% of the folic acid requirement for the body and is very good for the development of the motor so that the baby can be given more quickly and more active.

Avocado fruit also contains fiber as much as 4% of the daily requirement. Digestion baby is still very weak so it is very important to give the fiber intake for the baby so that digestion of nutrients can be absorbed smoothly and optimally on the baby's body.

vitamin E
Vitamin E in the avocado fruit is also good for the baby, especially in keeping the skin and hair problems. Baby's skin is very susceptible to interference that vitamin E can keep baby's skin.

Iron is very important for the baby to a source of power energy. In the avocado contain enough iron for the baby.

The content of nutrients that exist in this avocado will certainly make your baby be healthier, smarter and active.

Providing infants with avocado on the right

In the growing baby really needs fat, fiber, protein and carbohydrates in the first year and second year. Therefore it is very good for you to give an avocado to babies as early as possible.

Baby better get food besides breast milk intake ranging from 6 months of age so that should give avocado infants from the age of 6 months. You can give by way of crushed and blended with milk or honey. But if you still doubt give avocado, you can consult beforehand with your baby's doctor for further convince you.

However, it should be noted that avocados are also very likely to cause allergies, especially if the baby is experiencing allergic to latex and can not drink cow's milk with latex. Therefore, do not give avocado in infants who have latex allergies and other substances that may be present in the avocado.