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10 Benefits of coffee mask for face - healthy t1ps

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You Must Know Of  The Amazing Benefits and Efficacy of coffee mask for your face and skin - healthy t1ps

Coffee Scrub and Mask Recipe for Glowing Skin - Coffee, all must have known. Identical to drink coffee. We used coffee grounds into a beverage brewed fresh, comes from processed seeds. Now, however, the coffee was not only used as a beverage, but rather used to the mask. That said, the coffee mask can make the skin to be beautiful and exfoliate dead skin. The beauty salon also has a lot to wear a mask of coffee. Efficacy coffee for beauty treatments and cellulite benefits due to the high content of caffeine in coffee that are useful as vasorestrictor (reduce the blood vessels so that the powerful make the skin soft).

You Must Know Of  The Amazing Benefits and Efficacy of coffee mask for your face and skin - healthy t1ps
Coffee Scrub and Mask Recipe for Glowing Skin

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The following discussion of the dark brown powder is efficacious as a mask of coffee:

How To Use Coffee For Skin and beauty face :

1. The risk of skin cancer can be minimized

Based on a study, the caffeine contained in coffee are useful as inhibitors of the enzyme causes skin cancer. If the coffee grounds directly apply on the face or skin, is useful as a bulwark against ultra violet rays that trigger skin cancer.

2. Create a bright face

To get a clear skin, can be done by making your own coffee mask. The materials required include: 3 tablespoons of ground coffee and fresh milk 1 cup. After the two ingredients are mixed, immediately apply to the face and neck with a gentle massage while. Furthermore, let stand for about 20 minutes, then wear clean water.

3. Black spots acne scars fade and even disappear

When looking into the mirror, many black spots scattered on the face? Wow, this can reduce the appearance and beauty of the face. But how quickly eliminate the black specks this? Take the coffee powder to taste and add the benefits of baby oil. Coat with a face mask while massaging gently. If done regularly it will obtain the maximum results in the form of a pretty face free of black spots.

4. Remove dead skin cells

Dead skin cells can be removed by a mask made of a mixture of coffee with egg white. The trick is still the same, with greasing and giving a gentle massage on the skin / face in a mask. Find skin firmer and beautiful after a routine treatment is initiated.

5. Make the skin moist

Moisture will be maintained when diligently masked with Campuan 1 tablespoon cocoa powder with 3 tablespoons of coffee grounds. Its use is still the same, which is applied to the face or skin while gently massage and then allowed to stand about half an hour. Cleaning is done with warm water and wet towels.

6. Reduce cellulite

White ridges which are commonly found in the abdomen and thighs this can be overcome with a mask of coffee. Coffee powder blended olive oil to taste, can be applied to the skin cellulite are further wrapped in plastic for approximately 5 minutes. And rinse out using water. Do it regularly so that the results are satisfactory.

7. Make skin smooth

Make a smooth skin can be done by rubbing coffee beans that have been crushed, but there is still little granular texture (coarse grind). Be diligent rubbing coffee scrub the skin to make it more smooth and soft.

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8. antidote free radicals

The benefits of antioxidants in coffee is able to fight free radicals cause premature aging. Use of masks coffee regularly, making the skin appear more youthful.

9. Body Slim

Besides the skin soft and smooth, scrub the coffee beans are rubbed into the skin that are fat, also can be beneficial slimming. Because of the caffeine content is effective as a destroyer of body fat.

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10. The soothing scents

Sipping a distinctive aroma of coffee beans, can give the effect of relaxation and tranquility, so avoid the stress.