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15 Benefits of Guava Crystals For Health - Healthy T1ps

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You Must Know Of The Amazing Health Benefits Of Guava Crystals For Health - Healthy T1ps

Guava . Surely this type of guava are familiar sound in your ear. Type Guava is also often called the guava is one kind of delicious guava and also popular among the people, not just Indonesia even in the world. Guava is generally composed of two types, namely pink crystals with red beans and contents and also in content or white beans.

Guava  its very delicious eaten, the difference is only in the color and texture alone. Nutrients and minerals are not much different from one another. to obtain crystals guava is also very easy. You can find pink crystals in traditional markets, to a large supermarket.

You Must Know Of The Amazing Health Benefits Of Guava Crystals For Health - Healthy T1ps

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There are many ways that you can do to enjoy the delights of this crystal guava, among others:

Be eaten away
Made into juice
Being the mixture in the soup / ice fruit

Well, you are often consumed pink crystals, whether already know the benefits? Or do not you know? To be more clear, let us see what are the benefits of this pink crystals. Here are some of the benefits that you should know:

Health Benefits Of Guava Crystals Fruit For Health

1. Suitable for used drinks

For those of you who are happy to work especial groceries, you can take advantage of this as a drink pink crystals by juiced way. In addition, it can also dikreasikan a wide range of menus by using basic ingredients of this pink crystals.

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2. Good for people with diarrhea

Benefits pink crystals have a high fiber, and also contains a compound crystal guava called astringents. Astringents compounds have proved to be one of several actors who can kill the bacteria into different causes of diarrheal disease emergence.

3. Prevent constipation

You feel constipation, or difficult to defecate? If so, you should try to be diligent mengkonsmsi pink crystals. Cashew Crystal memilkki high fiber content. With high fiber owned by pink crystals, then certainly constipation and hard bowel movements that you experienced in the final, because one of the factors that cause constipation are lack of fiber in the body.

4. Treating coughs and flu

Pink crystals for health benefits are excellent for reducing the lenders in the throat. In addition, pink crystals themselves can be inhibiting the activity of bacteria and microbes that cause flu cough that you experienced.

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5. Maintain skin health

Already know what are the benefits of vitamin E, especially for the skin? Yes, guava Kristal is one type of fruit that also has a lot of the content of vitamin E. Vitamin E is of course the benefits are very good, especially for the health of the skin. Vitamin E may help:

  • Prevent dry, scaly skin
  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Brightening faces
  • Nourish the skin from within
  • Keeping the skin moist

6. Maintain a sense of satiety

You feel hungry, but not yet time for you to eat? If so, you can consume this fruit for a snack pink crystals you. The benefits of this pink crystals contain carbohydrates and potassium is high enough, so that it can eliminate hunger.

In addition, the protein content and fiber content contained in this fruit can help maintain your sense of satiety so durable and not easily hungry.

7. Good for digestive health

Fiber is a substance that is essential for your digestive health. with the fiber, then your digestion will be smoother, and you can avoid a wide range of digestive problems are certainly very disturbing your activities.

8. Maintain and increase endurance

A wide variety of vitamins and minerals contained in the fruit pink crystals has its benefits. Of course, very good to keep your body's endurance. Maintaining endurance with good and perfect, then you will:

Protected from various kinds of diseases
Always fit and fresh in the move
Maintaining focus

9. As an anti-oxidant

Guava Crystals also have excellent benefits as one of the antioxidants. Antioxidants contained in crystals guava is very good to counteract free radicals that ringleader of various diseases, such as cancer and other chronic diseases. In addition, free radicals also play a role in the aging process of occurrence, especially those that occur on areas of the skin.

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10. Good for eye health

Benefits pink crystals contain vitamin A which is also quite high. Vitamin A, but can keep the immune system, is also very good for maintaining eye health. This will help you in preventing and treating various eye disorders, such as:


11. To provide energy for the body

Protein, carbohydrates, fiber and vitamin complex contained in the fruit pink crystals, can provide excellent energy for the body. In addition, the guava fruit also contains sugar crystals, which of course is very useful for the body's energy needs everyday.

12. Good for bone health

Who says only the milk is good for bone health? Turns out fruit also has good benefits for bone health. One of them is this crystal guava fruit, because it contains calcium which is very good for your bone health.

13. Treating thrush

Vitamin C contained in the fruit pink crystals will definitely be very effective for preventing and treating canker sores that you experienced.

14. Preventing anemia

Pink crystals for health benefits also have an iron content. This iron can help you to prevent meunculnya symptoms of anemia, such as:

Often do not focus on work and bearktivitas.

15. Preventing infection and virus

A wide variety of vitamins and minerals contained in the fruit pink crystals have the characteristic that is very important as an anti-bacterial, anti-infective and anti-inflammatory. That means, guava Kristal well to prevent a variety of health problems associated with infection, inflammation and also the virus in the body.

Well, that's some of the benefits of guava Crystals. It should be noted, to cultivate cashew Kristal as drink / juice, do not use too much sugar and water, so that the content of nutrients and minerals in the pink crystals remain intact. Hopefully this article useful for you all the readers.