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7 Benefits of Black Turmeric For Health - Healthy T1ps

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7 Benefits of Black Turmeric  For Health - Healthy T1ps

Benefits eherbal plant in Indonesia is no doubt due to the amount of herbs in Indonesa. One such herb is turmeric black. Yes if you've been thinking of turmeric are always colored bright orange then you are wrong because it turns out there is also a black turmeric. Black Turmeric is a native of India or northeast. In India, black turmeric plant is very well known and popular even threatened because too many hunted by the people.

Another name for this black turmeric include cadvar in turkey, black turmenic in English, hardy black, black Curcuma and many other names again in every country. Here is the anatomy of a black turmeric plant:

7 Benefits of Black Turmeric  For Health - Healthy T1ps

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Black turmeric plant is no different from other turmeric plant which has a pseudo-stem is a collection of many strands of leaves where the leaves can be peeled off until the end. The rod has a length of 33-55 cm.

Black turmeric plant leaves and elongated oval-shaped with a reddish color on the edges. Most of the leaf color is bright green, while the reverse side has a pale green color. Petiole has a white color ivory long enough.

Flower color from white turmeric plant is part of the tongue with purple flowers and stuck to the bottom. Saffron flower is not easy to find because it is quite rare flowering.

Turmeric is a place where there is a supply of food in it. Turmeric has a size different from one another depending on several determinants of forming rhizomes.

That's the anatomy of a black turmeric that you should know. Is also not much different from other turmeric right.

Health Benefits of black turmeric

Turmeric is already quite popular black is used as a traditional herbal medicine, especially in his home country, India. In India, turmeric black is used as a cough and cold medicines, pneumonia, fever and asthma. Besides turmeric is also used as a reliever migraine by means of ground and affixed to the forehead as well as able to overcome snakebites, deadly insects like centipedes and kalanjengking.

In Indonesia alone, the benefits of turmeric black popularity is also quite famous. Turmeric black is usually used as a herbal medicine to treat abdominal pain, increase appetite Makkah, increase stamina and mengtasi cough. It is also used as a blood purifier. black turmeric is also used as a cure rashes, ringworm and scabies. The following are the health benefits of turmeric black at:

Osteoarthritis is a condition in which a pain in the bones and joints so as to make the bones stiff and inflexible. Black turmeric contains ibuprofen can help reduce pain caused by osteoarthritis.

itchy skin
Black turmeric can also help overcome skin itch. This is because the content in black turmeric is capable of being an anti-inflammatory so besides overcoming itchy skin, turmeric can also be used as anti-inflammatory on the skin itchy.

In some types of drugs that tackle the rash is also not uncommon contains extracts of turmeric and this is because turmeric been proved to cure rashes.

launched menstruation
If you often see drinks or herbs for menstrual launch turmeric-based then it is the right thing. Neither turmeric or saffron yellow black both are equally capable of launching menstruation. But it still needed further research to analyze the benefits of this one.

Overcoming stomach upset
Disorders of the stomach and in the area of ​​gastric ulcers can also be treated by the use of saffron black.

Ulcer disease patients should not hesitate to mengonsums turmeric. This point is because turmeric can suppress stomach acid so that the ulcer will not happen to you.

Overcoming colon cancer
Other black turmeric benefits is to overcome colon cancer. By eating turmeric regularly can also prevent the risk of colon cancer because it can suppress the growth of cancer cells and tumor cells.

That black turmeric benefits you can get by eating turmeric completely black. To be able to get a black turmeric, you do not need to worry because it's been a lot of people who sell them online even sheingga will be easier to get it without having to leave home.

However, you should consider the use of turmeric dosisi black. experts advise that you do not consume turmeric black more than 500 mg per day as the dosage is exactly fitting to the body. if exceed the dosage then it is very possible that a variety of side effects such as allergies and disorders of the gallbladder.