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7 Benefits of Honey for Health Toddler And Children - healthy T1ps

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The Amazing Health Benefits Of Honey For Toddler And Children - Healthy T1ps

Honey is a fluid produced by bees viscous liquid with a sweet taste. Honey is taken from the nectar of flowers are blooming. The flower nectar sucked by the bees then fermented to produce honey. The best types of bees in producing honey is the bee Apis Dosarta which is Asia. Not only honey is beneficial for infant health, bees are also many benefits for humans, Bees Beeswax also has benefits for the world of beauty and health. The benefits of bee pollen from the bees also useful to increase appetite.

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Honey For Toddler And Children - Healthy T1ps

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Ingredients In Honey

In honey there are many sources of vitamins that are useful to nourish the body. Here is the content contained in the honey:

  • Fructose serves to assist the role of glucose in the body in small amounts. Fructose should not be consumed in excess amount because it would burden the liver work.
  • Glucose metabolism function to make intermediary for the source of energy for cells - the cells of the body.
  • Maltose is a compound that is converted into glucose by the body.
  • Besides sucrose present in honey also found in sugarcane. The benefits of sugarcane health to heart disease. and the benefits of sugarcane juice for the human body is very diverse. Sucrose is a combination of fructose and glucose.
  • Water is a liquid that has a lot of benefits of water for life. Honey also has a water content therein.
  • The benefits of vitamin C for healthy for the body. Vitamin C contained in papaya benefits, benefits of lemon and lime juice benefits

The many benefits of the content in the honey is honey that is widely used as the health of the body for many people. Honey for health benefits have been used for various kinds of treatment since ancient times. Honey has a myriad of benefits. Honey is widely consumed because it is made from natural materials. Natural materials can be said to have no side effects at all in the long term. Honey is also suitable for chronic stomach acid following benefits of honey for ulcer.

Honey should only be consumed by toddlers aged one year and older. If less than one year it is not advisable given to infants because their digestive system can not digest well. And keep in mind is that given honey is honey that is devoted to toddlers.

Health Benefits Of Honey For Toddler And Children :

Well, here are the benefits of honey for toddlers:

1. Relieve cough

If a cough toddlers will certainly continue to fuss and cry. This occurs because of the discomfort felt by a toddler. To prevent the solution of cough in infants worse. Mom can give one tablespoon of honey in infants before eating so that the cough subsided. The content in the honey is excellent for relieving cough toddlers.

2. Helping growth

At the age of five are the initial growth period. Toddlers need lots of nutrients and nutrients to support growth. By eating honey on a regular basis will be able to greatly assist the growth process the better. Give one tablespoon of honey twice a day regularly in infants.

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3. As an energy source for

Honey contains fructose, fructose is a natural sweetener that can provide a source of energy. The energy source is also available on the benefits of rice, wheat and benefits of potatoes benefits. Fructose gives energy sources in infants in a long time, so that the toddler gets to use that energy to move actively. In the age of the children they are very active play and run - run. Consumption of honey can meet the energy needs of a toddler.

4. Healing the wounds in toddlers

When an active toddler play - play with his friends, they might fall and get hurt. You never have to worry quite a dab of honey to the wound victims. Honey is useful to heal wounds and prevent infection in wounds faster. Research has proved that honey smeared the wounds to heal more rapidly in infants.

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5. Feeding the brain

Here is a good activity to the brain that the brain benefits of exercise for toddlers. Exercise can mebantu nourish their brains. Teach while playing sports to keep them happy. Besides exercise honey also provides benefits to educate the brain toddlers. Honey makes the toddler creative, active and positive attitude in her daily.

6. Healthy digestive system

Honey contains a number of good bacteria to kill the bad bacteria in the intestines. Children under five are active usually like insert various objects into her mouth. It can disrupt the digestive system toddlers. With honey digestive system stay healthy toddler. And keep an eye on early childhood development in their infancy.

7. Sources of vitamin

The need for vitamins is needed in large quantities by children under five. Toddlers need wide - range of vitamins to support future growth. Honey contains many vitamins ranging from the benefits of vitamin A, vitamin B benefits, the benefits of vitamin C, vitamin D benefits, the benefits of vitamin E, and vitamin K is good for physical health of infants.

How to Distinguish The Original Honey And Not

Honey is a natural ingredient derived from nature. Here's how to distinguish genuine honey and the honey is not original:

  • If honey is applied to clothing and then rinsed with clean water. Then the honey will disappear without leaving a stain if honey is honey. Conversely, if the honey left a stain then the honey is not honey but honey that has been mixed.
  • If honey is mixed into the water in the glass if the original then the honey will secede to settle under because honey requires a long process to mix with water. while honey that has a lot of mixture ignites when mixed with water.
  • In the storage area. Honey will not be surrounded by ants. While honey is not genuine will be a lot surrounded by ants.
  • When put in the refrigerator honey will not freeze in the refrigerator for a long time. For honey is not genuine, then the honey will suffer clots.

When making a purchase honey lot of selling in the market, make sure the honey you put on your toddler is the original honey. And honey is devoted to consumption toddlers.