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Dragon Fruit Benefits for Fertility and Health

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You Must Know Of Benefits And Efficacy Of Dragon Fruit For Fertility And Health - Healthy T1ps

Red Dragon Fruit Benefits - The existence of dragon fruit in Indonesia is a new well-known for at least the last 8 years. The popularity of dragon fruit became so because of the color of his skin slick with interest. The fruit that comes from North America and Mexico region is included in a type of cactus that is more suitable to be planted in an area that is dry and does not contain much water. The dragon fruit has become one of the sacred fruit that is always present in the various memorial ceremonies in china. This is because the shape of a dragon where the dragon is a legendary animal in china very exalted.

Along with the times, the dragon fruit is not only used as decoration and food offerings to the gods, but also used as a fruit that became one of the natural herbal remedies. Even the doctors are also often recommended as the dragon fruit consumption to manage health problems, especially for wound healing after surgery to dry quickly. Dragon fruit contains a lot of water so it does not spoil easily so that you can longer keep it and can process them into various kinds of your favorite foods such as salads, soups, juices and more.

Benefits And Efficacy Of Dragon Fruit For Fertility And Health
Benefits Dragon Fruit For Fertility And Health - healthy t1ps

Types of dragon fruit to this day there are at least four types of white flesh dragon fruit, dragon fruit red meat, very red flesh dragon fruit (almost purple) and dragon fruit with yellow skin and white flesh. Of the four types of dragon fruit that there is, in Indonesia there are two types most commonly found dragon fruit whose skin is red but has a red and white meat such as the Indonesian flag.

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Red dragon fruit to increase fertility

Currently, there are many rumors that the red dragon fruit is able to increase fertility of both men and women. Is it true or just a mere gossip? Yes in a beautiful and attractive fruit is indeed believed to increase fertility because it contains vitamin E is quite high. as you know also that vitamin E is one substance that can affect a person's fertility.

Not just for fertility or those who are in the course of pregnancy only, you know, ternyara dragon fruit is also very good for those who are pregnant. What are the benefits of red dragon fruit to pregnancy? Consider the following. (Read : 10 Food Enhancer and Male Sperm Fertilising - Healthy t1ps)

Rich in fiber and folic acid
In the dragon fruit has its main content carotene, fiber and folic acid which is very good for the development of the fetus in the womb as well as for the health of pregnant women. As it is known that folic acid is a substance that is essential for the development and formation of brain cells so meminimalisirkan the risk of birth defects. Folic acid is also very good for the health of the mother because the mother is not easily exhausted.

Energy sources
the pregnant woman requires extra energy doubled from people who are not pregnant because she was to live two lives at once and to help meet the energy needs can use the red dragon fruit because they contain high carbohydrates.

Calcium and phosphorus
The content of calcium and phosphorus in the red dragon fruit also will make baby's bones and teeth become more optimal. The benefits of calcium and phosphorus is also very good for the mother, you know, so the mother during pregnancy and the bones will be stronger especially the pelvis and back may be sore when pregnant, especially when the baby weighs quite a lot. So the mother is stronger and fit during pregnancy. (Read : sex positions for getting pregnant faster - Healthy t1ps)

vitamin B1
Vitamin B1 in the red dragon fruit is also very good for the baby's growth, digestion, help absorb protein in the food and convert carbohydrates into energy.

Vitamin C
Vitamins can be used as a source of natural antioxidants for the body that will make you do not get sick. If the body does not get sick then it will be easier in the process of egg fertilization. Egg cells will also be healthier and easily fertilized by the sperm or in other words, you will become more fertile and easy to have a baby. Not only that other benefits of vitamin C is able to make your skin healthy and bright because it is able to change the regeneration of cells into cells better and healthier.

Streamlining CHAPTER
The fiber content in high dragon fruit can help facilitate bowel movements or constipation. CHAPTER smooth very important for your health because no impurities that accumulate within the intestines that could potentially make other germs are more serious for example colon cancer. You are currently in the program are also pregnant should have a smoother digestion so that the egg ready to be fertilized by sperm.

Once you know what are the benefits of dragon fruit red course, you've no doubt not to consume red dragon fruit? There are plenty of nutrients and nutrition is very important to increase your fertility for women and men.

An important step to increase fertility

Talking about fertility means talking about quality of the egg and sperm. Both the egg and the sperm continue to be produced every day, especially in women over the fertile period. But sometimes the egg and sperm cells produced no maximum or unhealthy, so less can be developed or may not be the seeds of the fetus. To improve fertility is necessary to do several things, including lifestyle and dietary intake. Not only eat red dragon fruit that could boost fertility but also need to do some steps so that the result is more optimal. Here are some steps to improve fertility.

Always eat healthy foods
Food intake is important for fertility problems. You are currently increasing fertility should pay attention to some of the intake of foods such as foods that contain high folic acid such as corn, green beans, papaya, oranges and dragon fruit. Besides foods containing iron like spinach can also increase fertility. Do not forget also the consumption of foods containing vitamin E is high because too good for fertility.

Have a fixed and routine activities
Familiarize yourself to physical activity and brain. This is because according to the research that has been done shows that people who have a fixed and regular activity will have higher fertility than those with less activity.

Maintaining the quality of rest
Even if you have a fixed and regular activity, but you also have to keep the quality of rest. The break is especially important for health and also prevent you from stress. Stress can reduce your fertility.

Avoid alcohol and cigarettes
If someone said that alcohol and cigarettes are not good then it is true. Alcohol and cigarettes can reduce your fertility of both men and women. So you should not consume alcohol, cigarettes and drugs yes.

Thus information about the benefits of red dragon fruit to fertility. May be useful