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10 Health Benefits Duku Fruit For Health And Beauty - Healthy T1ps

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You Must Know Of Amazing Benefits And Efficacy Of Duku Fruit For Health And Beauty - Healthy T1ps

Benefits Duku Fruit (Lansium domesticum) derived from a living tree on an annual basis. Lansium domesticum is a species of fruit trees belonging to the family Meliaceae. This tree is a tree native to Indonesia. There are also resources that explain that duku come from Southeast Asia to the west, from the Gulf of Thailand that is in the west to Kalimantan in the east. This fruit has now spread extends across Asia.

Indeed duku provide in addition to healthy nutrition is also able to treat a specific illness. The fruit that grows in the group will be oval shaped and has a gray color pale yellow to brown skin. In it, the fruit is white as transparent and has a taste very juicy with a slightly tart, and sometimes appear a bitter taste. Although it can be presented in a way cooked, duku more popular with commonly eaten raw, although we can buy this fruit in specialized stores, either as sweets or canned in syrup form.

Benefits And Efficacy Of Duku Fruit For Health And Beauty - Healthy T1ps

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Duku Fruit Toxic is Myths

Prior to the benefits owned duku fruit, the fruit is known to have a unique myth spread amongst the community. As such duku toxic. Like the myths that developed in the Philippines, duku considered a poisonous fruit, until there was an older woman to teach villagers to vote, and this duku fruit peel. According to myth, the old woman said that peeling fruit with pinched it allows at least a sticky white sap that comes out of the fruit, it serves as an antidote to the poison of the fruit. Then, the myth tells, she did it and eat it. He did the same with other fruit, and again, and again. Since then, the villagers began to plant trees duku and become very lucrative source of income.

Ingredients Fruit Duku

In every 100 grams of fruit contains nutrients as follows duku

1. Calories 70 cal
2. Protein 1.0 g
3. Fat 0.2 g
4. carbohydrate 13 g
5. Mineral 0.7 g
6. Calcium 18 mg - 20 mg
7. Phosphorus 9 mg - 30 mg
8. Iron 0.9 mg
9. Protein 0.8 g
10 Fiber 2.3 g
11 Carotene 13 I.U.
12 Thiamine 89 mcg
13 Riboflavin 124 mcg
14 Ascorbic acid 1.0 mg
15 phytin 1.1 mg (dry weight)

At the level of calories, iron duku benefits are higher than the benefits of apples or citrus fruit benefits. Additionally duku are foods that are high in fiber or fiber. Duku is beneficial for the digestive system, preventing colon cancer and can rid the body of cancer-causing. Also can fight free radicals. In the fresh fruit and healthy, fruit skins and seeds can be useful as an anti-diarrhea medicine raw materials and can reduce fever. Duku skin itself is also often used to treat insect bites.

Here are the benefits duku more:

1. Treating pain associated with stomach

Duku fruit contains fiber is beneficial for the digestive system, but it is also believed to prevent colon cancer and is able to rid the body of free radicals that cause cancer. On the skin of the fruit and seeds are also useful for anti-diarrhea medicine raw materials and dysentery. It has been used for traditional medicine. Because duku contain dietary fiber or high fiber, fruit duku calories, minerals and iron with a higher level of activity than apples or sweet orange.

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2. Contains antioxidants

Duku contains the benefits of vitamin C are very acts as an antioxidant. Antioxidants function as a bulwark against damage caused by free radicals, free radicals occur or are produced by the body during the process of converting food into energy. Free radicals are one of the causes of premature aging. The benefits of antioxidants are also able to reduce the damage to the body caused by toxic substances and pollution.

In small amounts, vitamin C can protect important molecules, such as proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and nucleic acids from damage caused by free radicals, toxins, or pollutants. A study published in 2006 in "Food Chemistry" found that duku have antioxidant capabilities that are similar to other tropical fruits such as bananas and papayas.

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3. Maintaining the health of the gums and mouth

Surely this is closely related to the benefits contained by duku namely vitamin C. So vitamin C will play an active role to maintain the health of our gums. Lack of vitamin C will cause bleeding gums, besides vitamin C will keep the permeability of the cell layer that is on the gums and mouth, it is beneficial in preventing canker sores. In addition, the phosphorus content contained in duku, can also help in strengthening the teeth. Guaranteed teeth will remain healthy if consumed regularly.

4. Accelerate the recovery of the body

Vitamin C contained in duku is also very good in the recovery process, it can help the body to maintain immunity and assist athletes in recovery after a strenuous workout.

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5. Help diet weight loss

Duku in the utilization of the daily diet in addition to good digestion is also able to control the fat, this is due to the vitamin C, proved to be an important factor in the biosynthesis of small molecules like proteins called carnitine. Carnitine directs fat molecules into cells in tissues where there was the burning of fat. While the lack of fat molecules during the process of metabolism can lead to decreased energy and fatigue. Therefore, the level of carnitine in the body will decrease fat accumulation.

6. Able to control cholesterol

The presence of vitamin C in fruit duku can help the metabolism of cholesterol to bile acids, which may have implications for the level of blood cholesterol and prevent gallstones.

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7. Preventing heart disease

The fruit is very rich in vitamin B benefits such as riboflavin, thiamine, B2 and B1. Thiamine itself can prevent heart disease. On the other hand, riboflavin promotes the production of energy from carbohydrate intake daily. It also increases the production of red blood cells, especially for those who have a number of red blood cells.

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8. Rich content riboflavinnya

Source of B vitamins such as riboflavin very good, also known as vitamin B2. In one portion weighing 3.5 ounces duku have 124 micrograms of riboflavin, or 8 to 11 percent of riboflavin for adult men and women, ranging from 1,100 to 1,600 micrograms to 1,300 micrograms for women and men. Vitamin B helps the processing of carbohydrates into usable energy and helps keep the nervous system to function properly.

9. Improve skin health

With a number of the benefits of vitamin E which is owned in duku very important for skin health. This is done by increasing skin elasticity and moisture, preventing premature aging, protect the skin from damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet light, as well as accelerate the wound healing process.

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10. Sources of vitamin A

Benefits of vitamin A is able to maintain a healthy skin. Additionally helpful and play an important role in keeping the mucous membranes and healthy bone tissue. Carotene is one of the most powerful antioxidants contained in fruits Duku. It can make the body's cells healthy and prevent deadly diseases such as cancer and other serious diseases.

Duku fruit concoction for treatment
Duku tang dry skin has burned to produce aromatic smells repel mosquitoes.
Duku bark decoction can be used for the treatment of dysentery.
The powder used to ease the sting of a scorpion.
Mix powdered seeds added water can be used for the treatment of intestinal worms.
Resin from the bark of flatulence (state of excessive gas in the digestive tract), and as a deduction from swelling, as an antispasmodic (a drug used to relieve or prevent spasms).
The resin is useful in the treatment of inflammation and colic (acute abdominal pain) in the gastro-intestinal tract.

Portions duku to diet
In one portion of 100 grams of fruit duku, approximately 3.5 ounces, containing more than 2 grams of fiber per serving, it is proving 8 to 11 percent of the allowances recommended dietary fiber for adult women and 6 to 8 percent of fiber for men , Diets high in fiber will reduce your risk of heart disease and may also help to reduce the symptoms in addition and can also be used as a cure constipation.

In consuming duku be candied or canned should be considered to reduce the amount of sugar consumed. If consumption is included as an add sugar, it can increase the chances of obesity. When peeling the fruit before eating duku note the type duku. Some duku, also known as wild duku to issue a milky latex when peeled and dangerous. If this occurs, the previous first dip into boiling water to reduce it before eating or would cause a bitter taste.

Characteristics Duku Fruit Tree
Duku became one of the popular fruit of the tropical country. In Indonesia, duku widely cultivated in Sumatra and Java. Many cultivated varieties such Condet and Kalikajar. Duku can flourish in wet climates with high rainfall. These plants included into seasonal fruit trees that bear fruit only once a year. Flowers usually appears at the beginning of the rainy season (September-October).

Duku unripe fruit is green, and the taste is very sour sap. If the fruit has been cooked, the skin will become yellow and the flesh will taste sweet. Most of the fruit is eaten fresh. Duku trees can reach a height of 30 meters and with a diameter of 75 cm. The tree seeds are able to age 30 years with planted at 8 x 8 meters. This tree grows regularly.

Bark is grayish color, with light and spots gelap.Tanaman has pinnate compound leaves that grow to a length of about 20-50 cm in length per leaf. Midrib very prominent and dark green and shiny. Here let us language duku more detail about this.