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32 Health Benefits of Green Tea For Face, Skin and Teeth - Healthy T1ps

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The Amazing Of Benefits Green Tea For Health and Beauty - Healthy T1ps

Green tea benefits for health is not a figment, because green tea is the drink of a million people that is rich in benefits and proven to be a herbal remedy that can cure various diseases.

The content in green tea :

  • Powerful compounds catechin
  • The active compound Proanthocyanidins oligomers
  • The active compounds catechin
  • flavanols, alkoloid and amino acids
  • Detailed Mineral yangb flour consisting of potassium, magnesium, manganese, calcium, zinc, sodium and others
  • Enzyme enzyme consisting of the enzyme invertase, amilaase enzymes, enzyme glucosidase, an enzyme Oximetilase, protease
  • Vitamin consisting of vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, K is good for
  • peroses absorption of nutrients, accelerating the formation of bone and essential for the process of blood clotting or coagulation of wound healing and inflammation.

The Amazing Of Benefits Green Tea For Health and Beauty - Healthy T1ps
The Amazing Of Benefits Green Tea For Health and Beauty - Healthy T1ps

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Green tea is rich benefits that can be used as a solution of beauty and health simultaneously

Green tea is a type of tea that is more healthful than other types of tea in green tea karen contained many active compounds, vitamins and minerals and are low in caffeine complete. That's why green tea or tea greenn very special.

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Green tea benefits for the face
Gree tea has a refreshing and cool properties for the skin that is in trouble, for example when you're acne.

reduce blackheads
The compounds in green tea is able to drain, push and pull out the contents of blackheads naturally without pemencetan done by hand. pick up on green tea that has been crushed and added with a little salt and rub on the face of blackheads.

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To eliminate fatigue on the face
Rutinis kereja demanded power of mind that requires a lot of energy so that the body and face suffering from fatigue that causes facial look listless and wilted. green tea is able to rejuvenate and relax the nerves are nerves on the face so that the face turns into fresh.

To brighten dull skin and dark
Compounds present in green tea can act as a powerful antioxidant and is active in surface brightens dull skin and uneven. Green tea can be a natural bleach that does not cause irritation. Green tea wash water that has been allowed to stand one day and let stand for 20 minutes then rinse with clean water. lakuakn this way every day consistently.

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To moisturize the skin naturally
Vitamins and minerals in green tea can moisturize the face dry naturally walaupoun in conditions under the sun. green tea can mengaontrol excess oil on the face kind of greasy so humidity is always stable. puree and add a little green tea masu then apply on face as a mask daily.

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To Prevent smooth wrinkles on the face
Vitamins, minerals and complete compound owned green tea is able to be a natural anti-aging to prevent the appearance of fine wrinkles around the eyelids and lips tip. nutrition green tea can work from the inside and the way diligently consume green tea every day after meals.

Acts as a sunscreen
Green tea can act as a sunscreen because it can protect the skin from damage caused by the sun or by free radicals. Drink green tea every day and before bed at night.

Tighten facial skin
Green tea is rich with various vitamins can tighten facial muscles and nerves around the facial nerve and blood flow around the face so that the skin looks always tight. water green tea can be used as a face mask that had previously been mixed with a little egg white.

Fades spots black spots
All vitamins are present in green tea can fade dark spots on the face secar gradually. spots will really be lost if someone diligent use a blend of green tea and lemon water are added and used as a face mask. The car did repeatedly until the spots fade.

Treating acne is stubborn
Green tea can memgendalikan stubborn acne that can be cured with cepoat, namely green tea speed up the drying process of acne and its contents easily removed by using a special tool, this is done AGR avoid irritation.

protect sensitive skin
Sensitive facial types are often susceptible to free radicals and easy allergic skin condition allows easy irritation and infection. vitaminya compounds and can protect sensitive skin from rashes and itchy rash akibaat food, sunlight or dust.

Stabilizing levels of excess oil on the surface of the face
Nutrients found in green tea can mengendalikaan padaa oily skin of excess oil passage and stabilize it so that the condition is not wet and shiny faces due to oil. oily face always cause blush become dirty quickly.

Examples of making face masks Green Tea

Ingredients :

Green tea
Lime juice

Green tea mashed or add lemon juice and honey to taste taambahkan. This herb is used as a facial mask dpaat useful to brighten skin, shrink pores, moisturize the skin naturally and fade dark spots.

2. The benefits of green tea for organ

Green tea has the ability to repair body tissue from damage and improve the quality of health of the body from free radical attack.

Green tea as a powerful antioxidant
Green tea has vitamins and compounds that act as antioxidants dapt active in protecting organs from bacteria resulting from free radicals.

For Natural slimming
Green tea may speed up the destruction of excess fat in the body and accelerate the decline in body weight quickly. Drinks green tea can suppress hunger longer, but does not cause stomach pain

To speed up the process of removing toxins
Compounds in green tea can act as a detox that is able to bind toxins in the body plainly removing it through sweat and urine.

For diuretic
Compounds in green tea can aid digestion and healthy bladder so smooth urination.

Nourish the heart arteries
Green tea can improve cardiac performance and protect arteries from bacteria and clogging cholesterol. green tea compound capable of breaking down the fat that forms crystals dijaringan heart.

lowering cholesterol
Compounds in green tea can mengahncurkan high cholesterol evil that settles in the body and the body mencehgah cholesterol that is not attacked again.

Prevent high blood pressure
Blood pressure is often caused by lack of emotional seimabangan indirectly interfere with blood flow and blood vessels around the head so that the increase in blood pressure. consume green tea every day can prevent an increase in blood pressure.

Preventing attacks heart failure
Green tea is good for the arteries around the heart and destroy their diakibatakan clogging cholesterol or fats that clog.

Repairing brain tissue
Green tea can repair damaged brain tissue and avoid peradangahn brain. all the nutrients in it can help improve blood and oxygen supply imbalance in the brain.

Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
Detailed compounds contained in green tea can improve nerve tissue, including the head of the nerves and blood vessels throughout the network tea may boost memory and intelligence

Stabilize blood sugar
Nutrients in green tea can stabilize glucose levels in the blood and can memnecah buildup of sugar in the body so that the blood vessels free of sediment that much sugar will interrupt the smooth flow of blood.

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How to Make green tea beverages

ingredients :

  • Green tea

Brewed green tea in the glass medium size. let the green color visible until the water has cooled. consume green tea after a meal siamg and at night before going to bed can speed up the fat burning process and improve the health of the organs.

3. Benefits of Green tea for hair

Besides beneficial for the face and body health, green tea beneficial for healthy hair care including tissue repair damaged cuticle akinbta sunburn or because of improper pemkaian shampoo. Green tea dapaat used as a tonic or a hair mask for every day.

moisturize hair
Full of vitamins contained in green tea can melembabakan scalp of the body when a person diligently consume green tea beverages and simultaneously take care of the scalp from the outside when a hair mask made from green tea base material used.

nourish hair
Nutrients in green tea can nourish the hair and make hair look became more tgebal, fluffy and healthy.

Prevent itchy scalp
Compounds present in green tea can stabilize oil or sebum on the skin surface and stabilize PH head scalp skin so avoid itching caused by fungi or bacteria that usually mixed with sweat and dust.

Preventing hair loss
Green tea dapaat strengthens hair roots so avoid the loss, breakage and split ends. Nutrition yanag adaa in green tea is needed by the stem and roots of the hair as healthy food.

prevent baldness
Many serum-based green tea ginseng ditambahkna able prevent baldness on the head so as not widened.

Improve the fragility of the hair cuticle
Vitamin contained in green tea is needed by the hair cuticle to avoid radi fragility due to free radical attack or sunburn in the long term.

Make hair more shiny
Nutrition yanga there pda green tea can nourish every strand of hair and memperkuatakarnya so the hair is not easily broken amid,

Prevent mold growth on the scalp
Improper use of shampoo or hair often gets due process of coloring or straightening the hair will mengalmi conditions of pressure and stress. it triggers tumnbuhnya fungus on the scalp surface and will subside to be cured when someone diligently consume green tea every day.

Strengthen hair against sun rays
Consuming green tea every day can protect the health of the hair is not easy to become dehydrated, dried and kemerahan.nutrisi in green tea can nourish every strand of hair and gives more defense against the sun.

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How to Make a mask or hair tonic Green Tea

Ingredients :

  • Green tea
  • Lime juice

for the hair in question is highly recommended that the hair condition can be overcome. herbal potion made from green tea is relatively safe and has no side effects in the future.

compounds in green tea has the ability to take care of hair damage and accelerate hair cuticle cell regenerasisel. use water that has been added to green tea with lemon juice for basting on the hair and scalp and massage dilakuakan briefly that green tea extract can penetrate well

4. Green tea has anti-cancer agent

Anti-cancer substances in green tea are active and quick in blocking the movement of abnormal cells in the DNA so that perkembangaan cancer cells can be destroyed almost immediately.

  • It protects the body from the growth of pancreatic cancer, colon, small intestine, stomach, liver, ovarian, breast, lung and others.
  • Prevent and block the activity / movement of abnormal cells in the DNA that do not develop into cancer
  • Preventing the movement of benign tumors that can grow into cancer cells and tissue damage certain
  • Hinder the movement of cancer cells from spreading kejaringan other body that can disrupt the balance of hormones
  • Preventing the spread of cancer cells and destroy the root of the cancer cells so that there is no room to grow back

Ways of making green tea herb

Ingredients :

  • Green tea
  • Lemon juice
  • Two drops of garlic

Green tea crushed and added lemon juice and 2 drops of garlic drops of water that has previously been squeezed. This rmua taken twice a week for pertumbuhna prevention of cancer and can be taken daily for the treatment of cancer.

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5. Green tea for body metabolism

Compounds present in green tea can improve the quality of the body's metabolism so that all organs of the body such as digestion, liver, kidney, bladder, heart, lungs, and intestines remain in top condition.

  • Accelerate the burning of fat in the body
  • Increasing energy and improve cell metabolism
  • Can suppress hunger for longer periods without increased gastric acid mernyebabkan
  • Can clean the stomach and other digestive
  • Boost immunity
  • Increase the body's defense against infection
  • Preventing dehydration and relieve fever
  • Improving the quality and health of the pancreas function
  • Stabilize the body temperature in any weather
  • Stabilize the body's hormones to remain stable

Ways of making potions for metabolism

Ingredients :

  • Green tea
  • cinnamon

Green tea is brewed as usual but by using hot water (boiling) and then enter the small size cinnamon thereto. let until the water becomes warm and ready to be consumed. The drink green tea every afternoon after eating.

6. Green tea can cure Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis is included strange and rare disease that tends to damage the cartilage and joint tissue, this is because the body's immune system attacks itself considerably. Drinks green tea can cure the disease if consumed regularly 2 times in small cups daily dose.

7. Green tea cures poisoning

When a person is allergic to certain foods then in his body will reject the foreign particles and cause symptoms of poisoning such as nausea nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dizziness, headache, skin benkak, rash, red rash all over its body and others, the poisoning can be immediately relieved by menminum green tea. catechin compounds in green tea are capable of destroying and removing segear toxins through sweat, urine and bowel movements.

8. Green tea effective dental care

Cavities, rocky, yellow, or inflammation of the gums should immediately consume green tea every day, because it contains anti-bacterial that saangat strong can destroy the space for the bacteria that cause tooth decay and inflammation of the gums.

9. Green tea effective for wound healing mempercepoat

Wounds caused by surgery can be cured by consuming green tea one hariu after the operation is completed. anti-inflammatory substances in green tea will work from the inside directly to the wound incision and drain it.

10. Green tea eliminates bad breath

Taak unpleasant mouth odor seringkalai due to smoking, drinking alcohol or inflammation due to canker sores or because of cavities caused by bacteria. water green tea can be used as a mouthwash and gargle the rest can be taken care of in the body. kumurlah after finished brushing your teeth is after eating and before going to bed.

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Does green tea beneficial for seniors?

The seniors who get used to consume green tea every day it will avoid the attack of stress and are always in a more relaxed state. Green tea has active compounds that have the ability to relax the nerves of the brain and improve a person's mood to be more quiet.

How to consume tea hjau incorrectly can give undesirable effects on the health of the body

Avoid green tea while undergoing drug treatment chemicals that have been recommended doctor. green tea is able to disrupt maanfaat drugs when taken simultaneously and trigger kidney damage due to inflammation of the kidney wall.
Consuming green tea is more than 3 cups can inhibit the absorption of nutrients including iron in the body. consume moderate (reasonable)

Green tea is forbidden for consumption in pregnant women because of substance tannin and caffeine in it can damage brain tissue growing fetus.

Mengkosumsi too much green tea may lead to increased anxiety and excessive stress trigger.

We recommend that for patients with gastritis better consume green tea naturally only so as not to lead to increased gastric acid or a sudden attack of pain in the stomach wall.
A woman who is menstruating is recommended not to consume green tea as it will drive the anxiety, stress and emphasis on abdominal tissue that can cause nausea, pain and abdominal pain.

Consuming green tea excessively can make soistem digestion becomes disturbed and trigger constipation.
Not recommended to consume green tea in a state not had breakfast or eating, the stomach is empty stomach acids resulting in an increase in stomach nausea, soreness, bloating and pain berkepanjangna.

Do not consume green tea that has been formulated more than 24 hours and is left free in the air, because the efficacy of green tea will no longer be useful because it has terkontiminasi with dirt and bacteria.
Consuming green NTEA may not coincide with drugs that have been recommended doctors or certain supplements, because the benefits of tea will decrease and destroy the efficacy of these medicines which if it is located in the body tissue will not benefit anything.

Green tea is rich in benefits when not mixed with other materials

Efficacy of green tea will not be felt with a maximum when added sugar, honey, or milk products therein. The whole compound is anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-microbial will deteriorate because it has terkontiminasi with other substances. taking drugs the doctor's recommendation would be useless if consumed along with green tea.

Green tea will turn into toxins that can cause other health problems when it accumulates with chemicals that exist in medicine for example kidney damage, stomach acid rises, and others, while the medicinal benefits of doctors will not usefulness again.

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Benefits of green tea for vegetarians

For someone who likes green tea vegetarian and the quality of life will increase, in the sense that will prolong the life. this is because the body has been healthy without cholesterol dann excess fat can be more healthy if they are supported with drink green tea daily. it's just that vegetarians should still consume a lot of substances of vitamins, minerals and plant-based protein that the body remains stable metabolism