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5 Benefits of raisins for a Healthy Diet - Healthy T1ps

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Health Benefits Of Raisins For Healthy Diet - Healthy T1ps 
The Natural Diet : Raisins are delicious food made from dried grapes. Raisins can be eaten or even mixed with other foods. This food has a slightly chewy texture, crunchy and has a sweet taste.

Here is the content that is on raisins per 100 grams:

Water 14.9 g
energy 302kal
Protein 3.39 g
0.46 g total fat
Abu 1.66 g
Carbohydrates 79.52 g
Total fiber 4 g
Sugar 59.19 g
Calcium 53 mg
1.79 mg iron
Magnesium 35 mg
Phosphorus 115 mg
Potassium 746 mg
Sodium 12 mg
Zinc 0.32 mg
Copper 0,363 mg
Manganese 0.308 mg
Selenium 0.7 mkg
Vitamin C 3.2 mkg
Riboflavin 0.19 mg
Niacin 1.142 mg
Folate 3 mkg
Vitamin K 3.5 mkg
Vitamin E 0.12 mkg

5 Benefits of raisins for a Healthy Diet - Healthy T1ps
Health Benefits Of Raisins For Healthy Diet - Healthy T1ps 

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A study conducted by the California Raisin Marketing Board connects between the weight and the consumption of raisins. There were about 26 participants, men and women who had an average of normal weight with an age range of about 8-11 years. This study was conducted over three months by providing snacks of raisins to some randomly selected children and provide other snacks like potato chips, chocolate cake and fruit to some other child. All the children were also given the same food morning and measurement appetite subjectively 15 minutes before and after eating snacks.

The results showed that participants who ate raisins as a snack to feel bored when told to eat. Their food intake decreases and becomes lower than children who do not eat raisins. Conversely, children who eat snacks in addition to raisins appetite will increase. This proves that raisins can be used as a dietary therapy for people who want to lose excess weight. Here will be summarized some of the benefits of raisins for a diet program.

Lose weight
Cute sweet foods is highly recommended to be consumed during the diet. Why? Because in this food contains fewer calories than other foods. However, although calorie little, raisins are still able to provide a feeling of fullness longer because of its high fiber content.

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Energy sources
According to recent research, the energy content of the raisins is equivalent to the energy bar that would be the ideal energy suppliers for people who are on a diet. Raisins can also be consumed prior to exercise in order to avoid a sense of weakness in the body and the body will be powered. citing that raisins help athletes to increase their energy is drained when doing strenuous exercise. This research was conducted by the NII group of scientists from the University of California-Davis, USA.

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Strengthens the immune system
Raisin in the womb there is the content of glucose and fructose which helps the absorption of vitamins and other nutrient absorption. This will help in building the body's immune system. At a time when people diet food intake will be reduced, but the nutrients the body needs to be maintained because of eating raisins helps to keep the intake.

prevents anemia
For those who have anemia then raisins is the solution to mitigate them. For patients with anemia can diet by eating raisins. Raisins contain iron, vitamin B complexes, calcium and other minerals that can help the formation of red blood cells. In addition raisins also can prevent

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Reduce stomach acid
Raisins contains potassium and magnesium which can reduce stomach acid that causes ulcer disease. This course will help people who are on a diet because food intake is reduced prone to cause heartburn.

That's some of the benefits of raisins for a diet program in addition raisins also has several other benefits to the body such as:

Healthful teeth. Raisins contain phytnonutrien and oleanolic acid that can protect teeth from decay and kill bacteria that cause bad breath. Raisins are sticky is also believed to be able to lift the rest of the food on the teeth, thereby reducing the risk of cavities.
Keeping the body organs and prevent cancer. Antioxidants in raisins able to protect organs from damage caused by free radicals. Besides polyphenols can prevent tumor and cancer. Phytonutrients can maintain eye health.
Increase libido. Argirin amino acid in raisins increase libido and make you become fertile.

Thus the benefits of raisins for a diet program. Needless to conduct strict dieting excessively, sufficient consumption of raisins then help you to diet. Many things can you do to make your diet program effective. One is with raisins that have been described above. Thank you and may be helpful.