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8 Benefits of Gargling With Salt Water Warm - Healthy T1ps

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The Amazing OF Health Benefits of Gargling With Salt Water Warm - Healthy T1ps

Who does not know the salt, seasoning cook often used, no salt no saltiness. This salt is used from time immemorial to the present. Not only as seasoning but is often used for the treatment, skin care and body. Salts can also dijadi natural scrub for the body, eliminate body odor, and reduce the pain of the body by bathing. Utilization of salt is also done using to rinse.

water garamPernah heard of gargling with salt water? The body requires salt to a certain extent if the excess salt is consumed, it is not good for the body. Therefore, the salt water is not to be swallowed but only gargled his mouth alone.

We have had a lot of mouthwash containing active ingredients such as povidone, cetypyridinium chloride, chorhexidine, etc. These materials have side effects such as damage tooth enamel and can reduce the sharpness of the sense of taste, sometimes irritation in the oral cavity. So now there is an alternative that herbal mouthwash and easy to find, by using a solution of salt water.

The Amazing OF Health Benefits of Gargling With Salt Water Warm - Healthy T1ps

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Benefits gargling with salt water

Salt water gargle remedy is used and not to be swallowed. So that the benefits will be in the can will have much effect on our mouths, be it on the teeth, gums, and surrounding areas. Indeed gargling with salt water has long been done by our ancestors. I wonder who started, but their trust by using salt water to rinse the fact is very beneficial for oral health. It did not escape from the sodium content kloida and iodine in salt. Here are the benefits of gargling with salt water we need to know:

Cleaning the mouth
Since the first people utilize salt to gargle. In addition to health reasons, to save money also. Gargling with salt water can replace the role of mouthwash. If anyone is worried about using mouthwash can use salt water for gargling.

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The most inexpensive mouthwash
Every day there are people who toothache or gingivitis, etc. Brushing your teeth alone is not enough to clean germs and bacteria in the mouth because germs and bacteria will live in between the teeth. Rinsing with mouthwash can more effectively clean the mouth. If no mouthwash can use salt water as an alternative, in addition to cheap but easy to find.

Preventing the onset of aches
Salt can clean teeth without damaging the enamel or enamel. But for sensitive teeth is not recommended too frequent gargling with salt. The mixture of water with salt it first became a substitute for toothpaste and benefits almost as well as toothpaste today.

Protect the enamel
Bladder sodium chloride and iodine in salt has long been used for health. In the salt also contains fluorine and phosphorus that are useful for the formation of bones and teeth and can protect tooth enamel from decay.

Good for people with gingivitis
Gargling with salt water is good for people with gingivitis because salt water will draw out bacteria from the cells so that the bacteria out of the cell and die.

strengthen gums
Mouthwashes should kill germs and food residue in the mouth. The content of 1.5% sodium chloride already can kill germs and eliminate food residue in the mouth. Salt water can also flex its muscles and reduce pain in muscles. Additionally gargle to reduce inflammation and prevent infection. Salt can strengthen the gums because it is astrigen.

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Eliminate bad breath
Use of salt with low concentrations will fertilize the growth of bacteria. But otherwise if the use of salt in high concentrations or right will kill the bacteria. The content of iodine in salt is good for microorganisms and does not cause the color and odor.

Relieve toothache
Moreover, it can relieve toothache when we toothache. Because salt can relieve pain. Some people avoid toothache for regular gargling with salt water. If symptoms continue to consult to the dentist.

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How to gargle with salt water

To really benefit from gargling with salt water then needs to be done in the right way. Need customized content and how to drink salt water to avoid side effects. Because keep in mind that if the composition thereof one will make the incidence of nausea. In addition, excessive salt content can reduce the function of the senses. Here's how to make a saline solution to rinse his mouth.

Set only 250 ml of water or approximately 1 cup water
Next, add salt approximately 1 teaspoon. Remember if there will be side effects
Then mix well
Kumurkan water for approximately 5 minutes by moving the entire oral cavity so that bacteria and food residue on the teeth will take off. Gargling slowly, and make sure a thorough around the mouth. Be careful not to swallow.
After 5 minutes, discard the water from the mouth
Let stand about 1 minute mouth that iodine mouth can react
Gargling with salt water can be done 2 times a day, at morning and at night before bed. Do after brushing your teeth. Nausea during or after rinsing and salt can be a side effect gargling with salt water. Might be a slight irritation in the mouth if the salt concentration is too high.

How to test a salt containing iodine

Good salt is salt contains enough iodine. Will be useless if you've done gargling with salt on a regular basis but the salt you use minimal iodine. Therefore you need to test whether there iodine content in salt or not. There is a way to test a salt containing iodine can be simple to do at home with cheap materials. Here's how:

Peel and grate the cassava and cassava are still fresh
Then squeeze the grated cassava results without being given water, pure water from cassava
Take 1 tablespoon juice results earlier and add 4-6 teaspoons of salt to be tested
Then add 2 teaspoons of the original vinegar, stirring until smooth
Let and see the color change. If there is a purplish blue color means that the salt contains iodine.
Similarly, a review of the benefits of gargling with salt water we need to know. If you are concerned about side effects from use mounthwash, then there is nothing wrong if you choose a more natural way, by making use of salt in your kitchen. Remember, before you use it make sure that salt contains enough iodine. Hope it helpful.