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Health Benefits And Side Effects Of Wheatgrass For Health - Healthy T1ps

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You Must Know Of The Amazing Benefits And Efficacy Of WheatGrass For Health  - Healthy T1ps

Wheatgrass is a plant-shaped grass - grass that can cure the disease because they contain chlorophyll, minerals, enzymes, vitamins and amino acids that serve to provide the nutrients that the need for the human body.

To run a healthy life today do not have too hard a lot of material - natural ingredients that can be used to treat diseases including whatgrass this. Wheatgrass has long been used by the Egyptians for traditional medicine. In an age of sophisticated now many preparations of wheatgrass to be consumed wherever located.

Wheatgrass is a grass plant that is easy to live and captive breeding, the most important of these plants is the treatment that should be intensified in order to have fresh quality.

Natural Medicine - The Amazing Benefits Of WheatGrass For Health - Healthy T1ps
Natural Medicine - The Amazing Benefits Of WheatGrass For Health - Healthy T1ps 

Here are the benefits of wheatgrass for the health sector include:


One of the benefits of wheatgrass is to overcome the flu that attacked tubuh.Di cold rainy season is important for you to pay attention to health because a little careless flu could strike your body. If flu wheatgrass you can use to treat flu ssebelum disrupt your daily physical activity.

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2. Anemia

Anemia is a condition in hemoglobin levels in the blood is reduced so that the ability of the blood to bind oxygen is reduced. Anemia often caused by several factors, one of which is excessive fatigue due to strenuous activity. Wheatgrass works to raise the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

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3. Fever

one of the other benefits of wheatgrass is to lower a high fever.

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4. Sore throat

Strep throat symptoms in the initial conditions may not be noticed but one that you need to know if left long - long a sore throat will experience swelling and disrupt breathing. For that use wheatgrass drinks before laryngitis worse.

5. Allergies

If you experience itching - itching and redness in the skin could be you experience an allergic reaction of the body. Wheatgrass can help overcome allergies on your skin.

6. Reduce dandruff

Dandruff is very disturbing appearance of you out especially if exposed to sunlight will dandruff itch - itch. When wearing your hitampun so insecure as white flakes of dandruff existing hair. Wheatgrass can overcome dandruff in your signs.

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7. Diabetes

Diabetes or diabetes known as common in people in old age. Genetic factors also may be one cause of the arrival of the symptoms of diabetes in young children. Diabetes can be treated with diligent drinking of wheatgrass powder that has a lot to be processed in a drink anytime and anywhere.

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8. Cholesterol

Wheatgrass-tested benefits other is for lowering cholesterol levels. High cholesterol levels can lead to heart risk exposed to higher than optimal cholesterol.

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9. The fragility of teeth

Teeth that are brittle certainly not fun as a function of teeth to chew food into the mouth. So to prevent brittleness of teeth prematurely can use wheatgrass.

10. Infection

If you are exposed to infection immediately to use potions to heal wheatgrass new infection that attacks the body.

Wheatgrass Side Effects

Wheatgrass is a plant that grows in soil that has a high enough so that the water may be contaminated with bacteria and fungi in the location where it grew. For the time will make wheatgrass juice to drink as expected in the wash with clean running water.

Wheatgrass is also not allowed for consumption for pregnant women and infants. Before taking wheatgrass is expected to consult with your doctor about the side effects of this plant.

Some side effects of this plant is experiencing dizziness and headaches, itching - itching and inflammation of the throat that must be handled by a doctor if the reaction of the side effects worse. In addition there is a time in the consumption of wheatgrass juice they must not be routinely consumed for more than eighteen months in fear will poison the body from the inside.

Because of side effects that may be caused by wheatgrass so please consumed in sufficient limits and must be consulted beforehand with a specialist to address the risk of side effects for the body of each person is different - different.

How to Grow Wheatgrass

These plants can be grown using soil media or no media land. There are steps - steps that must be done to get a satisfactory result from this wheatgrass. Here's how to plant seeds wheatgrass:

1. sow mediated planting seeds of wheatgrass that you want can be ground atapun using hydroponics method. Having sown the seeds then immediately cover the seed earlier.

2. Flush twice a day the seeds of wheatgrass was a regular basis with the amount of water is not to commemorate the seed because the seed wheatgrass can cause fungus and bacteria. Flush this wheatgrass seeds in the morning and evening.

3. For the first day until the third day after the deployment of the seed used to avoid direct sunlight.

4. On the fourth and fifth days you can remove the cover from wheatgrass seeds earlier. When you open the cover then you will see the seeds - tiny seed that sprung from the seeds that you distribute. These seeds need light intake of sufficient sunlight to grow. But should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

5. After a week wheatgrass plant can already be cut for consumption a day - day. You can process them to be made in natural juice healthy.

Wheatgrass that you cut you can use kembalu after growth of new shoots and suitable for consumption to be made juice. This wheatgrass consumption can be done two times and three times after it was replanted new seed.

There are several things to do and consider before sow the seeds of wheat grass wheatgrass that seeds do not need to be soaked with water to prevent fungal infection of the seed. Dau to temperatures between 15 to 25 degrees Celsius.