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15 Ways to Treat Bloody Cough With Herbal Medicine - Healthy T1ps

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15 Ways to Treat Bloody Cough With Herbal Medicine  - Healthy T1ps

Cough with blood should not you underestimate because coughing up blood can also be regarded as a symptom of a number of conditions health problems. When the bloody cough occurs in someone with a history of bad health, especially experienced by smokers, potential types of cough this one actually could indicate a serious illness. Coughing up blood also can actually attack someone who is young with a good medical history, which means that there is a serious disease in his body.

There are a number of causes coughing up blood which presumably you can be alert because the conditions were serious enough for immediate handling.

15 Ways to Treat Bloody Cough With Herbal Medicine  - Healthy T1ps

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  • Heartburn or stomach ulcers.
  • Serious injuries caused by sharp weapons or traffic accidents.
  • Lung cancer.
  • Throat cancer.
  • The side effects of drug use.
  • The side effects of the consumption of blood-thinning drugs.
  • TB, or tuberculosis.
  • Pulmonary embolism.
  • Pulmonary edema.
  • Lung infections.
  • bronchiectasis
  • Severe coughing constantly and never healed.
  • Bronchitis

Bleeding in the nose, mouth, or throat which are then mixed together with saliva so it will happen cough.
Whatever the cause, you can still find ways to treat cough blood naturally potent that will heal without any harmful side effects.

1. Wearing Leaves Pegagan

Inside there are a myriad of gotu kola leaf compounds very well help cure your cough. Is sweet and refreshing, this leaves also contain anti-infective, anti-toxins, laxative urine and fever so well used as a traditional medicine.

How: Provide as much as 60-90 grams of gotu kola leaves are still fresh, then you can boil it with water. Air gotu kola leaf decoction is that you need to drink every day so bloody cough subsided and quickly improved.

2. Using Honey

The original and pure honey will be very helpful in increasing your endurance. Honey is also very instrumental in healing the disease cough, either dry cough, wet, to bleed. Antibacterial properties you can rely on and will speed up the recovery of your condition, then look for ways to distinguish genuine and fake honey when you need one.

How: Provide as much organic pure honey 1 tablespoon who can direct you drink three times a day every day. Honey is what will control your cough and very nice when taken before bed is not easy to cough at night. Perform this treatment until the cough is much better.

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3. Not Smoking

Smoking is a habit that can damage the health of the lungs and coughing up blood actually can be a sign that something was wrong on lung health. When you experience coughing up blood, it's a sign you need to stop smoking, or will be conditioned cough worse.

Do not smoke or stay away from these habits are known to strengthen the immune system of people with coughs blood. When coughing blood occurs due to irritation of the lungs, then quit smoking will reduce the irritation. Severe or not, should indeed not be touched at all because cigarette smoking in itself contained many toxins that are harmful to the body.

4. Drinking Water

Perhaps you already know very well that the danger of dehydration can target people who rarely drink water daily. If a bloody cough is caused by impaired lung health, this is a sign that the lungs there is any possibility of fluid viscous mucus. So that the liquid can be diluted, drink lots of water is the solution.

In addition, there is a danger due to the lack of drinking water for the health of others that you should consider, such as a dry throat. To nourish the throat, mouth and lungs you, meet your fluid intake in the body adequately. Drink 8-12 glasses of water each day so that the body is always hydrated.

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5. break

Get enough rest will quickly restore the state of a person of any illness. Bloody cough is a condition that requires you a lot of rest and get enough sleep quality or even a bit more. When sleep or rest, it is time to repair body tissue cells of the body being disturbed.

6. Not Exercising

If you already know clearly that the cause of the problem you are coughing up blood in the lungs, you should not make the lungs work harder. Examples forcing the lungs to work too much is when you do a lot of physical activity, especially exercise. If you normally exercise is the solution to cure the disease and support the body fitness, this time you have total rest and leisure time passes so quickly improved.

7. Warm Body

Cough with blood could have come from an infection in the lungs, such as pneumonia. So it would be better if you keep the body warm and away from cold temperatures. Always willing blankets, jackets, socks, and thick clothes to help you stay warm in a state that is not easy to cough again.

8. Using Wine

Wine is a type of fruit is nutritious enough berkandungan complete the water is very high. Inside there are 20 percent of sugars and 70 percent of water can also be consumed to keep the body hydrated. Do not forget also that in it there is also the content of polyphenols, resveratrol, calcium, iron, manganese, phosphate, glucoside and gallic acid that will nourish your body well.

How: To relieve and cure your bloody cough, please make grape juice. Take 2 teaspoons of grape juice mixed together 2 teaspoons of pure honey. Drink this natural medicine three times a day for healing more quickly and effectively. You will feel a cough are no longer as intense as the previous and blood fluid that comes out will be reduced as well as treating regular basis by way of this one.

9. Wear Ginger

Apart from the adverse effects of ginger, this spice has been proven effective in treating cough. And whether ginger is effective in curing coughing up blood? You must prove yourself.

How: Take the juice or half a teaspoon of ginger juice alone that can then be added to a teaspoon of pure honey. Combine these two ingredients then you drink regularly 2-3 times a day. These drugs will be effective in relieving coughing up blood.

10. Drink Warm Milk

Milk with calcium is often a solution for those who want to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis. But it turns out a glass of warm milk can be a great remedy for that is having trouble coughing up blood.

How: Take a glass of warm milk alone which can then be added with honey to taste (you can also use honey as a sweetener). Consume 2 times daily as this will be a powerful relieve dryness and irritation of the respiratory tract and throat. Coughing up blood for you, as long as the drug is also effective taken regularly until completely healed.

11. Using Leaf Chrysanthemum Parthenium

Chrysanthemum parthenium leaves may be somewhat uncommon to hear his name or even completely foreign to you. But when you know and easy to find, you can use it as a traditional medicine bloody drug. Respiratory disease whatever is causing your cough with blood can be treated with these leaves.

How: Take a leaf extract of chrysanthemum parthenium by providing as many as five pieces of leaves. Boil together a cup of water for 30 minutes, and wait for it to cool first. Further, you may filter the new drink the extract 2 teaspoons 2 times a day to cure cough up blood more effectively and quickly.

12. Wearing Basil

Basil leaves are usually delicious fresh vegetables that carry many health benefits. Potion of basil leaves plus some other materials will support the restoration of a bloody cough you much more leverage.

How: Provide basil and ginger juice to taste, along with black pepper powder ½ teaspoon. Mix the three ingredients in a cup of water. The herb can be consumed as much as 1 teaspoon each day which can be taken 2-3 times a day. The third ingredient is believed to relieve coughs naturally and effectively.

13. Using Kencur

As is already known to many people that kencur very good for coughs, but perhaps not many know that even coughing up blood can be overcome with this one ingredient. One of the most excellent blood cough medicine can be found in kencur combined with turmeric.

How: Provide kencur and turmeric to taste, wash with water and then peel the two materials. Powder and turmeric can you mash until completely tender, or if you want more simple, you can shove. Once blended, the water is taken to express it. The juice is what can you boiled until boiling, then remove and let cool. Add a natural sweetener such as sugar sparingly, when it is cold you can drink 2 times a day, ie morning and afternoon until cough cured.

14. Wearing Serai

Lemongrass is a plant that can also be used as cough medicine bleeding. The roots of this plant can be set up to create a potion.

How: Provide sufficient lemongrass plant roots and wash them thoroughly first before you boiled together 1 cup water for one minute. Lift when boiling, let cool first then later be taken. Drink it regularly will help cure a cough with phlegm more effectively.

15. Betel leaf

Betel leaves are also herbal cough medicines are already widely used by people. For cough bloody betel leaf may be a solution.

How: Provide betel leaves only 1-2 pieces which can then be boiled with ginger taste that you cut into small pieces. Air stew that is cooked can wait until warmer first. Drink once a day until there is progress.

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How to treat a bleed Which one would you try? 15 ways are very effective and important for you to consider.