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28 Benefits Of Nutmeg Fruit (Pala) For Health - Healthy T1ps

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28 Benefits Of Nutmeg Fruit For Health - Healthy T1ps

Nutmeg fruit benefits are not known by many people. That's because the only known nutmeg as a spice and flavoring dishes. Nutmeg is the kind of spices in Indonesia and spices are only utilize part of the nutmeg seed. While the fruit is often ignored.

Nutmeg is a fruit that is rare, because the plants and herbs nutmeg can not be found in all parts of Indonesia. Only certain areas are known as nutmeg-producing region. Although spices nutmeg is a spice that is easily found but nutmeg including rare fruits.

28 Benefits Of Nutmeg Fruit (Pala) For Health - Healthy T1ps

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Origins of Nutmeg Fruit
Producer of nutmeg in Indonesia was first discovered in the Banda Islands, Maluku. Before knowing how the processing of nutmeg, many people of Maluku just let the fruit lying on the ground. Maluku people only use the contents of nutmeg alone. However, to improve the marketability of Nutmeg Fruit many people of Maluku to innovate by creating a wet or dry candied nutmegs and nutmeg drinks. Innovation was made after a lot of people of Maluku knows the nutrients and nutrients in meat nutmeg. Gradually, many people find nutmeg in their region. Here is a producer of nutmeg others:

Ternete. Pala Fruit (Nutmeg) produced on the island of Ternate is nutmeg farmer, the farmer has the Latin name nutmeg Myristica succadewa BL.

  • Papua.
  • Characteristics Nutmeg Fruit
  • Various Kinds of Fruit Pala
  • In Nutmeg Fuit Ingredients

A wide variety of processed results of nutmeg are now easily found. Since many people know the health benefits of nutmeg, nutmeg is now being processed into a wide variety of health drinks and other products. Here is a wide range of existing content in the nutmeg:

  • chemical compounds
  • Energy (42 kcal)
  • Protein (0.3 grams)
  • Fat (0.2 grams)
  • Carbohydrates (10.9 grams)
  • Essential oil
  • tanning substances
  • Starch.
  • Saponins.
  • Scolopetin.
  • myristicin
  • elemisi
  • lipase
  • Pectin
  • limonene
  • acid oleanolat
  • sugar, starch
  • Iron (2 milligrams)
  • Calcium (32 milligrams)
  • Vitamin A (29 IU)
  • Vitamin B1 (1 milligram)
  • Vitamin C (22 milligrams)

Health Benefits Of Pala Fruit (Nutmeg Fruit) For Health -

Abortion is complete make nutmeg has a wide range of health benefits. Here are a range of benefits that can be obtained from the nutmeg:

1. Eliminate Colds

Colds can be eliminated by consuming a health drink of nutmeg. To get rid of colds can also drink a decoction of nutmeg. As only the benefits of ginger, nutmeg to warm the body and abdominal bloating due to colds. It dikeranakan volatile oil present in nutmeg and ginger together.

2. Eliminate Insomnia

Insomnia is not just a disease insomnia, but insomnia is also associated with sleep quality. Sleep quality can affect a person's quality of life. Various diseases will arise as a result of no sleep quality and insomnia. Chemical compounds in nutmeg is believed to eliminate insomnia someone. The trick is before bed can consume boiled water nutmeg.

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3. Increase Appetite

Nutmeg can make or appetite increase. Suitable for small children are difficult to eat. Lipase is in nutmeg helpful to add or increase the appetite.

4. Smooth Digestion

Lipase is an enzyme that is in the person's mouth and tongue. With the help of the enzyme lipase, easily digested food will also be mashed easily digested by the body. No wonder if the consumption of nutmeg drinks before a big meal can aid digestion in the body.

5. Eliminate Vomiting

Nutmeg also has antiemetic properties. The antiemetic helpful to relieve nausea and vomiting. Suitable for someone who easily gets carsick.

6. Eliminate Pain

Antiemetic properties of the nutmeg is also beneficial for the relief of pain during menstruation or rheumatic pain during relapse.

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7. Relieves Stomach Acid

Gastric acid is often marked by the pain and nausea in the stomach. That's because in the nutmeg contains saponins that are useful to relieve and decrease gastric acid in the body. The trick is as follows:

  1. Prepare 100 ml of warm water
  2. Combine the warm water using 1 teaspoon nutmeg that has been mashed
  3. Mix using 2 teaspoons banana stone
  4. Stir and drink while still warm herb

8. Eliminate Voice husky

Pala helpful to eliminate a hoarse voice. The essential oils contained in the nutmeg fruit can cope with a hoarse voice. Husky voice gives the impression discomfort in the throat and the person who hears it. Here is how to eliminate the use of nutmeg a hoarse voice:

  1. puree nutmeg
  2. puree ginger
  3. Mix with 1 teaspoon cloves mashed
  4. Add 3 drops of eucalyptus oil
  5. Mix all ingredients until it forms a paste
  6. Apply to neck
  7. Let stand for 3 hours
  8. Perform routine

9. Treat Pain

Benefits of nutmeg can be used to neutralize the pain naturally. That's because in a nutmeg contained chemical compounds such as menthol. The pain is referred to is the feeling caused by injuries, wounds and chronic inflammation.

10. Brain Healthy

Nutmeg is also beneficial in brain healthy. The content miristin contained in nutmeg fruit is beneficial to reduce the degradation of nerve pathways from the brain and cognitive decline. In patients with Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and senile degradation of nerve pathways in the brain and cognitive decline could be reduced or slowed effect.

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11. detok

Detox is the process of spending the toxin or toxins in one's body. Detox can be done using a variety of ways. Toxins many settle in various organs for example the kidneys, liver and intestines. Chemical compounds in nutmeg can cleanse toxins in the organs, especially the toxins in the kidneys and liver. Toxins will be released through sweat, feces and urine.

12. Maintaining Oral Health

The mouth is a nest of disease. Mouth susceptible to bad breath and a wide variety of dental diseases. Essential oils contained in nutmeg helpful to eliminate bad breath and improve the immunity of the gums and teeth. Currently you will find a lot of mouthwash, toothpaste made from extra nutmeg crop.

13. Prevent Leukemia

The study found that a chemical compound in the form of methanol present in nutmeg can prevent blood cancer or leukemia. This fact was not known by many people, so the herbal ingredients of nutmeg to treat blood cancers are known to the public yet. Consuming extra nutmeg can prevent the presence of leukemia cells in a person's body and inhibits the growth of cancer cells in patients with leukemia.

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14. Healthy Skin

Healthy skin can also use nutmeg. Scolopetin substances contained in nutmeg able to stop the inflammation of the skin. Smooth skin also can use nutmeg. Pox scars and ulcers can be eliminated using nutmeg. The trick is:

  1. Grate the nutmeg until smooth mixed with water and honey.
  2. Apply to the skin are scars.
  3. Let stand for 30 minutes and rinse with warm water.

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15. Smooth Circulatory

Nutmeg is also beneficial for blood circulation in the body. That's because nutmeg contains potassium which can make the stretch in the blood vessels. If the blood vessels to stretch the blood flow will be smooth. The function of potassium are:

The content of potassium in the nutmeg may act as stretcher existing blood vessels throughout the body.
Not only are the blood flow smoothly, but if the blood vessels so oxygen can stretch too easily flowed around the body.
Potassium also helps the absorption of nutrients from digested food the body, so the body will be more healthy with the nutrients that are easily absorbed by the body.

16. Normalize Blood Pressure

The content of minerals and potassium contained in nutmeg can regulate blood pressure. Minerals and potassium in nutmeg can stretch the blood vessels so that blood vessels can reduce the sprawl of blood pressure in a person. Not only that blood pressure in the cardiovascular system of patients with cardiovascular disease can be lowered.

17. Creating Healthy Bones

Nutmeg can cause bones to become healthy. That's because the benefits of nutmeg there is the content of calcium in it. In addition to creating healthy bones, calcium on nutmeg can improve bone nerve and maintain bone growth. Bones are also protected from loss.

18. Improve Body Immune System

The consumption of nutmeg which contains the benefits of vitamin C can improve the immune system that is in a person's body.

19. Prevent Anemia

The benefits of iron present in nutmeg can increase and improve red blood cells. In the body so that it can prevent anemia symptoms in a person.

20. Treat Diabetes

The latest discovery found that the chemical compound on the benefits of nutmeg named macelignan for the manufacture of anti-diabetic drugs. Chemical compounds are useful for lowering blood sugar levels in a person's body and prevent complications resulting from diabetes.

21. Creating Healthy Eyes

Healthy eye can be created with nutmeg. That's because in the nutmeg contains the benefits of vitamin A is high. Vitamin A manfata nutmeg can clarify the views or eyesight.

22. Counteracting Free Radical

Chemical compounds in the nutmeg can be useful to counteract free radicals. Free radicals are all around us and can cause a variety of diseases and health problems.

23. Treating Pain Teeth And Gums Infection

Nutmeg contains tannic substances. Tanning substances could either kill the germs in the body. Consuming nutmeg or nutmeg juice can treat toothache and existing infection of the gums. The trick is tannic substances on nutmeg can kill germs that can cause tooth pain and infection in the gums.

24. Generate Energy

Nutmeg is also a producer of energy in the body. That's because in nutmeg there are various kinds of content that are useful to produce energy in the body. The energy-producing substances are the following:

• Substance starch.
• Sugar starch.
• Energy.
• Carbohydrates.

25. Eliminate Stress

Consuming extra nutmeg can be useful to relieve stress. That's because the content myristicin the benefits of nutmeg, useful for inhibiting monoamine oxidase protein that is believed to be the cause of stress.

26. Eliminate Body Odor

Nutmeg is also beneficial to eliminate body odor and bad breath. Especially the content of limonene is in nutmeg can dispel and eliminate body odor and bad breath is not good. Essential Minyat was also beneficial to eliminate body odor.

27. Treat Influenza

Influenza is caused by viruses that are around us. Influenza can be eliminated and mitigated using nutmeg. That's because in the nutmeg are oleanolat acid content. Oleanolat acid is a compound that is in the food or beverage. The acid is not toxic and also act as antiviral. The influenza virus can be eliminated.

28. Treat Hepatitis

Many diseases hepatitis can be treated using nutmeg or nutmeg juice consumed. That's because the acid content oleanolat can protect the liver and act as antiviral, so the hepatitis virus could be avoided or heart health can be maintained.