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47 TIPS How to eliminate Acne with Traditional ingredient Without Side Effects - Healthy T1ps

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47 TIPS How to eliminate Acne with Traditional ingredient Without Side Effects - Healthy T1ps

Eliminate Acne With Natural ingredient - Getting rid of stubborn acne scars are hard difficult easy to do, because the skin type of each human being is different. There is a kind of oily and dry skin there. So in terms of the removal of acne scars the time required by each person will be different, usually oily skin will require a longer time to remove acne scars than dry skin. The amount of oil produced by the skin Yag person's face will affect the re-emergence of acne on your face, therefore extra care needed by people who have oily skin. Acne scars on the face is very disturbing, over time the acne scars will darken and imprint on the face, acne scars on the face of someone there who can fade over time, but there is also a growing age, acne scars that just continues to expand and instead disappeared. If left unchecked it will greatly interfere with your performance. Blemishes will surely make your appearance was not optimal and blemishes acne scars is usually difficult although disguised by thick makeup though.

47 TIPS How to eliminate Acne with Traditional ingredient Without Side Effects - Healthy T1ps

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How to remove acne scars actually exists on yourself, sometimes ignorance about the health of the skin makes acne wajahlah constantly coming and did not want to disappear from your face. Indonesian society is vulnerable to problems with the skin, because our country is a country that is always exposed to the sun so that the excess oil often damage the health of your skin. This can be avoided if you are a little more attention to your health and keep well in your face which is certainly a very valuable asset for you. Before acne begins to appear and imprint on your face, you should note the following important things:


Foods That Cause Acne
47 TIPS How to eliminate Acne with Traditional ingredient Without Side Effects - Healthy T1ps

Foods that are delicious and the preferences it is the biggest contributor to the cause of the acne on your face. Because these foods contain fat so will cause your acne. Especially if you consume these foods in large amounts. Foods that question is ice cream, fast food, nuts, instant noodles, coconut milk, foods that contain MSG, fried foods, fatty foods, sweets, high carbohydrate foods, full cream milk, seafood except fish and also many other fatty foods. Not that you should not eat food that yes, it is okay origin with appropriate portion offset with nutritious foods such as vegetables and fruit every day. You also begin to diligently exercising so that your skin becomes fresher.

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Causes of Acne
There are many factors that cause acne and acne scars do not go away. Typically these factors can be divided into internal factors and external factors. The first is the internal factors that hormonal factors are factors relating to the production of hormones in the human body, for example, a girl who will have her menstrual period will acne because its production increases. The second is a bacterial factors. These bacteria can arise due to lazy to clean your face, for example at the time of going to bed at night you do not clean your face first, causing acne and continued later when this habit then your acne will continue to grow and imprint on your face. These three factors make up the election, there are times when you do not fit on a particular brand of makeup, that if not immediately discontinued use of makeupnya it will make your skin irritation and cause acne marks. Fourth can also be caused by heredity, if your parents are prone to acne then so too will happen to you. Meanwhile, internal factors include environmental factors, for example you live in environments with a lot of air pollution so that your face quickly dull and acne, if you are not diligent in cleaning the face then you will continue to breakouts and difficult to eliminate traces despite using the most powerful in terms of how to eliminate acne scars.

Factors And How To Eliminate Acne Scars Medical
Factors And How To Eliminate Acne Scars Medical

How to remove acne scars? This is often the subject of a question a lot of people, especially those who perform medical nurses. Basically acne that arise, especially in the face of often leave scars that can even result in permanently. Acne scars are scars in a hierarchy other than black spots, sometimes he also left their mark as well as skin that has holes for discharge scars from acne itself. This is what ultimately often make sufferers of acne disease was upset and did not even have the confidence, because it causes acne scars are.

Apply a Healthy Lifestyle
Apply a Healthy Lifestyle

How to eliminate the most potent acne scars is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle with regular exercise is the first, because then you often sweat and let all sorts of bacteria in your skin out with your sweat. Second, do not easily stressed, because believe it or not stress also causes your hormones fluctuate and eventually cause acne marks. Third, drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, with drinking water your metabolism going more smoothly. Fourth, and eat fruits and vegetables to supplement the nutrients needed by your skin. Fifth, if you have acne, do not ever you punch-mencetnya, because that is what actually makes an impression and your acne will not go away. Sixth, do not be lazy to clean the face, any return of the traveling you have to remove your makeup and wash your face with soap, if necessary wear a mask 2-3 times a week. Seventh, do not like staying up late and avoid alcohol and cigarettes, if all of this healthy lifestyle you apply a continuous basis it is guaranteed you will disappear acne scars and acne would never have again come up in your face. That's the things that must be known to remove acne scars which such information may be bmemberi benefits.

Factors And How To Eliminate Acne Scars Medical
To make the handling on the acne scars, either in the form of black stains alone or even with the scars that cause the skin becomes uneven, it can be done in several ways. Some ways are usually recommended by a dermatologist or other medical personnel, who have contributed substantially in the field of skin care, especially during an outbreak of acne. Here are some ways or techniques that are usually recommended, such as through laser therapy and dermabrasion, or even other things. But how or techniques are recommended, usually determined by several factors, which include:

Total Area Faces
The area is referred to in this factor, is the area of ​​black spots or uneven skin due to acne scar left behind. Arena this one too is a form of reference for the area for the removal of acne scars such as one form of how to remove acne scars.

in the Surface
In the surface is a second factor to consider, it is certainly associated with acne scars left behind in the form of skin becomes uneven. The skin usually becomes part uneven, causing the depth comparison between the surface of the skin is still good with the skin surface acne scars tend protrudes into the inside.

Two factors diataslah which eventually became part may be particularly important in the treatment as already recommended at the top, either laser therapy, or even dermabrasion. Besides these two factors to be aware of the above, sufferers of acne disease also need to check the condition of the acne scars in advance, before doing some way to diminish the acne scars. This condition can usually be divided into several kinds of treatments, as well as will be described in the sections below:

Treatment Mild Conditions
On the condition of this one, usually acne sufferers are still in a state which is quite normal, that is where they are categorized in a state of mild acne. In addition, ways to eliminate or even diminish acne scars that need to be done was quite easy, in which sufferers need only be given 2% hydroquinone in skin care acne scars left behind. The level of 2% of Hydroquinone was still under safe dose, so that you, the users do not need to fear the presence of other side effects.

Care Cream
In these conditions the acne scars can be disguised by the use of a night cream which has usually been prescribed by a doctor or other medical personnel in the field of skin beauty. Administration of drugs in the form of night cream will usually contain some kind of content as well as retinol acid, which type of content is believed to heal blemishes or scars that have been left by acne on the skin.

Care Chemical Peeling
Treatment is usually recommended as a last treatment, if both of the above treatments or have not done, this treatment is done to eliminate or diminish acne scars are quite stubborn, and usually better known as chemical peeling precedure.

In some types of treatment of acne scars that have been described in the above, there are two same purpose mainly on the type of treatment with a cream night and also precedure chemical peeling treatments. The same purpose between the two treatments it is a goal that more accelerating the movement of skin regeneration in the patients with acne. So that at the end of dead skin cells that will flake off and replaced with skin cells are still new and in a state of more fresh.