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Read This ! You Must Know 10 Type Toxic Fruits - Healthy T1ps

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Read This ! You Must Know 10 Type Toxic Fruits - Healthy T1ps

Who would not want to have a healthy body. Each person would want a healthy body. Aalah one way to get a healthy body is to eat fruit - fruit. Who does not like the fruit - fruit. Fruit - fruit known as the food that is full of health benefits for the body. But who would have thought there were a few pieces that are also toxic to the body. Fruit - fruit that is toxic to the body, namely:

1. Apple (seeds)
Read This ! You Must Know 10 Type Toxic Fruits - Healthy T1ps

dangerous fruit - fruit seeds apelApel is well liked by the people of Indonesia. Apple has a sweet, slightly sour and slightly astringent. Probably not many people know that apples turned out to be dangerous. It is not a whole apple is hazardous or toxic, but only an acorn instead.


According to scientists, it turns out this apple seeds contain cyanide. Cyanide is indeed one of the substances that are toxic to the body. Until now I have no studies to determine how much of the content of cyanide in apple seeds. But according to some scientists, the cyanide content in apple seeds is quite low. By eating apple seeds in an apple is no effect until the death. But what if eating apples when you feel dizzy, nauseous - nausea, and bekeringat should refrain from consumption of apples and go to the doctor.

Although the seeds are dangerous for the apple is the fruit of heat in a powerful drug as it contains many vitamins and minerals.

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2. Tomatoes (raw tomato / immature)
Read This ! You Must Know 10 Type Toxic Fruits - Healthy T1ps

Raw Tomato its dangerous - fruit tomato is a fruit which is often used in various cuisines. Tomatoes are also often consumed in a raw state uncooked. But you turned out taukah tomatoes contain enough toxins harmful to the body?

Atropine / Solanine

Woww, it turns out tomatoes contain atropine or solanine or so-called gikoalkoloid. These toxins are usually more abundant in tomatoes that are still green and still immature.

Poisoning effect

Usually when gikoalkoloid poisoning the patient will experience fatigue, bleeding in the gastrointestinal system, chills, headache or migrants, paralysis, and the worst is death. These toxins can be turned off by turning the tomatoes and cook until completely - completely ripe and ready to eat.

Tomatoes contain vitamin for the immune system is very abundant and fruits that contain vitamin A highest. Consumption of fruit ripe tomatoes is highly recommended as a way to maintain healthy eyes and skin.

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3. Cherry (seeds)
Read This ! You Must Know 10 Type Toxic Fruits - Healthy T1ps

fruit seeds ceri Who thought it turned out pretty cute and toxic to the body. Cherries can be consumed directly or cooked first. Cherry poisonous part is the seeds. When the seeds are accidentally ingested and destroyed in the mouth, then the seeds will excrete hydrogen cyanide.

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hydrogen Cyanide

Substance hydrogen cyanide in cherries can cause you severe dizziness, vomiting - Mutah, and abdominal pain. Even if hydrogen cyanide poisoning substances in large quantities can lead to kidney disease. We recommend that when you eat the cherry, then dispose of the seeds first.

If there are symptoms of poisoning this fruit, it helps you immediately see a doctor or minimal consumption of water in significant amounts.

4. Apricot (seed)
Read This ! You Must Know 10 Type Toxic Fruits - Healthy T1ps

apricot seeds aprikotBuah is not so famous in Indonesian society. Apricot is one of the tropical fruit. Part poisonous apricot same with maraschino cherries, which is in the seeds.

Toxic substances in apricot seeds

  • Cyanide
  • cyanogenic glycosides
  • Amigdalin

Apricot seeds contain cyanide, cyanogenic glycosides, and amigdalin. Toxic substances in the seeds of apricots can cause severe dizziness, vomiting - vomiting, insomnia, restlessness, excessive thirst, easy fatigue, pain in the joints, and pain in the muscles.

5. Jatropha (pure fruit)
Read This ! You Must Know 10 Type Toxic Fruits - Healthy T1ps

Jatropha fruit is not so well known in Indonesia. This fruit contains a substance which is highly toxic kursin roxalbumin.

In addition to fruits and seeds, trees and sap issued by the plant is also very dangerous especially can cause skin irritation in people exposed to the sap.

Ditimbulan effects of toxic substances roxalbumin kursin

  • Nausea and vomiting vomiting
  • Dizzy
  • overbalance
  • look tired

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To overcome this you should consume lots of water and go to the doctor for treatment.

6. Jackfruit
Read This ! You Must Know 10 Type Toxic Fruits - Healthy T1ps

Jackfruit is a fruit that has a sweet taste and a characteristic odor. Jackfruit is a fruit that is quite popular with the people of Indonesia. It turned out to contain toxic jackfruit, namely toxin. The toxin is very dangerous for people with ulcers. In addition sap of jackfruit can also cause impaired digestive system.

7. Mulberry
Read This ! You Must Know 10 Type Toxic Fruits - Healthy T1ps

Mulberry fruit is now quite popular in Indonesia. But the fruit of the mulberry is still very difficult to be found. Mulberry has a small round shape - a little like grapes. Mulberry fruit is gorgeous and tempting, but it turned out to have toxic fruit. Mulberries can cause acute abdominal pain.

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The effects of mulberry fruit

Generally mulberry are foods for patients with ulcers that must be avoided, because it can cause acute abdominal pain which affects ulcer disease getting worse.

Mulberry also can cause stomach acid to rise rapidly, so it is a food for sufferers of stomach acid that you must avoid.


If you feel the effects of this fruit consumption should drink plenty of water and see a doctor immediately.

8. Ackee

Read This ! You Must Know 10 Type Toxic Fruits - Healthy T1ps

Ackee is the fruit of Jamaican origin. This fruit has a good flavor and fresh. But do not eat the fruit directly without going though the first. Ackee fruit is eaten directly kill people instantly.

Deadly content of Ackee

This fruit contains a toxin hypoglycin. At the beginning of this poison will cause vomiting - vomiting and could subsequently died. The seeds of this fruit is very toxic, and therefore even if the fruit is already ripe not to eat the seeds.

So hope you pay attention to these kinds of fruit, especially if you're in the woods and wanted to consumption of wild fruits. Please be careful.

9. Manchineel
Read This ! You Must Know 10 Type Toxic Fruits - Healthy T1ps

Manchineel plant is considered the most deadly in the world. Machineel recorded in the Guinness book of records as the poisonous plants in the world. The fruits of this manchineel toxic variety.

Indeed, no scientist can ensure any toxins that terdapar on manchineel fruit, but there is a victim who said that this fruit has a sweet taste and after eating it you will feel the heat in the throat and then you will not be able to swallow anything.

10. Daphne Fruit
Read This ! You Must Know 10 Type Toxic Fruits - Healthy T1ps

Fruit daphne is not so well known in Indonesia it is a kind of flower plants. But he has a small sized fruit wine rubious.


Daphnetoxin substance is one of the harmful substances contained in the fruit Daphne. Besides these substances are also contained in the stalks and leaves of fruit which makes it very deadly.

The effects

the effect caused by the poisonous fruit of this is the effect of choking and difficulty breathing.

The fruit is indeed very tempting and very good to eat. But careful - careful when consuming fruits, because not all fruit is good for our bodies. Find info much - many of the pieces that you will consume.