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Tips For Mom, How-to Growing Interest Read Kids - healthy T1ps

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Tips For Mom, How-to Growing Interest Read Kids - healthy T1ps

Book is a window to the world. They can be more creative and acquiring new knowledge through a book. Then, how can so that children love to read books? Here is an explanation of dr. Fiona Amelia, MPH.

Did you know that children who read fluently while sitting in class 3 SD chance four times more likely to graduate high school on time (ie at the age of 18 or 19 years) and career better than those not fluent in reading?

Tips For Mom, How-to Growing Interest Read Kids - healthy T1ps

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This is what underlies the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP / American Pediatric Association) issued a policy and a recommendation that parents read to children every day, which begins at birth. AAP introduce some tips to growing interest in reading at an early age, namely:

• Do '5S' in your daily activities with your child, immediately after birth:

  1. Read - Read together every day as part of a fun family activity.
  2.  Rhyme - As often as possible to play while singing, poetry, talking. 
  3. Routines - Build the same routine every day to eat, play and sleep so that children know what to do next and what is expected of him.
  4. Rewards - Give a 'gift' for every child the work done (effort to help others). Compliments from the nearest is very valuable for children.
  5.  Relationships - Develop relationships loving, purposeful, and eternal, which is the basis of the development of the brain and physically healthy children.

• Use reading activities with the child as part of a bedtime routine. Read a story every day even if only for a few minutes. This is a good way to have quality time with children and can make it easier to fall asleep.

 • Moment of reading should be fun. You do not have to finish a story when a child is tired.

• Let your child choose the book you want to read even if you have to read the same book several times. Children learn by repetition -it is easy to understand the story as a whole.

• If the child is able to talk, ask him to 'read' the story of your favorite books that have been memorized since told repeatedly.

• Stop for a moment and ask the image that will appear in the book or what will happen next. You may be surprised by the answers they provide.

• Read a wide variety of children's books, such as fairy tales, poems, nursery rhymes.

• Follow the child's wishes in the selection of books. Nonfiction books such as animals or the natural world can also be used.

 • Talk with the child about the things he saw in the home, at the store, or when a walk to various places.

• Sing and turn the story through role play with children.

• Encourage the child to the library so that he knows more books and learn to love her. Growing interest in reading children early so that he intelligent, healthy, and insightful!