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What's Mesotherapy: Overview, Benefits and Expected Results - Healthy T1ps

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What's Mesotherapy: Overview, Benefits and Expected Results - Healthy T1ps

What's Mesotherapy? - Mesotherapy is a type of treatment utilizing customized fluid injections to stimulate the mesoderm and for various purposes. Mesoderm is the subcutaneous layer of fat and connective tissue.

Mesotherapy technique pioneered by Michel Pistor, a doctor who Came from France. At first, he developed this technique for the treatment of tinnitus or ringing in the ears and treat pain. Nowadays, mesotherapy is used in a variety of procedures, ranging from treating diseases to Enhance physical appearance. Mesotherapy technique uses a little of pharmaceutical drugs, vitamins, homeopathic substances, and natural juices, the which can relieve pain, treat muscular and vascular conditions, Eliminate cellulite, skin aging, and lose weight. The main ingredient of liquid mesotherapy is phosphatidylcholine, an organic compound commonly found in soy products. Reviews These materials Also Contain a small amount of bile salts that the make the main compound soluble. This formula will be injected in the skin, the location and the amount depends on the patient's condition.

What's Mesotherapy: Overview, Benefits and Expected Results - Healthy T1ps

Who Should Undergo Mesotherapy and Expected Outcomes

Mesotherapy is a versatile treatment that has been used for more than 50 years to deal with various conditions. Mesotherapy can be recommended at:

Athletes - Some athletes and people with active physical activities require mesotherapy to treat inflammation and muscle pain due to injury and overuse. Directly special liquid will be injected into the mesoderm and purify the pain quickly intervening. This procedure can also be used to dissolve and Eliminate thorns or calcification of bones that are Often experienced by athletes, usually growing on the upper arm muscles and tendons of the rotator cuff.

Patients experiencing pain in the musculoskeletal - People who suffer from arthritis, sprains, back pain and tendinitis can treat it with mesotherapy. • Patients with conditions neuralgia - Mesotherapy can be offered to people who are Diagnosed neuralgia, severe pain condition that Occurs simultaneously with nerve damage. This condition usually Affects the face and neck, but can occur in other body parts.

Cancer Patients who have lymphedema - People who suffer from this condition can be Referred to the mesotherapy procedure. Lymphoedema is a swelling of the arms and legs due to damage or removal of lymph nodes as part of cancer treatment.

Patients who want beauty solutions - Over the past few Decades, has proven the benefits of mesotherapy in beautifying the appearance. Obese Patients need to be given a special formula to dissolve fat, repair of damaged connective tissue, and improve blood circulation. Facilitate Mesoterapi physicians in performing bodybuilding Patients who want to lose weight and Enhance physical appearance. Mesotherapy can also improve skin complexion by stimulating the production of collagen, Prevent wrinkles and age spots, and treat hair loss.

The results of mesotherapy usually vary, Depending on the patient's condition. However, the increase is will be obvious after more than three sessions mesotherapy, especially in Patients undergoing mesotherapy as beauty solutions. Also Mesotherapy Immediately relieve pain in Patients Suffering from painful conditions. After receiving mesotherapy treatment, the patient may go home and through the daily activities, but should not do any Strenuous activity for a few days.

How it Works Mesotherapy

Before mesoterapi begins, the patient needs to follow the consultation to discuss mesotherapy procedures in detail and the expected results of the patient. Patients were eligible to Participate will be given an injection mesotherapy mesotherapy formula, and then asked to come back in a few days to check for the appearance of allergic reactions.

Mesotherapy procedure has several techniques, the most common is the standard needle procedure that uses a fine needle to inject the formula into the mesoderm. Injections need to be given several times, According to the patient's condition and the purpose of mesotherapy.

In recent years, a technique no needle mesotherapy can enter formulas Directly to the skin without punctures, started being used. A special machine will scrape the skin and bring formula mesotherapy through the veins EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) small.

Possible Complications and Risks of Mesotherapy

Although it has been through careful planning and consultation, but did not rule out the possibility that mesotherapy will cause:

Allergic reactions to substances that are injected
The wound in the area of ​​injections, Immediately disappear in a few days
Swelling around the area of ​​injecting
Infections due micro bacteria
Nodules under the skin softened
The cells and tissue around damaged (if too many phosphatidylcholine)
Nausea and vomiting


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