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Why Alcohol Can Damage Heart? - Healthy T1ps

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Why Alcohol Can Damage Heart? - Healthy T1ps
BE careful when you frequently consume large quantities of alcohol. Because your heart was the organ that could be a 'victim'. Here is an explanation of dr. Atika. In one afternoon, Mr. Dino checked himself into a doctor. He had complaints of fever, urine or be her darker, upper right abdominal pain, and sometimes nausea.

After examination of the complete body accompanied by blood tests, it transpired that there have liver disorder. From the results of the full interview, suspected liver disorder that most likely comes from the habit pack Dino consuming alcohol during the past 20 years. You are also a consumer of alcohol? Or even already in the stage of addiction? Then it's time you knew the reason why alcohol is bad for heart health.

Why Alcohol Can Damage Heart? - Healthy T1ps

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How Damaging Liver Alcohol Alcohol is not just a regular drink that can give the effect of a decrease in the level of consciousness (drunk). When consumed in large quantities and in the long term, alcohol can raise liver disorder known as fatty liver disease due to alcohol (alcoholic fatty liver disease).

The enzymes involved in the metabolism of alcohol, mainly present in liver cells. Therefore, the liver is the main organ that metabolize alcohol to be removed from the body. The exact mechanism why the buildup of fat in chronic alcohol consumed is still unclear, but estimated it is associated with liver failure digest fat from the metabolism of alcohol.

Fatty liver in alcohol consumed can be fast, even as soon as two days after consuming alcohol in very high numbers. After consuming a lot of alcohol, began to appear in the form of changes in the appearance of fatty deposits in the liver cells. When alcohol consumption was not followed, this condition can be back to normal within two weeks after discontinuation of consumption. Another case when alcohol consumption is continued in the long term (up to 10 or 20 years).

This disorder does not have a chance to heal, even worsen! Fat deposits will occur in many liver cells and would greatly disrupt its function. Do not forget that the liver is an important organ for the body, for example, to perform the neutralization on harmful substances that enter the body, aids digestion of fat, protein formation, and others. Do Until Late Realize One of the more unfortunate, patients generally can not know that the liver damage has taken place in his body.

When have symptoms such as upper right abdominal pain, weakness, loss of appetite, fever is not very high, nausea and vomiting, then people realize. In fact, it is not impossible fatty liver has caused significant damage. That is the reason why alcohol is bad for heart health. Not only the accumulation of fat in the liver.

Another reason why alcohol is bad for heart health is because in the long run, hepatitis can be the worst risk-especially on chronic alcohol drinkers. To that end, for those who have a habit of consuming alcohol, pahamilan reasons on why alcohol is bad for heart health. If you want to live a healthy old age and fit, it is definitely one of the health of the liver is supporting. Let maintaining liver health by avoiding excessive alcohol consumption!