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10 Benefits of Eggs Fish For Health - Healthy t1ps

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10 Benefits of Eggs Fish For Health - Healthy t1ps

Fish eggs is one food that many enjoy doing around the world. This is because in addition to good taste in a variety of recipes for food. It turned out the eggs of fish has many health benefits. As we know this fish eggs are round and bergerombolan with a very soft texture. Fish eggs for their own size is very small - small round. The nutrients found in fish eggs are as follows:
10 Benefits of Eggs Fish For Health - Healthy t1ps

Calories fish eggs with number one tablespoon contains 19 to 40 calories. Calories useful to add energy to the body in performing daily activities - day.

Fats known as essential fats for the body to protect the organ - an important organ of the collision. However, if the fat in excess amount is also not good for the body.

Protein each egg contains a protein that serves to regenerate cells - the cells of dead skin tissue and grow new tissue cells in the body.

Vitamin that serves to give health to the body as a whole.
Iron is necessary to prevent anemia.

That's a few reviews about the nutrients contained in fish eggs to give health to the body. So the overall benefits of fish eggs for health, among others:

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Health Benefits Of Fish Eggs For Health - Healthy T1ps

1. Eye Health

Eyes are the senses that is useful to see all the beauty that is all around you. Because its function is essential for life, the care for eye health is very important to be done early. Vitamins are good for eye health is vitamin A found in carrots and Rimbang. But now research has also shown that the benefits of fish eggs are also good for eye health if consumed according to need.

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2. Overcoming anemia

Anemia is one of the problems in the body by reducing the ability of hemoglobin to bind oxygen in red blood cells. Anemia makes patients often feel dizzy, pale and tired easily. To overcome anemia try eating fish eggs for the benefit of fish eggs can overcome anemia in the body.

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3. Keeping blood pressure

The blood pressure in the body could be increased is known as hypertension. Hypertension makes the patient becomes dizzy and complications if the blood pressure is too high. Even the most fatal hypertension can lead to death. As for the low blood pressure is also not good because it makes the patient becomes dizzy - dizziness and fainting. For the problem of high blood pressure and low blood pressure can also be increased in a person who has a family history like that. But now diligently consume fish eggs can be one good move because it can keep blood pressure in the body.

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4. Breast cancer

Breast cancer is the leading cause of death no. 2 for women. For advanced stages of this cancer is very difficult to cure. But it's been a lot of counseling given that women always make your own inquiries. Because the cancer is quickly detected still have hope for recovery. The cause of breast cancer alone in addition to genetic factors as well as factors of unhealthy foods. From now try to make the fish eggs to prevent breast cancer.

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5. Prevent Alzheimer's

Good news next of the benefits of fish eggs is eggs of fish can prevent Alzheimer pemyakit. This disease is a disease that is more common in the elderly. The disease causes sufferers of dementia so it is difficult to communicate with his interlocutor.

6. Healthy bones and teeth

Fish eggs contain vitamin D which is useful for maintaining healthy bones and teeth. Healthy bones allow you to indulge without having to worry about the growing age. While kesehata on teeth, making teeth more durable and not easily fragile prematurely.

7. Healthy heart

Cardiac function is to pump blood throughout the body. So vital to the health benefits of cardiac necessary in case to have a healthy heart. Now the easy way you can do to keep his health. Among others, is to consume fish eggs are rich in benefits. In addition imbangi also by exercising for the circulation of blood to be smooth.

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8. colon cancer

Colon cancer can be prevented by consuming fish eggs gradually to meet the body's needs. The large intestine is the estuary for the disposal of food waste materials that are not necessary for the body.

9. Prostate Cancer

This is more specific types of cancers occur in men - men. Many factors that cause prostate cancer but one of them is to urinate standing up. Therefore, many of which suggests that men - men urinate by sitting. Prostate cancer can be prevented by consuming fish eggs regularly to treat and occasionally to prevent prostate cancer. (See also: Benefits of onions)

10. Boost immunity

Keeping the immune system is very important that the body protected from viruses that cause you fall ill. However, to boost the immune system needed to improve food is fish eggs. The content on the benefits of fish eggs is very good for boosting the immune system.

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That is a benefit from fish eggs obtained to resolve and prevent various diseases of the body.

Fish Eggs Recipe

Eggs were obtained raw fish is no good can be treated with a variety of recipes from fish eggs for your family. Here are recipes from fish eggs processed foods to try at home:

Fish eggs cook simple

The following materials - materials in the home should be prepared to make a fish egg recipes cook simple:

  • 300 grams of fish eggs can be any kind of fish eggs
  • Garlic and onions directly in chopped 3 cloves
  • Leeks, tomatoes, 2 bay leaves
  • Galangal and grepek
  • Salt and pepper
  • Soy sauce
  • Warm water
  • Oil

How to cock :

  • Heat the oil on skillet and then input the garlic and shallot until fragrant smells wafted selaam few minutes.
  • Then add a slice of tomato, green onion, bay leaf and ginger that has been washed up on the net and cut - cut with a small size and mix well until baunyapun could smell.
  • Only then enter the fish eggs that have been cleared into the material that had been cooked earlier and stir slowly - land.
  • After 5 minutes and then added soy sauce and water.
  • Add salt and pepper into the material - material was and stir gently until all ingredients mixed with average.
  • Cover the pan with a frying pan and cook for about 3 to 5 minutes with medium fire.
  • After waiting for 5 minutes then remove and serve.
  • That's one kind of recipes that can be made with fish roe. Usually the fish eggs is a lot of selling - sales in traditional markets. These fish eggs can be washed with a clean first and then be made ingredient recipes.

In the restaurant - great restaurants in various parts of the world recipes with basic ingredients of fish eggs is used as the favorite for the audience. Parts of the European continent as Iran makes a lot of fish eggs is the favorite in gilai by all the parents and children - young children. So there is no harm to the fish eggs are attempting to make this recipe in your home.